Family Business - Recap

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While Michael is at his apartment reading the homeland security directive authorizing the burn notice, he receives a call from his brother, Nate. He asks Michael to give him a hand with something.

At the airport, we find Nate Westen fighting with an older man who is armed. Nate is able to get out of the situation, but not without losing a tooth and a little blood. Michael pulls up with his Dodge Charger and asks Nate what he is up to. Nate tells him he was doing a friend a favor, talking to some guys. Nate asks Michael for help in a not-so-direct manner, and Michael reluctantly agrees, seeing as Nate is over his head. Michael just asks Nat to clean up his act.

Back home, Michael and Fiona are working on the Charger again. Michael is upset about Nate's claim that the car is his. Michael knows his dad isn't the kind of guy who would just give a car to someone. When they are unable to get the car started, Michael asks Fiona to check the ignition. When she does, she finds that someone has bugged the car. Judging by the bug, Fiona believes it's Sam's kind of work. Looking to protect Sam, Michael decides not to remove the bug. He knows Sam is in trouble with the feds, and removing the bug wouldn't help Sam out in any way.

Michael visits with the client, Jake Miller, who has been working in airport security. Jake tells Michael about brothers who are in the import/export business. Jake has been receiving gifts from them for his altering of the flight records. He knows it's illegal, but he and his wife need the money for the baby which is on the way. Jake reveals that the brothers wanted a recent flight to be removed entirely from the logs, which is very bizarre and raised a red flag in his own mind. When Jake refused to remove the flight, the brothers threated him and his wife. So, Jake turned to Nate, who claims to be in business with Michael (which, of course isn't true). Seeming desperate, Jake asks Michael for help. Michael knows he doesn't have much choice in the matter. He goes back outside and gets into the Charger with Nate, who complains about all the work he put into the car. When Michael tries to start the car, he is unable to get it going. He turns to Nate, who offers him a deal. Nate will agree to give him the distributor cap if Michael agrees to help look for dad's will.

Sam and Michael have a discussion in the Charger. Michael knows he's being recorded thanks to the bug, so he's careful about what he says. The two are waiting for Eli Zamar, the boss, who soon exits a building. Eli is the man who assaulted Nate the other day. Sam takes notice of Eli's insistence of doing a perimeter scan every time he walks outside. Michael takes a few photos of the building, especially because of the several security cameras, which have been very well placed. When they are spotted by Eli, Michael and Sam drive off.

The guys become a little more aggressive in their intel gathering when they have Fiona enter the private airport. She meets with Ari Zamar, one of the brothers, and claims she met a man in a bar who offered to take her up in a plane. When Eli and and Ilan Zamar come over, Fiona asks to use the bathroom, but Ari asks her to leave. On her way out, Fiona continues to look for clues in the airport. When she gets back to Michael and Nate, Fiona tells them the family are arms dealers. She also noticed the plane they are using has a brand new engine, capable of flying heavier loads of weapons, possibly to Africa. It is also learned that Eli used to work for the Mossad.

Having learned quite a bit, Michael updates Jake on the situation. Michael pulls out an old newspaper article, which describes how a man died in an auto accident. The dead man was the previous airport security manager who didn't do what the Zamars wanted. Michael convinces Jake to cooperate with the Zamars. It's their only shot at busting these guys.

Sam and Michael wait for the Zamars in Sam's car. They talk briefly about the burn notice. Sam tells Michael he's receiving a lot of pressure from the feds. Not much else is said because the Zamars leave their business, so Sam and Michael follow them. They temporarily lose track of the family, but Michael ends up picking up their trail. The Zamars show up at a semi-abandoned building to buy their guns. When no one is around, Michael grabs a piece of steel rebar and is about to use it as a weapon to defend himself, when Sam comes by with a few beer bottles and throws them at the building. Sam acts like a drunk who is complaining about job outsourcing. The Zamars laugh at him and leave.

Michael and Nate update Jake and his wife once more. The brothers are planning another shipment, so Michael suggests Jake agree to faking the logs. Michael, however, isn't agreeable when Jake suggest his wife leave town. Michael knows that info will get back to the Zamars, who will become suspicious.

Back home, Michael, Fiona, and Sam talk about the Zamars. Fiona suggests bugging Ari's car, so Sam leaves to take care of that. Michael slaps Fiona with an envelope after Sam leaves. He didn't want a confrontation about the bug in his Charger.

Later that day, Sam listens in when he finds Ari and his girlfriend eating in an open restaurant. The girlfriend, Debbie, isn't happy with the way Ari is treated in his family. It seems Eli is a tad controlling, which Debbie resents. Sam smoothly walks outside and bugs Ari's Ferrari.

