Down Range - Recap

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Our episode begins with Michael Westen back in the Dominican Republic. He enters his disgusting apartment and sets ablaze an old photo an old memory he shared with Fiona Glenanne. A report on the news shows a sketch of Michael from the job he did before leaving the Dominican Republic. He shaves off his beard to avoid detection and goes to meet with Randall Burke. Westen mentions having some guys in Miami that can help with the mission. Burke is uninterested. Westen inquires about the next job, which Burke vaguely skirts around. They enter into a run-down building and meet with a new guy who Burke is considering for his next job. The man hardballs Burke, saying that his price has gone up after learning about the company Burke wants to strike. Burke coldly warns the man not to do this. The man is not intimidated, pulling a knife. Westen jumps into action and pushes the man down on the table, sticking his knife into the table. The man tells Burke he wants something extra. Burke obliges, by sticking the knife into his belly. Burke then looks at Westen, a huge smile on his face, and asks his about his guys in Miami.

At a market, Westen walks into the outskirts to meet with Andrew Strong, his CIA contact. Strong is not thrilled with Westen’s request to add Sam Axe and Jesse Porter. They go back and forth for a bit, as Strong has CIA guys he wants to use but Westen is insistent. Finally Strong is convinced after Westen talks about the advantage of knowing the people he works with and has relationships with. He shows Westen a new photo of the man that Burke has been working with.

Axe catches up with Porter in Miami as Porter shoots hoops outside a location he is pulling surveillance on. Axe tells Porter about Michael’s call and the job offer. Porter is apprehensive at first, saying he has cases and clients in Miami, but becomes convinced pretty easily. The two men take off to fly to the Dominican Republic.

Madeline Westen sits near a playground, talking on the phone about her custody case. A man sits down next to her and makes some small talk that quickly reveals itself to be something much more sinister. The man is Leo Sabienza, who was the bookie of Madeline’s late son Nate. Apparently Nate owed him a lot of money - $80,000. Leo is here to collect from Madeline. Leo threatens her grandson, alluding that something bad will happen to Charlie if she tries to run. Leo leaves, but not before stopping to give Charlie a bullet.

Madeline calls Fiona over, as she wants her to watch Charlie for a bit. She tells Madeline about the shakedown and that she is leaving to get money for Sabienza. Fiona tells her not to pay, because every other person Nate owed money to will come crawling out of the woodwork if they hear about how Sabienza got paid. Madeline breaks down in tears, saying she is not sure what to do. She says she wishes that Michael was here, which causes Fiona to angrily reply that he is not. Fiona says she will help Madeline and take care of the situation.

In a deserted area of the Dominican Republic, Burke and Westen set up an impromptu landing site for the Miami guys. On the radio they hear a report that someone saw a plane coming, necessitating they react quickly as the authorities are sure to be on their way. Sam and Porter land and learn that they need to get out of there ASAP. As a diversion, the plane is lit on fire and blows up, giving the four men time to escape out a back road while the police are caught up investigating the plane.

Axe and Porter sell themselves to Burke. They are at an overlook viewing Burke’s target, a warehouse with a truck inside that they are going to try to steal. Their plan is complicated and involves Westen doing the heavy lifting. Sam says he will provide cover with a sniper rifle and suppress enemy fire, which Burke does not like. He says that if Michael is seen, that Axe needs to start shooting guards.

Inside his apartment and away from Burke, Westen is grilled by his friends. They question his actions and he reveals part of his deal with Strong – that if he does not help them take Burke down, the whole gang is back in lockdown.

Fiona questions Madeline about her money and what she can get access to. Fiona’s plan is to give Sabienza a taste of the money and then, when his guard is down, to take his money, which is dirty and will draw the attention of the mob. She figures they will take Sabienza out of the picture for them. Madeline calls Sabienza and tells him to come over. Fiona hides in the back room. Madeline gives him $24,000, which angers him as he wanted the full amount. Madeline offers him her jewelry as collateral (including a necklace that has a tracking device), which he takes. She says that she will come up with the rest. Sabienza gives her a lecture on what a loser her son was and how he always told him “a few more days” when it was time to pay, just like Madeline is telling him now. He yells for Charlie, causing Madeline to get hysterical. Frantically she talks him into giving her more time. He leaves, stopping to tell her that he owns her.

