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Over The Line - Recap

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The episode begins with Sam hurrying into Card’s room. He wants to know what happened and Mike tells him that he shot Card. They hear noises and Mike states that Card’s team is coming in. Sam is not happy about what happened and is pissed. They get off on another floor from the balcony. Mike calls Fi and she tells him that there is a CIA caravan arriving. He tells her what happened and he wants her help to get out. Fi tells Mike that there is a tactical team on site and some heavy hitter is running the show. She is Olivia Riley. She tells her that they have covered all the exits.

Mike thinks he can reach the garage through the second floor and asks Fi to meet him in the north side alley. She tells him that there is no exit from the garage to the north side alley; but he simply asks her to meet there. Olivia is informed that Gray and Card are dead and she wants the man who killed them. Mike has a plan and Sam seems to have no option but listen to it; better than kicking Mike’s ass and getting stuck with the CIA team. Mike then tackles a guard and this is caught on camera. They recognize Mike and so Olivia sends a team to the ninth floor. Sam acts as the hotel employee and manages to go down through the elevator along with the knocked down guard and the team head.

Sam manages to reach the garage and chooses an old heavy bodied car, hot wires it and rams it into the wall, breaking it and emerging out in the north side, where Fi and Jesse are waiting for him. He tells them that Sam is inside and they need to split so that he can get out. Sam is about to leave; but the smart heavy hitter, Olivia calls in his bluff and Sam is taken into custody. The team is sent to chase Mike. Jesse feels that since they had a bug on Gray, they have evidence to incriminate Card. But Mike tells him that Card had a frequency jammer. And forensics won’t be able to prove anything as it will look like Card shot Gray in self defense and as far as Mike is concerned, it wasn’t self defense; as Card’s gun was in his holster. The cops are setting a road block and Fi manages to zip past through them before they have finished setting it up.

But there a lot of cop cars and it is difficult to out run them and so she outsmarts them. Sam is still in the CIA custody and hasn’t said anything. He tells Olivia that he doesn’t know Mike all that well. Really? That is not what she has read about them. Just then Sam’s phone rings and they have software to trace the location of the caller. Mike cuts the call while it is still ringing. Fi tells mike that he needs to call his mother first. He does that and then dismantles his phone. The CIA isn’t able to track the location as there wasn’t enough time. But they figure out that he is headed to Homestead. They too head that way. Looks like Olivia is really smart and she deduces that Mike will first head to the storage unit. And yes, that is the plan. They collect their ammunition from the storage unit and ditch the car they escaped in.

But before leaving, Mike bugs that car so that they can hear what happens when they reach the unit. The guy they paid at the gas station informs them of the approaching caravan. Olivia talsk to Sam and tells him that if he tries to protect Mike, she will throw him into the hole along with his friends. He tells her that Mike isn’t a murderer; it was Card who got Nate killed. But Olivia tells him that by running away Mike is digging a deeper grave for himself and his friends. Sam then tells her that they were supposed to rendezvous at the Marina. The trio is listening into the conversation and realizes that despite having his neck on line, he tried to help them by throwing off Olivia from the tail.

Mike is upset and says that he is turning himself in as he does not want to hurt Sam. But Fi has a plan where they can make Olivia’s team split and create an opportunity to grab Sam.CIA agent Harper and Officer Castor arrive to meet Maddie. Maddie tells them that Mike did call, but she couldn’t hear that well as her hearing has deteriorated with age. She asks them to sit inside rather than waiting out in the sun. She does a good job of putting up an act. Next, Olivia tells Sam that Mike was seen on the road to the Marina six minutes ago. Olivia decides to send Sam to the detention center. But he talks her into taking him along. Mike and Fi set up the explosives and Jesse is ready with his rifle. He gives the couple a heads up as he sees the caravan arriving. In the van, Olivia asks Sam to identify Mike’s boat. Sam builds up a story and points out to a boat.

But Olivia sees through his lie and she asks her team to stop the vehicles. Jesse tells Mike and Fi about the change in plan. Fuller and his guys spot the explosives. So, they need to get out of the place and Jesse tells Mike that there is a sewer opening which can lead them out. Mike tells Fi and Jesse to use that to get Sam out and he will hold the team by being the bait. Fi doesn’t like the idea but then she agrees. Mike uses his phone which is being tracked to call Sugar, his old neighbor. He then tells him to answer a “yes” to all his questions. Olivia’s guy tracks down the phone and the conversation. Olivia sends her guys to the building in which Mike is hiding. Jesse and Fi get out. They see that there is one guy with Olivia for back up.

The task force manages to corner Mike; but on the outside, Jesse and Fi have Olivia and her guy at gunpoint. She orders the units to stand down. Next, the gang brings Olivia to an isolated place and Mike tries to tell her the truth about Card and how he used Anson, Gray and him. He tells her that he is not a traitor and that he was trying to protect his country. She tells him that she doesn’t care and that she will hunt him down. He is now the enemy of the USA. He unties her and tells her that she will be on road but it will take her an hour to get there. He leaves. Later, he meets Maddie and tells her that he killed Card. She tells him that it is a good thing and that Card deserved it. But she realizes that this isn’t over.

He tells her that the CIA is looking for the four of them and they will come for her as well. He tells her to leave. But she says that she is going to stay back. If all of them are going in hiding, she is their only connection to the outside world. And moreover, if she doesn’t forgive Mike, she will lose him too. The episode ends.