When Michael and Fiona come home, they find Sam listening to a recording from Ari's car. The conversation contains more complaints from Debbie. She may be a way into the family. Michael begins working on becoming a fake arms dealer. He purchased several supplies to replicate the look of C-4. When he finishes up, Fiona works on an explosive which Michael could use should the Zamars ask for a demonstration. Sam is able to help complete the fake arms dealer role with a fake Rolex, an expensive exotic car, a business card, and a list of favorite hang-outs for Ari.

Back at his mother's, Michael and Nate talk about the will, which still hasn't been located. Michael asks his mother, Madeline, if he can borrow a few things of dad's to help complete the arms dealer look.

Thanks to Sam's work, Michael is able to find Ari at a club. He finds him at a bar and impresses him when he orders a favorite wine of Ari's. The fellas hit it off very well and join Debbie at a table. It's scary how well things seem to go for Michael until Debbie starts hitting on him. Before the evening ends, Michael, or Steve Remmington - the alias Sam came up with, tells Ari about an opportunity and gives him his card. Before he leaves, Michael is able to expose a little rift in the family. Ari doesn't seem to be very well respected.

A few hours later, Ari meets with Michael in a junkyard. Michael shows Ari the (fake) C-4 and offers him a great deal because his buyer let him down. Michael uses Fiona's homemade explosives in a demonstration which goes off without a hitch.

The next day, Fiona helps Michael prepare for the deal. He needs help with his shirt, cuff links, etc.

Ari and Michael are shown talking business over dinner. Michael tries to get Ari to show him his operation by offering .50 cal machine guns in addition to the C-4. Ari declines to give Michael that sort of information. Ari knows his father wouldn't be pleased to know other people know where they do business. When Michael goes to leave and find another buyer, Ari tells him to meet him somewhere later that evening.

We then catch up with Michael and Sam as they listen to more audio recordings from Ari's car. They then bring up the matter of the bug in the Charger. Sam tells Michael the feds are pissed about how little info they are getting from him. The feds wanted Sam to break into Michael's apartment and search for anything of interest. They okayed the bug instead. Michael understands Sam's situation and tells him to search under his kitchen sink, which is where he's hidden the homeland security directive. Sam thanks him for the help.

Jake meets with the family at the airport and ends up getting hit by Ari, who wants to be elsewhere and is tired of waiting for Jake to take care of customs.

Michael, waiting for Ari in the club, is surprised when Debbie shows up and hits on him. She crosses the line and grabs his... well you can imagine... Just then, Ari arrives and takes Michael outside and is about to shoot him. Michael stalls until he is able to figure out what Ari knows. It seems Ari thinks Michael is after Debbie, but he assures him he isn't; he is simply mistaken. They then leave together in a car. Michael is blindfolded. When the car stops, Michael is shown the warehouse, which is filled with a wide variety of weapons. They talk business for a minute and Michael is pleased to hear Ari will talk with his brother and father about the deal.

Nate and Michael talk to Jake about the Zamars in the car. Jake wants out and would want to call the police, but Michael knows some of the local police are on the Zamars payroll based on his conversation with Ari. Michael convinces Jake to work with the Zamars and offers a suggestion.

The next day, Jake shows up at the airport and confronts Ari and Eli. Jake puts on a bit of an act - he tells them he doesn't appreciate being contacted by Steve Remmington. According to Jake, Steve asked him to take care of him like he does the Zamars. If Jake doesn't, Steve allegedly has photos and documents which could implicate him and the Zamars. This meeting drives a clear wedge between Eli and Ari. They are both very angry. Jake and Fiona watch from outside as the two leave. Fiona calls Michael and warns him about the men leaving.

When the Zamars arrive to their warehouse, they find all of the weapons are gone. Steve (Michael) left his business card on the table and left. As Michael watches on from a distance, Sam dumps the seized weapons into the ocean. Eli and Ari work together to find the bugs. They also try and find out who Steve Remmington is, but it's obvious that he's just a ghost. The Zamars end up fleeing the country.

Michael tells Jake and his wife that they shouldn't feel safe. The Zamars will likely be back at some point and they will be able to find them.

Across town, Sam has a meeting with the feds, who are very pleased Sam has given them the homeland security directive. They inform Sam that Michael shouldn't have access to that paper because it is classified. Sam then learns the two agents are no longer on the case. Washington is apparently sending in someone else. Sam is a little curious and worried for Michael. He calls Michael and gives him the good/bad news.

Back at Madeline's, Michael and Nate find their dad's will, but the Charger isn't mentioned anywhere. Madeline tells them that she knew the whole time. Her reason for giving Michael the Charger was because Nate spent so much time with dad, Michael should have gotten something from him. Michael, after all, wasn't close to his father. To be fair, Michael offers to flip Nate for the car. Ever the gambler, Nate agrees. Michael ends up winning the bet and car. After Michael and Nate hug, Michael notices Nate took his wallet, so he chases him out the door.