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You Can Run (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike slipping out of bed for the secret meeting in the dead of night. Mike arrives at the diner and finds Jason Bly, a CSS agent waiting for him; and he is definitely not a friend. Mike tells Bly that he told his friends that Bly wanted to meet him and they advised him against it. So now they don’t know that Mike is meeting Bly. Bly tells him that he has a deal to offer him. He says that he is in charge of Card’s murder and what he has to offer will be beneficial for Mike’s friends and family. He tells Mike that Riley is coming after him as her reputation is now at stake because of what Mike did with her.

So, she has completely gone off the rules and has taken Mike’s neighbor, Sugar into custody and no one knows where she is keeping him. Bly wants Mike to let him bring Mike in and he would ensure that Mike’s friends and family won’t be hurt. He wants Mike to become an official CSS witness. Mike hears the siren of the cop’s vehicles; Bly has called them in as he wanted this whole thing to look like as if Mike dropped in unexpectedly on Bly. Bly hands him a burner phone and tells him that he will get back to him with the exact details of the deal and he wants Mike to keep an open mind. Mike leaves. Mike arrives home and finds Fi waiting for him. She figures out on her own of what Bly has to offer and she is against it. She doesn’t want Mike to turn himself in and tells him that they will all start someplace new.

Next day, Sam, Jesse and Mike arrive at the port to collect their papers. Jesse doesn’t like the look of it. He goes to keep a watch while the other two go in to collect the papers. The guy who is handling this thing tells them that the boat that they were supposed to sail on has gotten red flagged; according to him it happens all the time. So they will be sailing on another boat and need to fill some more paperwork. Jesse notices a container truck that was le pass by the security check without being checked. He alerts Sam. They then find out that the guy was telling on them. Jesse sees a dozen of CIA agents alighting from the truck; Riley is there too.

Two agents spot Jesse and come for him and capture him. Mike and Sam get out from the building through the back door but the agents are all over. Mike goes to block the agents and Sam goes to a car and tries to hot wire it. But one agent arrives and asks Sam to surrender. He then shoots at Sam. Mike arrives from behind and shoots the agent’s armor. But just then they hear the radio saying that Jesse is caught. So, Jesse is caught and Sam needs a doctor! We then see Mike and Sam driving away from the scene really fast and the agent who shot Sam is in the backseat; tied and blindfolded! Sam does not want to go to a hospital; he is worried about Jesse. At the interrogation, Jesse does a LOT of talking but doesn’t really give them anything. Riley sends a guy in who lands few heavy punches in Jesse’s stomach to actually make him talk.

Mike brings Sam to the hideout and Maddy checks his wound. The bullet is stuck inside his body. Fi agrees to call her EMT friend while Mike tries to make the prisoner agent “talk”. Mike goes in to “talk” to Dean. But Dean is ready to take a bullet for his cause; he says that he will not talk. Jesse is being badly beaten up; but he is a tough one! He doesn’t crack. Riley arrives and offers him a clean slate and his old career back if he tells them about Mike. Otherwise he would be thrown into a dark hole where he might or might not see the sun again. Well, he decides to take the dark hole. At the hideout, John Campbell, Fi’s ex boyfriend arrives to attend to Sam and he tells Sam that the situation is really bad and that he needs surgery. He says that there are chances of a septic shock.

Sam tells him to treat him there and refuses to call it in. Mike tries telling Dean the truth about Card. Dean suggests that Mike should turn himself in as that would save Jesse a lot of trouble. At the interrogation, Riley plays a wonderful card. She offers to give Jesse the file which contained the details of Jesse’s mother’s murderer. He had tried 37 times to get it but he always failed. At the hideout, Fi is pissed and she barges into Dean’s room and is ready to shoot him. he tells her that they can do a prisoner exchange and for that all they need is a clean car and the rest he would help them to get Jesse. Fi is about to deny but Mike stops her and agrees to Dean’s plan. They come out of the room and Mike tells Fi that they won’t do a prisoner exchange.

He knows that Dean is trying to escape as Dean has taken a metal piece from the table. He will escape and try to call Riley. They can they tap the call using the device they have and that is how they find Jesse. Jesse refuses to turn his back on his friends. At the hideout, Sam is in a bad state. Dean manages to cut himself loose and make a makeshift telephone (as Mike had suspected) and then dials Riley. Mike gets a location on Riley but he manages to disconnect the call in time so that they are not traced. They then arrive in the room and point a gun at Dean. But we see that Dean is good and manages to overpower Mike and Fi; but then Sam comes from behind with a gun aimed at Dean and asks Dean to handover the weapon. Dean knows that Sam won’t think before shooting him as Dean is the one responsible for Sam’s present state.

Next, Mike finds out the building they are holding Jesse in. Fi knows a way to get inside the building. She asks Campbell to give her some opium sedatives and its inverse so that no one ODs. She is going to pump it in through the ventilation system. Fi succeeds in her plans and everyone in the building is unconscious. Riley figures out what is happening and she calls the cops for back up. She collapses. And all her men too collapse. Mike and Fi enter the building and they inject Jesse and the rest with the inverse. Before leaving Jesse takes a look into the file of his mother’s murder and finds that there is nothing in it; Riley was bluffing!! They then leave the building and Mike gets a call from Bly. Bly realizes that Mike is behind the attack on Riley and her men. Mike tells Bly that he will have to call him back later.

The three of them reach home and Maddy tells Mike that Sam’s pulse has gone weak and he is burning hot. He needs medical attention immediately. Fi knows a doctor who has lost his license. They decide to take Sam to him. On their way, Fi tells Mike to keep Sam awake. Sam is barely conscious and makes Mike promise to him that he will make everything all right. Mike promises. Sam drifts off to sleep and Mike tries to keep him awake. But this time Sam is not responding; at all. The episode ends.