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Forget Me Not - Recap

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Our episode begins inside Madeline Westen’s house as Sam Axe trying to talk her out of going looking for information about her son, Michael. He tells her that Michael knows how to take care of himself. Jesse Porter is there supporting Sam, but Madeline does not want to hear what they have to say. They bring up Charlie, Madeline’s grandson whom she is trying to gain custody of after his parents died. This does not work as a deterrent though, as Madeline says she is thinking of him and has a plan in place.

She travels to a government building. Once parked and heading inside, Madeline freaks out as she sees a suspicious car that her instincts tell her may be following her. She enters an elevator quickly, thinking she is in the clear and was just overreacting, but suddenly the elevator abruptly shudders and shakes as it begins returning upwards towards the floor she boarded it on. Madeline pulls out a gun as the doors open. On the other side is Michael, who greets his mother.

Madeline is stunned to see Michael. She wants to know what is going on. He tells her that they have to speak briefly, as he cannot risk being seen. He will not talk to anyone else, even though Madeline tells him that everyone is worried. She does not understand what he is doing and why he cannot be there for the people who care for him. Michael tells her that she is risking his undercover investigation and that she cannot call, cannot write, and that all she can do now is wait for him to come back. She wants to know what happens if he does not come back – a question he cannot answer. He pauses his retreat long enough to embrace his mother. She heads to the elevator and the doors slowly close as they handle their goodbye silently.

Michael arrives inside the CIA facility and tells his contact there, Andrew Strong, that Madeline will not be calling around looking for him any longer. Strong gives Michael a high-powered rifle. Michael wants to work with his friends on this operation, but Strong will not risk it. On a monitor that is tracking Fiona Glenanne, Michael watches her embrace and talk to her new boyfriend, Carlos Cruz. He tries to stay professional, but cannot stop thinking about their shared past and his feelings for her.

Some time ago:

Michael sees Fiona for the first time. It is in an Irish bar and he watches her from a distance. She impresses him by beating a heavy in a competition. The bartender warns him that he does not want any of that and that she is taken. Michael just smiles.

Present time:

Fiona receives a phone call with a possible lead on the mystery man who is stalking Michael. The contact on the phone points her towards an auto shop 20 minutes north of her location and she races off.

Michael and Strong pull surveillance as Sam, Fiona, Jesse and Carlos investigate the auto shop. Believing the shop abandoned, they casually walk towards the entrance but a man with a shotgun greets them, unload a round in their direction. A second man begins firing on their direction as well. Michael desperately wants to help his friends. Strong tries to dissuade him, but Michael says the operation is in jeopardy if his friends die. Strong sends Michael enters the fight, as long as he agrees to remain in the shadows. One of the shooters is hit. He flanks the other shooter, entering a rusted-out car and carefully lines up his shot. Sam, Fiona, Jesse and Carlos realize they are running out of ammo. Just as the team prepares to move, Michael shoots the man firing upon them. They believe that Sam fired the kill shot, but Fiona realizes something seems fishy about that. Michael slinks into the seat of the car, as Fiona peers towards his location.

Michael is back inside the surveillance van with Strong as his friends are investigating the shop. Gamble, the mystery man, has set up an extensive communication network through the location. Fiona seems shaken by what has happened and cannot stop thinking about Michael. Fiona’s hacker friend Dixon arrives and heads inside as Fiona walks off. Sam and Jesse brief Dixon after handing him a wad of cash, telling him they need him to use the relay to trace Gamble’s location. He tosses their money back at them, saying that this will violate his probation. Jesse tells him it is okay and that he is free to go, but that he has already violated his probation by being at a crime scene – something he did not realize. They also inform him that he has gun residue on his hands, as Jesse makes sure to physically rub it in. He quickly tracks down the call’s location and rushes out, as the surveillance team heads off to the address Dixon found.

Michael darts from the van and quickly takes up a concealed location as his friends arrive. He tells Strong he is all set from his sniper’s nest. Michael sees his friends through his scope. Sam and Jesse take up location behind some garbage while Fiona and Carlos work their way towards the house. Fiona pauses for a minute and looks towards Michael’s location, causing him some pause as he thinks she has made him.

Some time ago:

Michael approaches Fiona at the bar and she pulls a gun on him. He asks her to dance anyways and tells her his name is Michael McBride. She reveals that she has seen him looking at her for some time. They close down the bar by dancing the night away, drawing closer as time passes.

Present day:

Strong tells Michael the wind has changed, which pulls him back from his daydream. Fiona radios the team that a gardener is about to start working and she heads off to ask him to give it some time. The gardener subdues her quickly as we see that it is Gamble in disguise. The team tries to radio her and realize something has happened. They race to her location, which is behind the house. Michael cannot see it from his vantage point due to heavy foliage and the house being in his line of sight. He frantically radios Strong asking what is going on. Carlos arrives first and they see that Gamble has abducted Fiona and fled the scene.

