Odd Man Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Michael destroying the whole gang’s IDs, as they are going to be given entirely new identities. Madeline is finding it difficult to come to terms with the whole thing of destroying the IDs. Michael tells her that they are getting new lives and new identities and can’t have any links with the old ones. Basically, Madeline is reluctant to destroy an old address book with the names and numbers of all her friends and acquaintances, despite Michael’s insistence. Fiona explains that it’s not like witness protection, as they aren’t being hidden by the government, instead they are running from the government.

In the end, she reluctantly throws the address book into the fire. “So when do I get this new identity?” Madeline asks. “Jesse and Sam are working on it right now. We will all be safe soon ma” Michael replies. Jesse and Sam arrive to meet a smuggler named Vaneck, who is Schmidt’s contact. Vaneck will help them get chips, which would in turn help them make authentic passports. Vaneck says he doesn’t know them and will only deal with Schmidt. Jesse and Sam try reasoning with Vaneck and offer him $200,000 for the chips. “Make 4 and we will talk” Vaneck says. They give Vaneck the $400,000 and are handed the chips. Madeline is really finding it difficult to come to terms with, they all running away.

She is frustrated that she can’t even see her grandson one last time. Jesse who is keeping guard at the house tells Madeline they would be leaving in a few hours, right after Schmidt’s “tech buddy” hands over their travels docs. Sam, Fiona and Michael are meeting with Schmidt for the docs. Dixon arrives and gives the gang their new passports, made with the chips. Schmidt sees a few of Vaneck’s vehicles approaching and looks visibly worried.

Schmidt tells the gang they need to leave “right now”, but before they can, the vehicles reach the spot where they are at. The gang gets into their van and rushes out, with Vaneck’s vehicles chasing them. Sam asks Schmidt why Vaneck’s men are chasing them. Schmidt claims he doesn’t know. The gang takes shelter in an abandoned factory. Vaneck and his men reach the factory and spread out to search for them. Sam again asks Schmidt why Vaneck is after him. Schmidt tries averting the topic but Michael persuades him to eventually tell the truth.

Turns out, Schmidt called the feds on Vaneck. Schmidt was simply trying to eliminate the competition, Fiona concludes. Michael says they will deal with Schmidt later as the problem for now is Vaneck. Michael calls Jesse and tells him about their situation. Michael asks Jesse to meet him and the gang at the back of the factory with a vehicle that can resist heavy gunfire. He also tells Jesse that they can hold off Vaneck’s men for about half an hour. Jesse leaves with Madeline to carry out Michael’s instructions. The two manage to steal a dump truck from a construction site and head for the factory.

Michael and gang in the meantime are struggling to find a backdoor to the factory. While they are at it, they also have to evade Vaneck’s men, who have gained entry into the factory. Vaneck calls Schmidt and says he knows that Schmidt called the FBI on him. Michael takes the phone and asks Vaneck to talk to him. “I’ve got no problem with you, I just want Schmidt” Vaneck tells Michael. Michael though, isn’t ready to hand over Schmidt to be murdered. Michael figures out, they could get out of the factory through the ducting in the ventilation system, which is in the room. Vaneck in the meantime is trying to break his way into the room.

Vaneck gains entry into the room and sees that Sam and Fiona are still inside. Michael and Schidmt have made it to the other side of the duct, but Sam and Fiona weren’t able to as an industrial suction fan, which they had managed to stop for a few minutes has once again started working on backup generator, trapping the two in the room. To fend off Vaneck, Sam pours some industrial grade high octane fuel on the floor. Vaneck enters and finds himself, standing in it.

Sam threatens to ignite the fuel with a live blowtorch, if Vaneck and his men take one more step. Vaneck says “things are not going to get better from here” if they don’t hand over Schmidt to him. “Not interested” Sam says and asks Vaneck to back off. On the other side, Michael is trying to find some way to stop the fan, so Sam and Fiona can come through. Michael manages to stop the fan and asks Sam and Fiona to “move it”. Sam climbs into the duct with Fiona and throws the live blowtorch onto the ground. The fuel split on the ground immediately catches fire, forcing Vaneck and his men to retreat.

Madeline and Jesse are waiting outside the factory in the stolen truck. Jesse calls Michael and tells him, his mother and he are waiting outside in a truck. Michael says they are making their way to the “rear-door now” and will give Jesse a call as soon as he needs pick-up. The gang makes it to the backdoor, but sees two of Vaneck’s men guarding the door from a distance. They decide to make a run for it but on the way out Schmidt catches, a bullet in his leg. Michael goes back to get Schmidt who is pinned. Michael manages to rescue Schmidt and drags him to the door. Jesse calls Sam and tells him, they can’t get out of the backdoor as Vaneck’s men are all outside the door. “You run out now it’s going to be a bloodbath. Don’t do it” Jesse says. Sam tells Michael about it.

Michael looks outside and sees that Vaneck has them “boxed-in”. Vaneck talks to Michael on Schmidt’s phone and tells Michael that Schmidt knows, the chips he gave them have a “failsafe” which is a little insurance on his part in case he gets caught. “So when Schmidt sent the feds to me he was sending them off to you too” Vaneck says. Vaneck offers to get Michael and the others out of the country in return for him handing over Schmidt. “You have 5 minutes to think it over” Vaneck says. Michael doesn’t tell the gang what Vaneck told him and instead tells them, they should try to blast a hole into one of the walls to get out. He sends Sam and Fiona to do the job. Michael in the meantime puts a gun to Schmidt’s head and walks out with him.

Sam and Fiona hear Schmidt yelling and run back. They are shocked to see what Michael is doing. Schmidt is in tears, but Michael tells him that he knows he was planning to hand them all over to the feds along with Vaneck. “I didn’t mean anyone to get hurt. This isn’t personal” Schmidt says. “Neither is this” Michael replies. Michael tells Vaneck to ask his men to back off and clear the path, so he and his gang can leave, he shall then hand over Schmidt to him. Vaneck agrees to Michael’s demand and backs off. Michael then asks Schmidt to walk towards Vaneck and his men, who have now backed off to the gate of the factory. Michael asks Schmidt to duck and fires at an electrical transformer located near the gate. It creates and explosive power surge, forcing Vaneck and his men to take cover.

Seizing the opportunity Jesse drives the truck to the scene. Michael and gang along with Schmidt quickly get into the truck. Vaneck fires at the truck from a distance, but to no avail. The gang in the end makes good their escape. Later Michael asks Schmidt if the passports “are good”. He says they are, at least until Vaneck doesn’t get caught by the feds, after that they will become “radioactive”. Madeline pays Nate’s grave one last visit. Michael comes there searching for her. At the grave he sees some flowers and with it a card. “Would love to chat ---A Friend” the card says and also there is a phone number written on it. The episode ends.