Best Laid Plans - Recap

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The episode begins with Maddy meeting Mike in a park where they act as two strangers talking. Mike wants Maddy to transfer money to two accounts in different countries; so that the CIA will look for them anywhere other than where they are going. He also wants her to get in touch with Barry; he is a money launderer. They will need his help. So this is goodbye and he tells her about the meeting signal in case of any emergency. He leaves. But when she reaches home, she finds Riley waiting for her. Riley knows that Maddy was not in the spa as she said she would be. Riley then shows her the agreement she signed on about being truthful to the agency.

She knows that Maddy had gone to meet Mike and so she has Maddy cuffed. During the interrogation, Maddy tells Riley that she is fully aware of the fact that the CIA is not allowed to spy on American citizens; so she will be more than happy to call her lawyer. She tells Riley that she will never tell her where her son is going to go. Riley gets the cue that Mike is still in town and has not yet left. Damn! Sam arrives at Schmidt’s apartment. Mike is glad that he came back. Sam tells Mike that he met Elsa and she told him that he should by his friends because that is the guy she fell in love with. Mike assures Sam that whatever happens, he will make everything right. Schmidt talks to his men and he tells Mike that they will require shelling out $800,000 for four identities.

He then tells them that he has some merchandise in his ware house which will fetch them around 1 million. Mike tells him that they will break in to the warehouse and obviously Schmidt will help them get it. Jesse, Fi and Schmidt manage to get inside the warehouse. Jesse gets the case but Schmidt finds some old and expensive alcohol and tries to pick up two bottles for home. But he drops one of them. The guards hear it and they rush inside. Fi starts a trailer stacked with crates of alcohol and busts the wall. She then sets the crates on fire and they escape. They reach home and they find that their mystery box took a lot of bullets when they were trying to escape. It is destroyed and it is really bad news as this thing was their ticket out.

It is actually a device which is used to cut off all security systems using gamma rays. And now he expects the delivery at four in the evening; else the client will kill Schmidt. So, they all get to work to fix the device or at the least make it look presentable. Meanwhile, Maddy manages to get in touch with Barry at the doctor’s clinic by calling him and fixing a fake appointment and telling him that there is a dangerous parasite attack and it will affect him “down there”. That works and Barry arrives at the clinic. She then tells Barry about the financial smoke screen that he is supposed to create so that the CIA can be thrown off Mike’s trail. He tells her to come to his loft with the account numbers without being followed.

Next, the deal is about to go down and Schmidt is nervous. Thorne, the client arrives with his heavily armed guards and he sees that the device is not exactly as he was told it would be. Actually, Mike has hidden a gun under a small panel. Thorne is totally suspicious and under this sort of pressure, Schmidt tells him that his tech guy is going to come to explain the working of the device. What is he talking about? Sam decides to go in as the doctor who made this machine. He starts explaining the mechanism and Thorne asks him to go with him to check if the machine is really working. Sam refuses and Thorne threatens him by pulling a gun on him. Sam tells him that this is not going to be okay as he needs to know if Thorne is going to use the cutter to break into some nuclear facility.

Thorne tells him that he is breaking into a place called Pharmatech and assures Sam that he will be fine. Mike tells Fi and Jesse that they need to get to Pharmatech and they need to set something up. Maddy is at Barry’s loft and he tells her that the transfers are almost done. Just then there is a call telling him that there is going to be a federal raid at his loft. Maddy is confused as Barry had told her that these transfers won’t be traced back to him. He tells her that she must have been followed and also there is a possibility that him cancelling certain appointments could have made the authorities suspicious. He tells Maddy to get away. She is reluctant to leave him behind but he asks her to scram. Maddy is on her way back and Riley calls her.

She knows that Maddy put Barry up to this. She also finds cigarette buds in the ash tray which happens to be Maddy’s favorite brand. Also the DNA tests can prove it. This time Maddy has crossed all lines. Next, Mike, Fi and Jesse manage to disable the alarm from the inside of the building. Thorne is happy that Sam managed to do such a bang on job that now he wants him to be a part of the heist the next day. Sam refuses and Thorne threaten to kill him. Thorne then explains about heist and Sam activates the listening device which is hidden in the cutter. Sam then tells Thorne that he has a better plan and that it is foolproof. He explains his plan and Mike and the rest listen into what Sam is saying. They now know where they need to be at the time of the heist.

The next day, Mike, Fi and Jesse arrive before Sam and Thorne. Mike tells Fi that she needs to “be there” on time else everything would blow up. Thorne and his crew are dressed as the cleaning crew. They leave Schmidt in the van with just one guard; this is really easy for Mike and he rescues Schmidt and sets the van on fire. The guard is on the pavement with his hands tied. Meanwhile, Schmidt tells Thorne that he has disabled the alarm and that they should cut open the door. But the moment the door is cut open, the alarm goes off. Sam then quickly grabs Thorne and places a gun on his forehead and asks his men to throw their guns in the water. Fi drives in and she is bang on time. Sam gets into the car. Thorne and his men try to escape but the cops arrive and they all are arrested. SOB! Next, Mike and Fi are checking for any meeting signal from Maddy and there is one.

They arrive at the meeting spot and Maddy tells them that Riley has Barry and now she is coming after her and also that Riley can prove it was her who got Barry to do the transfers. Mike tells her to come with him as he has promised Sam that he would make everything alright and he cannot do this with her in prison. She agrees; but she is not going to any cold place. Deal! The episode ends.