Old Friends - Recap

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This week, we find Michael and Sam in a local bar, talking sports, when Michael notices an old Czech assassin, Jan Haseck, walk in. Quickly thinking, Michael picks a fight with a local asshole to divert the spy's attention. Michael gives the spy a nice shot and takes off with Sam, after destroying a few tables.

Back at home, Michael sets up a booby trap on his door. He rigs a shotgun to fire at anyone who enters. Fiona watches Jan Haseck, who is waiting in a car outside. Michael receives an urgent call from his mother, who says she's having trouble with the disposal. Sam drops by and freaks out when he sees the shotgun. Thankfully, Michael hasn't finished rigging it up, although Fiona is a little disappointed the gun wasn't set up. When Michael asks Sam for a lift, Sam doesn't have much of a choice.

At his mother's, Michael gets attacked by his brother, Nate, who just wanted to catch him by surprise. No one is injured, thankfully. Some of the bad history between the two comes out. Nate seems to have screwed Michael over a time or two. When Michael notices the disposal works fine, he is told about someone who needs his help again. An old friend from school needs help with his daughter who has run away. Michael accuses Nate of accepting money for the job, and Nate admits he received $1,000. Michael leaves to give the money back to the father, Bill.

Bill Reese receives a visit from Michael and Nate, who ask him about his daughter. It seems Jenna and Bill have gotten into fights about her flashy boyfriend, Brandon. During the visit, Michael learns that Nate made the deal for $3,000 and ends up accepting the job.

Michael, Sam, and Fiona visit in an outdoor restaurant to talk about the case. Sam has been able to find out some info on Brandon. He seems to hang out a lot at a bar on South Beach.

Thanks to the info from Sam, Michael, Nate, and Fiona visit the bar. Michael is able to obtain some information from the bartender, which leads them to the VIP room. While Michael and Nate argue about their behavior, Fiona goes after Brandon. She is able to get him out of the VIP room and into his car. When inside, Michael and Nate join them and ask about Jenna. He reveals Jenna is with the Wilhelm brothers, who are more of an escort service. He cannot get the girl back because Jenna and several other girls are guarded 24/7.

Back home, Michael and Sam go over what they have learned so far about the Wilhelm brothers. Their only legitimate business is a photo studio. Michael says he plans to drop by for a visit. Nate reveals the brothers like to be involved in various charities, as it provides them with the opportunity to meet rich Johns. Michael then receives a call from Fiona, who has been tracking the spy who wants Michael dead. Fiona knows where he is staying, so Michael leaves with Sam's car.

Michael pays Jan Haseck a visit at his hotel, but the visit quickly gets out of hand, with both of them trying to kill one another. Michael is able to escape thanks to an occupied elevator.

The Wilhelm brothers are at an auction when Michael and Nate show up. Nate wasn't exactly invited, of course, but he does help Michael in his bidding, which allows him to meet one of the Wilhelm brothers. Michael manages to impress him and is invited to a private party.

When Michael receives a call from Fiona with news about Jan Haseck, he drops by the hotel. With Haseck gone for the time, Michael gets into his room and searches it for any clue that would link him to an area of town he frequently visits.

Sam isn't exactly pleased when the feds pay him a brief visit. The feds express their frustration with the amount of information Sam is giving them on Michael. Sam's pension is in the hands of the feds, and he knows he has to give them something on Michael, without turning his back on Michael... not exactly an easy thing to do.

As soon as Michael arrives at the Wilhelm brothers' party, he manages to find Jenna. He tries to get her out of there, but is unable to thanks to the brothers and security. They whisk her off. Michael is, however, able to learn that Jenna is planning on flying to Dubai soon for a modeling job.

The next morning, Michael and Nate tell Bill Reese about his daughter. They all know Jenna's modeling job isn't real. She's going to end up a prostitute. When Bill threatens to go to the police, Michael asks him not to because it won't help. He is able to convince Bill to trust him to work on getting Jenna back.

Michael, Fiona, and Sam talk about what it would take to get Jenna away from the Wilhelm brothers. While Michael and Sam like to sit on the house and wait until Jenna is transported to the airport, Fiona has a much more aggressive plan which involves them storming the house. When Sam splits, Fiona talks to Michael about Jan Haseck. It seems he oversees the preparation for his meals. Michael thinks something is up and gives Fiona some cash to bribe the kitchen staff and discover the truth. Michael then receives an emergency call from his mother, regarding Nate.

When Michael gets to his mom's place, he learns that Nate is still having money problems. Bookies are after him. Nate asks Michael for his half of the money so he can take care of his problems. Michael tells him he won't get paid until the job is complete. This angers Nate, but I have to side with Michael on this.

Next, we see Michael and Fiona at the hardware store, where they work with Sam to get a car prepped for the assault and rescue of Jenna. When Michael learns Nate is headed over to his apartment, he takes off. Michael knows that Nate will get killed if he enters the front door, thanks to that shotgun. When Michael gets to the apartment, Nate is trying to pick the lock on the door, while Michael comes under fire from Jan Haseck. When Nate sees this, he rushes to his brother's rescue and fires a few shots at the Czech. Unfortunately, Michael is hit by one of the assassin's bullets.

Fiona and Sam, ready for the assault, are upset that Michael hasn't shown up for the operation. They are about to give up when the car arrives. Jenna isn't in it, so Sam pulls an injury scan, making the brothers fork over a nice wad of cash.

Back at the apartment, Nate removes the bullet from Michael's upper back. Although Michael is in a lot of pain, Nate is able to remove the bullet. Sam then drops by to see why Michael was a no-show. Sam is a little more understandable when he learns of Michael's injury. As a thank you, Michael gives Nate some cash and asks him to pay off the bookies.

At a bar, Michael and Sam talk about the feds, when Nate calls Michael about Bill. Bill lost his patience and tried to get Jenna back all by himself. Unfortunately, Bill ended up getting beaten up.

The next day, Michael, Sam, and Fiona take a car and kidnap one of the Wilhelm brothers. They use him as randsom to get Jenna back. Michael asks for records, money, and Jenna. Carl Wilhelm agrees to do what Michael asks, including telling Jenna what was in store for her in Dubai.

When it comes time for the exchange, everything goes flawlessly. No one is injured.

Michael drives Jenna home and she and her father embrace. Michael leaves when it gets emotional.

One night, Michael pays Jan Haseck a visit at a local restaurant. Haseck goes into anaphalactic shock because of his peanut allergy, which Michael was able to learn of from Fiona. Michael asks the Czech about the burn notice, but he doesn't give up anything. Michael is forced to give him a shot and calls Sam. Michael tells Sam to inform the feds about Haseck's location.

The next morning, Michael wakes up to the sound of a balloon hitting his front door. He checks it out and sees a "thank you" balloon. He gives Sam a call and he learns that Haseck was taken from the feds by "mysterious" men in the middle of the night. Although they were pleased to have the assassin in custody, the feds are confused about what happened. The Czech was later found dead in a cell, hung by his shoelaces. Michael and Sam know Haseck was killed.