Brothers In Arms - Recap

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Michael Westin is in deep cover in the middle of a jungle. He talks to Randall Burke via a communicator. Westen flips down his night vision goggles and begins moving.

Burke heads in to question a weary, sweaty Sorrano, who he believes tried to kill him at the warehouse. Westen is listening to Burke question Sorrano over the communicator. Sorrano refuses to break and tells Burke that he will never tell him anything. Burke laughs at this and slides a computer screen around, showing Sorrano what Westen sees. It turns out that Westen is at Sorrano’s home and stands over Sorrano’s young daughter, who seems about 10 years old. Westen points his gun at the girl as Sorrano shakes with anger. He begs Burke to call off Westen and finally breaks, revealing that Cuba is the location Burke seeks. Burke tells Sorrano it is okay and that he made the right choice. Sorrano, tears running down his face, asks if they are going to hurt his daughter. Burke says they aren’t. Sorrano says the Russians are going to come after him. Burke agrees and gives Sorrano a gun and a single bullet. Burke walks off as Sorrano takes his life. Westen picks up the little girl’s teddy bear and places it under her head.

Westen is on the phone later with Andrew Strong, his CIA contact. Westen is back in his apartment and says the job with Burke is getting too hot, telling Strong about what Burke made him down with the little girl. He reveals that Burke wants him to get Sam Axe and Jesse Porter back for the job in Cuba. Strong tells Westen that the stakes are too high and they need to do it. The call ends as Westen smashes his glass against the wall in anger, with alcohol splashing all over the place.

Sam and Jesse arrive in Cuba, meeting with Westen near the water at what seems to be a marketplace. We learn that Burke wants to break a woman free. The men meet up with Burke, who fills them in on some details. They are in an abandoned building across from the prison. Burke reveals there is one entrance to the prison and he does not give any information about the woman. As they push for details, Burke gets angry and gives short answers, revealing that the woman means something to him.

Our three good guys meet up sans Burke, as Westen gives a plan that involves tricking the Cuban prison guards/officials into bringing the woman out. The plan they hash out involves using Fiona Glenanne to help set up someone back in Miami, making them look like a spy and drawing the attention of the Russians. Fiona is not thrilled with Westen’s call, saying that she cannot drop everything every single time he calls. Westen apologizes for what he could not provide her with and reveals that he is happy that she has that now. She agrees to help him.

Madeline Westen is helping Fiona. They pull up outside a house and we learn that Fiona is not telling her boyfriend Carlos Cruz what is going on. The target, Ivan, leaves his house and goes to enter his car. Fiona approaches the man and asks if he can help her with some boxes. He refuses, which leads to Fiona pulling a gun on him to convince him otherwise.

Westen barbarically conceals a listening device inside his arm, figuring that no one will look there. He slices his arm with a huge knife, while Sam helps him place the device in the wound. Burke tests it out, successfully.

Westen approaches the prison. A ton of guns are pulled on him as he knocks on the door. A man on the other side reveals that the repair shop is closed – Westen says he knows it is not a repair shop. He gives his name to a surveillance camera and the door swings open, as the Russians inside forcibly pull him inside.

Two Russians drag Westen inside, with additional men behind him. The dark, dimly-lit building is full of surveillance equipment and men. Westen tries to convince the men that what he needs is urgent. Vladimir Dubov shows up. He is in charge of the Russian operation and knows who Westen is. Westen asks for help, saying he needs protection. He tells Dubov that the CIA is in Havana and plans to raid the building. Dubov doesn’t buy it. Westen says they are after the girl, Sonia. Dubov perks up when he hears this information. Westen eats a backfist from the suddenly furious Dubov, who says there is no way this is the truth. Westen reveals Dubov has a spy in his midst. Dubov intends to get to the bottom of this.

Fiona and Madeline have Ivan tied up in the backseat of a van. Ivan begs for water as soon as Fiona leaves the van. He asks Madeline why they are doing this, as it will cost Ivan his life. He offers to use his connections to find another way, but Madeline says no. Seeing no other option, he kicks open the back door and tries to flee. Eventually he stops to laugh at Fiona, and rams right into the van.

