Means & Ends - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Fi enjoying a quiet time as they need to lay low for a while. Gray arrives with Jesse and Gray tells Mike that Card is getting comfortable as their bodies weren’t found and so now he has asked Gray to search Mike’s loft and burn down anything connected to this mess. Fi is annoyed that Gray wants to burn down everything and Mike sees this as an opportunity to feed Card whatever they want. Fi wants to torch their home herself. They then plant false evidence enough to let Card join the dots. There is a knock at the door and they all draw out their weapons. It is Ayn.

She says she is in trouble and she needs to have a word with Fi. She tells Fi that Garza, a dirty cop has been haunting her since the time she got home. And the previous day he caught her on the street and said that she’d wish she stayed in. Mike says that right now isn’t the right time but Fi says that they are going to help her anyway. Gray is not too happy and Ayn leaves. Fi then tells them that if it weren’t for Ayn, she would have been dead. Mike says they can’t go after a cop at the moment. Fi says that she will do it alone. Gray calls Card and tells him that he found something that Mike has been putting together. Mike and Fi set fire to their only home they ever shared and Mike assures her that it won’t be the last. Mike then arrives at Maddy’s place.

She is pissed as she knows that Gray killed Nate and she wants Mike to set up a meeting. Sam and Fi go to Ayn’s place and Sam isn’t too pleased about helping Ayn at the moment. There they meet Ayn’s son. Inside the house, Ayn tells them that she killed one of Garza’s informants as he used to beat up his sister and Garza let him do that. Just then Garza appears with her parole officer and Sam and Fi leave with Amare from the back door as Ayn doesn’t want to run with them and violate her parole. Garza plants some drugs and arrests Ayn for using during her parole. Next, the gang is in the “world’s nicest safe house”, as Fi calls it. And she is also irritated that she can’t walk up to the nearest station and point out that Garza is dirty. Mike declares that Garza has never gotten another CI to take down the crew he doesn’t like.

So, they should give him one; Jesse. Jesse meets with Garza at a diner. Garza is skeptical about Jesse. Jesse tells Garza that he wants to take down the gang leader so that he can become the next leader and that way Garza too will get a partner. Garza wants Jesse to prove it. Garza wants Jesse to go to the bar and get inside the leader, Sherrod Washington’s private office and take a picture of it. Jesse goes inside and asks Fi to come to help as he needs the job done and there is a gigantic human being guarding Sherrod’s office; 10 minutes tops! Next, Mike and Sam are listening into Gray’s and Card’s conversation and Mike is worried that Card has figured out that they are alive. He thinks that since Gray is soft selling the plan, he might be making a double move.

He wants to go in and Sam holds him back. Mike confronts Gray and Gray tells him that Card is already spooked and so he cannot push him too hard. So he needs some time to reel Card in and they will get all the information they need. At the bar, Jesse creates a distraction so that Fi can sneak in and get the job done. But Jesse gets beaten up by Sherrod and his huge guard and Fi successfully gets the picture. Garza is waiting for him and he shows him the pic. Garza is convinced and he tells Jesse that they will meet soon. At home, Fi dresses Jesse’s wounds and tells him that the plan is to make Garza steal a gun from the police locker and video tape him doing that. This will be enough to blackmail him to leave Ayn alone. Sam tells Amare to help him put together the listening device they are going to place in Garza’s radio, so that they could track him.

Jesse then meets Garza and he asks him to give him his phone and radio so that he can ensure it’s not bugged. He takes his chance and replaces them with the bugged ones. He then tells him that he wants Sherrod down and so he wants Garza to steal a weapon from an unsolved case and fire some shots and he would kill Sherrod and the bullets won’t match. Reluctantly, Garza agrees. Maddy goes to meet Gray and thanks him for meeting. She wants to know why her son died if Gray was so good at his job; and he explains the physical factors like the wind etc that could affect the aim. So he switched to a higher caliber gun and the bullet went through; it was his job. Maddy then tells her Nate’s full name and asks him to remember it when he pulls the trigger the next time.

With tear filled eyes, Gray says a sorry. Next, Garza arrives to meet Jesse in his full uniform. He didn’t steal the gun as he doesn’t want to screw other cops or victims. That is not who he is. He is going to take down Sherrod himself and asks Jesse to stay away from the neighborhood. If this happens, Garza will get himself killed, Ayn will rot in prison forever and Amare would go to foster care and they would have gotten a cop killed! Fi goes home to grab some in and Mike too does the same; he feels he too should have been in from the beginning. Sam and Jesse hear Garza praying before he goes in on Sherrod. Looks like he is preparing to die!! But they can’t do anything without weapons. Garza goes to the bar and calls Sherrod out. The neighborhood clears up.

Sherrod comes out with three men and he hits Garza with a gun on his face. Mike and Fi show up. And it is like hell raining down upon Garza and his men. Mike radios Garza to surrender to detective Garza and they oblige. Garza thanks “whoever it is”. Ayn is back home, and she is really curious to know as to why Garza let her go. Fi vaguely tells her what happened and she is happy to have a second chance. Mike arrives to meet Maddy and tells her that it is time to take down Card. She tells him that she is leaving Miami as she doesn’t want to stay in a place that reminds her of her sons she lost. And after all this is over, she wants Mike to start over as well. Next, the four stake out a hotel where Gray is meeting Card.

They hear the greetings and then the signal goes off. Card has brought a team along with him. Not good! Mike and Sam go towards the hotel. Mike kicks open the door and sees that Card has a weapon trained on Gray. Card is surprised to see Michael Weston back from the dead. Card then aims at Gray and shoots him shouting that Gray killed Nate and Anson. Card then tells him that trying to Mike killed was like a personal hell for him.

He is like a son to him. He wants Mike to put all this behind them and move into the future. Mike nods and puts down his weapon. Card makes it look like Gray tried to shoot him and he got shot. Card then puts down his weapon and tells Mike that he is proud of him. And then, Mike shoots Card right in his forehead. The episode ends.