Down & Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Fi handing Sam his new ID and his new name is Randy Weems. What kind of name is that? He doesn’t like it. Elsa arrives with their supplies and some extra scotch. She tells them that the construction work at the marina delayed her. Sam is paranoid and he checks it out. He sees earpiece; it is the Agency guys and he also says that the Coast Guards are arriving. Mike and Jesse arrive. Sam asks Elsa if they could take her car. She agrees. He then tells her to tell the CIA guys that they sole her car and that she doesn’t know Sam anymore. After one last kiss, they leave.

Mike tries to apologize but Sam doesn’t want to hear it. Mike manages to drive past the block that the construction guys were about to make and they open fire. But Mike gets away and Riley arrives declaring that they are gone. So, since it was Fi’s ID guy that seemed to have caused the trouble; they need new ones. Sam knows a guy who is a friend of Dixon’s; a long shot but no one has a better idea. Sam arrives to meet Dixon, who is clearly not happy to see him. Sam tells him that he wants to meet Schmidt for new IDs. Sam blackmails Dixon and he agrees to get him to Schmidt. Maddy plays detective and finds out that there is one guy who is watching over Mike’s loft and her house and he is the one who wants to find Mike.

Dixon takes Fi to Schmidt as his girlfriend who needs help. But he realizes that it is a fake story. Mike and the other two guys emerge and Schmidt is pissed at Dixon for bringing the most radioactive guy in Miami to his doorstep when he is trying to stay off the grid. Schmidt doesn’t want to help as a big scary guy s out to grind him to dust. He then goes to the kitchen to make a drink for Sam and throws a flash-bang grenade at them and tries to escape. Mike grabs him and tells him that they will help him if he agrees to help them with new IDs and a safe passage to a foreign country. He tells them that a year ago he helped a Syrian woman who was going through domestic violence. He then learns that she was married to Jabbar Hamadi who worked for Syrian Intelligence and was a big gun runner.

And he tells them that if they get him out of the picture, he would help them with anything. Mike thinks that they could lure Jabbar’s men to Schmidt’s last warehouse and then take him down. Sam thinks it is insanely dangerous but later agrees to it. So the plan is that when the men come to steal Schmidt’s things, they will run into Mike who is Schmidt’s employee, who he has tied to the chair and tortured with a car battery. After a great deal of reluctance Schmidt agrees. Fi uses curling irons to create marks that would be caused by a car battery. Riley arrives to meet Maddy. She knows that Maddy has been keeping a check on them and she tells her that it would be a bad idea helping Mike.

She makes her sign papers which say that she will corporate with the investigation and any violation, she will be spending life in prison. They search her house and check the phone lines. At the warehouse, things go as planned and the guys take Mike to Jabbar. They take Mike with them to a Syrian restaurant as that is where Jabbar operates from. Jabbar talks to Mike and Mike tells him that he was hired by Schmidt in his security team and then Schmidt thought that he was the traitor and tortured. Mike tells him that he wants to see Schmidt suffer. He tells Jabbar that he knows where he lives and that he could help them find Schmidt. Jabbar tells him to give the address but Mike thinks that they would kill him once he gives the address. Jabbar threatens him with a gun and Mike is now overwhelmed with trust.

Schmidt is upset when he hears the second part of the plan of leading Jabbar to the house. Sam tells him that this time he wouldn’t be a part of the fireworks and that he would be dropped off at a motel. Jesse tells Sam that Maddy set up a meeting signal. He knows this as he had paid a guy in the neighborhood to keep an eye on Mike’s house. Why the meeting signal? Maddy realizes that she is being followed and she manages to lose the tail. She then meets Fi and tells her that Riley paid her a visit and knows everything and that they bugged the house. Fi gives her a burner cell just in case she needs to use it. Maddy doesn’t want her and Mike to leave without saying a goodbye and Fi promises that they will meet before they leave.

Sam and Jesse discuss where they will go after all this and Sam thinks Antigua and Jesse doesn’t want to go anywhere near West Indies as he had a bad girlfriend experience which he will share if they get out of the US alive. Schmidt calls Sam and asks for help as they are coming. Schmidt is not at the motel. He is at the warehouse; he had gone there to get whatever he could as he has lost a lot. The men get Schmidt to the restaurant and Mike is disappointed. Jabbar is heating a knife and tells Schmidt that he waited for this since a long time after Schmidt helped his horrible wife get away from him. He tells Jabbar that he doesn’t remember anything about his wife as that is the part of the deal. He has lost the paperwork. Jabbar places the hot knife on his cheek.

Mike cuts in and tells Jabbar that he owes Jabbar and his men for saving his life he tells Jabbar that he was interrogated for special forces and that he can manage to get the truth serum for him so that Schmidt would tell them the truth; he needs to make a call to the medic he worked for. Jabbar gets him a phone and Mike calls his team and says a name of a chemical and Sam tells him that it is a poison. Mike knows that. Sam knows what he is doing and Sam tells him that he will need an ambulance. Sam tells Fi to talk to her EMT friend. Sam arrives at the restaurant with the poison. Mike asks Jabbar to put Schmidt in the freezer for the drugs to work better. He then tells Schmidt to resist a bit and then tell the name and address of where Jabbar’s wife is.

He has no choice but agree. They injected the meds which will paralyze him and stop his breathing. They confirm the information and Mike tells Jabbar to let them dispose the body; otherwise the autopsy would lead the cops to Sam/Chuck. Jabbar agrees and they hurry Schmidt to the ambulance. So, now Mike tells Fi that they need the biggest response team at the restaurant. Fi calls the burner phone she gave Maddy and Maddy repeats the address aloud. Mike knows that the CIA who is listening into the conversation will assume that this is the place Mike wants Maddy to meet him. And they will get a huge response team to that place. She does as told. In the ambulance, Schmidt loses pulse but they revive him. Jesse tells him that he was a little dead. Riley meets Maddy again.

She tells Maddy about the Syrian spy. She then tells Maddy that she should tell Mike that Riley is coming for him and if Maddy is helping him, then she will come for her too. Schmidt tells Mike that they need to foot a bit of the bill for their escape as Jabbar and his men stole everything from him. Fi points out that Mike might want to check with Sam if he wants to go. Mike apologizes to Sam. Sam feels bad that he left her to be interrogated by the CIA so that they could escape. Mike wants to know if Sam will be going with them and Sam tells him that he will let him know. The episode ends.