Axe, Porter and Westen prepare for their mission. Very, very carefully, they cut through the electrical fence and then create a hole in it. Westen darts towards the building, as Axe watches him through his scope. Porter radios instructions to Westen, as Burke prepares the exit vehicle. Westen enters the open warehouse door and forces open the door to a truck. A guard walks out for a smoke break, slowly working his way towards Westen’s location. Axe nervously begs the guard to turn around so he does not have to shoot, but in the end the guard does not turn around and Sam puts him down. Michael commandeers the truck and smashes it through the gate. With black cars in hot pursuit, Burke tosses out some spikes in the road and causes them to flip. Inside a separate car, Porter asks Axe if he is okay after having to shoot the guard. Axe says he is, but his facial expression and dripping perspiration seem to say otherwise.

Strong briefs a CIA team in a briefing room. Axe and Porter are there. Strong tells them that they will be briefing his team about Burke, which Axe and Porter tell him is not happening. Axe says he killed a man and is seeing this through to the end. Strong sees things his way and gives them the right to stay through the mission. He reiterates to them that they are watching, however, not interacting.

Fiona and Madeline pull surveillance outside of Sabienza’s place. Madeline realizes that her son Nate really was bad news. She doubts herself and her ability to give Charlie a better life than what she provided Nate. Sabienza leaves the building, causing Fiona and Madeline to spring into duty. Fiona uses a sensor and finds where the jewelry box is located at. They rig the wall with explosives and Fiona allows Madeline the honors of blowing it. Excitedly, they go to investigate.

Axe, Porter and Strong watch the operation setting up. Axe and Porter smell a rat, saying the location does not make sense. Axe tells Strong that the snipers should take out Burke and the man coming to meet with him. With sniper teams in place, a truck enters the building. Westen is there to meet with Burke. Westen expresses doubts about the location that was picked for this meeting, but Burke says he picked it for a reason. The man arriving is named Sorrano. After he enters, the door to the building is shut, eliminating the sniper’s line of sight. Sorrano is excited to see what Burke has – a sophisticated computer system. With Sorrano talking, Burke grabs a gun and slips it into his pants. He tells Sorrano he doesn’t want his money. Then he shoots Sorrano’s two men, saying that he just wants Sorrano.

Strong is freaking out because of the shots back in the surveillance location. Axe says they need to get in there, but Strong says he is not doing anything right now and will let it play out. The mic is still alive inside and they hear Sorrano threatening Burke. Burke wants information from Sorrano, for the people he works for. Strong and the gang are surprised, as their intelligence says that Burke worked alone. A helicopter emerges to take Burke away from the location, but the pilot tells Burke there are snipers outside. Sorrano says he could not have put the snipers there, as he just learned the location. Burke agrees and now thinks Westen did it. Burke points the gun at Westen, who says that Sorrano is lying. Westen backs up towards the window, saying that he is not with the snipers. Axe realizes what Westen is doing and shoots at him, proving to Burke that Westen is not with the snipers. Burke orders Sorrano to call of the attack – which he does. Axe tells Strong that if they take the shot on Sorrano, Westen dies. Strong calls off the attack, making it seem that the snipers really were Sorrano’s men. The helicopter lands and Westen, Burke and Sorrano rush towards it – after Burke rigs a bomb to go off. They lift off right as the warehouse explodes, destroying the computer and all the money that Sorrano brought with him. Strong is furious at the outcome and wants a direct connection to Langley. Porter again asks Axe if he is okay and he says he is, adding that is has been a long day.

Fiona and Madeline are watching Sabienza eating lunch at an outdoor cafe. Madeline walks out of the car to talk to Sabienza. Sabienza wants his money, but Madeline says she promised to finish this – not pay him. Madeline reveals that she was involved at the burglary at his place, saying that she is in charge now. It turns out she stole his safe and found his client list, which would ruin him. She gives it back to him, saying that she made copies of it. She tells him that she is never giving him the money back, as it is now Charlie Westen’s college fund. She is never giving him another dime and he is never to come near her or Charlie again. He quickly and respectfully agrees. As she leaves, she grabs his face and tells him that she owns him.

On the helicopter, Burke apologizes to Westen for the events at the warehouse. Westen does not accept the apology, saying that Burke lied to him by not revealing that he had a boss. Burke agrees, saying the time is nearing for the answers. He cannot give him though – only his superior can. He promises that everything will be revealed, in due time.