Game Change (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Fi driving to Jed’s house. Sam is still not responding. Jed is having a party in his house and he does not want to treat Sam I the house. Fi fires in the air and ask the guests to clear off. Mike points a gun at Jed and tells him that he is really serious. Jed then agrees to treat Sam but he doesn’t have enough equipment. Sam will need a blood transfusion and Mike transfers his blood to Sam. Jed manages to remove the bullet but they are losing Sam as there is no pulse. Mike and Fi give Sam CPR. Sam is back and Jed tells Mike that he did a good job. Later, Sam regains consciousness and he tells Mike that things were a blur.

He does vaguely remember Fi giving him a mouth to mouth. Hmmm…but sadly there are no pictures as things were a little hectic. Sam tells Mike that they should leave town without him as he is in no state to run. Mike tells him to keep quiet or he will have to give him something to go to sleep. Sam exclaims that Mike is a stubborn SOB! Maddy is having trouble sleeping. Mike comes to check on her. he is worried about what they are going to do next. Maddy assures him that he is a genius and that he will figure something out. Maddy is now a little relieved as the dog stopped barking. Mike finds that weird. He then sees that the power has been cut off. He sees that two men have entered the house and are heavily armed. He manages to take one of them down and Jesse shoots the other. But they find out that there are more of them.

Fi and Jesse manage to drive them away. Mike checks on the dead guys and he tells Fi and Jesse that they are from a cartel they went after earlier this year. The dead guys had satellite images with them. He deduces that Riley has sent them as she could not get them and she took the help of a cartel that wants Mike dead. So, she has gone from capturing them to killing them! Looks like they have to take the fight to her!! Mike has a plan. He decides to calm Bly and tells him what Riley is doing. They also need to bug Riley’s car so that they can track her going to the cartel. Mike knows that Bly has a thing against CIA breaking rules and so he knows that he will help. But convincing him is going to be difficult. Sam tells Mike to check him into a hospital and then Riley will come for him and that way he can plant the bug in her car.

This is the only way to bring down Riley. Reluctantly, Mike agrees. Mike drops in unannounced on Bly and tells him about Riley going rogue. And he tells Bly to stop investing a corpse’s case and go after someone who is actually selling the agency. Bly is unsure but agrees. Next, Mike checks Sam into the ER and as expected Riley arrives with sufficient backup. Mike puts up a good chase and Fi takes this distraction to bug Riley’s car. Mike escapes and we see that Sam is cuffed to his bed. Riley injects a stimulant into his IV that would increase his sensitivity to pain; a lot. Sam tells Riley that she made a huge mistake by calling a hit on Mike’s mother. He tells her that this time Mike will find her and when he does, he is going to END this. She leaves and Sam yells out of pain.

Next, Fi and Jesse see an angry Riley get into her vehicle and set up a meeting with the cartel. They follow her and they also inform Mike. Now, Mike and Bly are watching Riley and Bly is shocked to see when the cartel kingpin Alejandro Lopez arrives and Riley is pissed at him as his men failed to take down Mike earlier. Bly hears her selling the CIA and the DEA to Lopez. The marina security guard walks up to them and inquires about what they are doing. Bly tells him that they are with law enforcement and are here on an operation. It turns out that the security guard is with the cartel and he throws a grenade into the car. Mike jumps out. Bly is stuck in the car and the car explodes. Mike calls Fi and tells her that Bly is dead and the evidence is all gone. Mike then shoots the security guard.

Mike decides to get inside the yacht and tells Fi and Jesse to provide him with cover. He dives into the ocean and swims to the boat. Jesse and Fi are outnumbered and are running out of ammo. The boat begins to move and Riley is shocked as she cannot be in a cartel boat in open waters. Lopez’s men stop firing and run towards the boat when they see it leaving. Jesse is unsure whether it is a good thing or bad. On the boat, Mike tackles Lopez and throws him to the floor. Mike and Riley are now face to face with each other; both aiming their weapons at the other. Mike has made a smart move; he has called in the coast guards.

He knows that the coast guards would fire at the boat if their radio messages are ignored. He also knows that Riley has spun a web of lies about his involvement with the cartel and he wants her to end all this. He wants her to make a call and come clean or else die as the coast guards with shoot down the ship. The coast guards are about to fire a cannon and Riley agrees to make the call. Mike calls the coast guards off. Riley asks for the Deputy Chief. We then see that Maddy, Fi, Jesse and Sam are being held in different cells. They have been there for three weeks now and they are being continuously debriefed about Riley and Card. Next, an agent arrives and asks Fi to go along with him.

She tries to resist saying that she has already told them whatever she knows. She wants to know where Mike is. He doesn’t reply and she goes along with him. She then sees Mike. He is dressed in a nice suit and it looks like he has been flying around in a helicopter. She runs to him but she is totally confused. Maddy, Sam and Jesse are brought in as well. But Mike first wants to talk to Fi. She wants to know where he has been as they have been held in a 10 by 10 and Mike is looking all good and flying around in helicopters.

Mike tells Fi that he had to protect all of them and he could not leave them in the prison; so he made a deal. Fi is devastated. He tells her that he did this as he had to protect them. But she retorts saying that he did this as he wanted to do it. The season ends.