The two teams are working individually to find Fiona. Complicating manners is the fact that Gamble has ditched his truck and burned it. Michael throws Strong up against a squad car as the Gamble’s escape vehicle blazes in the background, saying that his friends are risking their lives on this. Strong tells Michael that he did not tell them what to do and that all Michael can do here is to handle this himself before they get hurt.

Some time ago:

Fiona lights a car on fire in the night, returning to Michael’s car to give him a hard time about parking so far away from their target. As the car engulfs in flames, they passionate kiss.

Present day:

Fiona is woken up by Gamble in an undisclosed, disgusting location. He tells her he needs to speak to Michael. She tells him that she does not know where he is, which he does not believe. She proceeds to tell him that she does not know anything at all, which causes him to hit her. Madeline tells Gamble that Michael was working for the CIA and he reveals that, after telling his contact in the Dominican Republic that Michael was CIA, his contact was killed. Fiona seems stunned by this news, which Gamble takes as a sign she is being honest in her not knowing what Michael is up to. He knows that a kill team is after him and that having Fiona provides him with some leverage. He wants Fiona to get him in contact with Michael, but she says she cannot. This angers Gamble, but he believes her. He threatens her, saying that if they come for him, he will not hesitate to kill Fiona.

Sam receives a call from Fiona’s cell. Gamble is on the other line, telling him that he needs Michael. Sam says he does not know where Michael is, but Gamble pushes the issue. As Michael listens in on the call from the surveillance van, Sam lies and tells Gamble that he can get him a secure line with Michael. Gamble tells Sam to come to his location, alone. Any funny business, he warns Sam, and Fiona is dead.

Jesse is furious that Sam offered a line of communication with Michael that he cannot produce. Sam said it was his only chance and maybe he can get close enough to help Fiona.
Inside the van, Michael is mad that Strong is using his friends as bait. Strong replies that he has no choice. Strong calls in an assault team to go to the location. As he is briefing them he realizes that Michael has taken off. Michael rushes to Fiona’s location, letting his emotions override his actions. He cuts off Sam, Jesse and Carlos, pulling in front of them and revealing himself. He tells them they are under surveillance and that the CIA is watching them. Furthermore, they are walking into a trap.

Strong arrives, screaming at Michael. This creates a distraction and Carlos rushes Michael, punching him for Fiona being taken. Sam reads Michael the riot act for not telling him that he was alive. Everyone is mad at Michael and unsure what to do next. Strong says the operation is a failure. Michael tells Strong it is not and that he has a plan. That plan consists of Fiona being saved and Gamble being the only casualty.

Near Gamble’s abandoned location, the team prepares to make an assault on Gamble as Michael thinks about Fiona and what he knows about her.

Some time ago:

Fiona tells Michael that she is not a worrier and that he will learn that about her.

Present day:

This memory gives him some comfort. He calls Gamble, who is stunned that it is Michael on the line. Gamble rushes to the window, where he sees Michael approaching the building. He orders Michael to stop and to take off his bulletproof vest. Michael lifts his shirt up and reveals that he is not wearing a wire. Gamble tells Michael his demands – one million dollars, a passport and a flight out of Miami. He will keep Fiona with him until he on the flight, to guarantee his safety. Michael agrees but wants to talk to Fiona. Gamble refuses, saying that Sam already talked to her and that he is running the show, not Michael. Michael says the deal is off and begins walking away.

Some time ago:

Fiona tells Michael a story about when she was younger and her father was beaten. The father told her that there was a difference between living and living free.

Present day:

Michael walks away from the location as Burke weighs his options. He tells Michael to stop and that he can talk to Fiona.

Some time ago:

Fiona tells Michael what her father told her when trouble was a brewing – “Time to be brave, little angel.” She reveals this means hit the floor and close your eyes until it’s over.

Present day:

Michael tells Fiona that it is “time to be brave, little angel.” In slow motion, Fiona hurls herself and her chair to the floor, as Michael hits the ground outside. The team unloads on Gamble from the next building, killing him instantly. The team secures the building and Fiona rushes out, where she embraces Carlos in front of Michael. This upsets him, as he still cares for Fiona. Strong praises Michael for saving the day and he tells Michael that it is time to head back to the Dominican Republic and his target, Randall Burke.

Sam and Jesse are talking to Michael. They are furious that he bugged them. He defends himself, saying he had orders and could not contact them. He apologizes and Sam forgives him, saying that he is glad that Michael is okay. Using the Lone Ranger as an example, they tell him that even the Lone Ranger had Tonto and a horse helping him out, and that Michael does not have to go it alone. Jesse and Sam argue over which one each is, before asking Michael if he intends to talk to Fiona.
Fiona is at the back of an ambulance when Michael finds her. She is touched that he remembered her story. She whispers is his ear that she is taken, gives him a brief kiss on the cheek and then walks off.

Some time ago:

As the bartender tells Michael that Fiona is taken, she kisses the man she is with on the cheek. Michael tells that bartender that is the kiss you give someone when it’s over.

Present day:

Michael realizes that is the kiss Fiona just gave him. The episode ends

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Warning: Burn Notice season 7 episode 2 guide may contain spoilers
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