Dubov is waterboarding Westen. He wants the truth – who sent him and why. Westen says the CIA and Dubov says it is a lie. Westen says a source in Miami gave them up. More waterboarding follows. Dubov learns of Ivan’s abduction and that he left information in his vehicle. As Dubov figures out what to do, Westen pushes the issue, adding things to his story. Finally Dubov buys it and sends a team after the fake CIA location Westen has made up.

Back at their temporary base, Sam and Porter smash the office, trying to make it seem like they quickly abandoned their base. Cuban police pull up outside as they are covering their tracks, causing the men to improvise. They see a balcony and rush to it. A passing bus offers them a way out as they jump to its roof. The police step on the balcony and just miss the bus pulling away.

Westen eats some rotten bread and asks his captor for water. The captor proceeds to spit all over the floor. Dubov returns, saying that his men did not make it to the CIA location in time. Westen tries to convince Dubov the only way that works is if one of his men tipped the CIA off, as they had destroyed everything before the Russians arrived. Dubov finds this impossible, but that it could be possible.

Burke calls Sam and Porter, telling them that they need to abduct a Russian and make him look like a spy. They are not thrilled with this idea, to say the least. They make their way to a location where a Russian is getting stuff inside his car, and after securing the right hats, they make their move, tossing him in the back of the car and driving off.

Fiona and Madeline want Ivan’s financial information. They want to use this to funnel money to the “spy” that Sam and Porter just took, to make it look like he is getting money from the CIA. Ivan refuses, even when faced with certain death. He finally relents, as long as they agree to write a letter to his girlfriend Eva. He dictates the letter, which is very sweet and praises Eva for making his life whole. He reveals that he cannot pay for her nursing school because the money is going to the Russian “spy.” Fiona rolls her eyes and swears to set up an account for Eva, after giving the “spy” $500.

Westen is uncuffed, as Dubov says they found the traitor. Westen is now on Dubov’s good side, as he can help the Russians escape. They go to get the girl, who has been drugged. While they are preparing her, Dubov receives a call that changes the plan. A Russian submarine is offshore and is diverting to grab the Russians – therefore, there is no need to move the girl. Westen looks back at the girl, unsure of what to do next.

Sam, Burke and Porter are across from the Russian headquarters again and are stumbling over their plan. Nothing they come up with seems to get Sonia out the front door alive. Burke says he will take explosives inside the building himself. He intends to reveals himself as Westen’s CIA contact, find Sonia, and blow all three out the door. Burke reveals that people who work with him are his family and that he will not leave Michael or Sonia behind. Sam and Porter agree to help him, even though they do not have faith in the mission.

Burke knocks on the door and reveals himself to Dubov. Dubov tells Burke to calm down, that reinforcements are on their way. Burke says he wants to defect and will make a deal. He offers a laptop with secret classified U.S. information. That seems to work for Dubov, but Burke says he wants to know Westen is safe first. Time is of the essence lies Burke, as the CIA will change codes when they realize he is gone. Westen is stunned to see him. Burke says the room does not seem safe – Dubov says it is. Burke wants a minute alone with Westen, as Dubov is trusting Burke less and less by the second. Once they are alone, Burke tells Westen that they have to move and he can get him out. Burke calls Sonia the “key” to Westen’s future and that she is “everything.” He makes Westen promise to get her out and Burke says farewell to Westen, as he is going to use the explosives to blow everyone up, including himself. He succeeds, taking out Dubov and a handful of Russians.

The explosion rips a huge hole in the wall. Sam and Porter take that as their cue. Westen subdues his two guards and frees Sonia. With Sam and Porter pulling security, their weapons trained on the hole in the wall, Westen heads towards it. A gunman begins firing on the location as Westen carries Sonia through the wall. The team subdues the Russians and pulls off, with gunfire erupting around their vehicle as they pull away.

Madeline and Fiona cut Ivan free. He asks if Eva is okay and if they sent the letter. The ladies did not, as they instead give him passports, information and money so he can have a second chance with Eva in Iowa. She is waiting for him in the bus station and he hurries off before the ladies can change their minds.

Sam does not understand why Burke put so much value on Sonia’ safety. Westen doesn’t understand, either. Sam and Westen see their boat they are going to use to get back to Miami. They tell Porter to get Sonia, but as they are talking Porter is attacked. He wakes up and we see that Sonia has freed herself from her handcuffs and the car. Porter though she was still passed out and Westen says that they need to find her.