Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Spies don't get fired ... they get burned.

Secret agent Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) just received a burn notice -- a statement that a spy is unreliable and has been effectively fired -- for unknown reasons. Now, Westen must find out who issued the notice and why they did it without being able to use the resources and contacts he once had at his disposal.

While searching for answers, Weston receives help from Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an ex-IRA agent and Michael's ex-girlfriend and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), a former Navy SEAL skilled in surveillance. And then there's Madeline (Sharon Gless), Westen's overbearing mother who is unaware of her son's profession.

Created and written by Matt Nix, Burn Notice combines a mixture of action and a fresh sense of humor that combined result in a new breed of spy.

Episode Info

Prev: 7x13 -- Reckoning (Sep/12/2013)

The final episode in the series finds Michael struggling to regain the trust of those whom he betrayed, while James works feverishly to bring him down.

Jeffrey DonovanJeffrey Donovan
As Michael Westen
Jeffrey DonovanJeffrey Donovan
As Michael Westen
Gabrielle AnwarGabrielle Anwar
As Fiona Glenanne
Coby BellCoby Bell
As Jesse Porter (S04-S07)
Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell
As Sam Axe
Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell
As Sam Axe
Sharon GlessSharon Gless
As Madeline Westen
Sharon GlessSharon Gless
As Madeline Westen



Reviews: 57
This Show Is Made of AwesomeRating: 15 likes, 0 dislikes

With nothing else but repeats on on Thursdays during the summer, I decided to give Burn Notice a try. The "Pilot" episode was awesome -- fast-paced witty dialog, interesting characters, and a great plot. And after that episode, I was hooked. Each episode combines humor and action in a way that is unlike any other show on television. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, August 16th 2007 at 8:46 pm


Reviews: 4
Burn Notice Season 5: Burn Notice is Hotter then E...Rating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

With the new season of Burn Notice in full swing, it seems like Mike is in hot water with the CIA since the death of Max, his old CIA handler. However, with Agent Pearce on the investigation, Michael seems to have this under wraps with no problems at all. There is one problem though. Agent Pearce doesn’t give up that eaily. There are many different actions that Michael is going to have to take to avoid this woman’s radar. Luckily, his friends Sam, Fiona and Jesse are there to save his skin while he tries to uncover the person or people who framed him for the murder of Max. This season has proven that Burn Notice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is often the top of discussion because of the sudden twists and thrills. Read more

Review posted on Friday, August 5th 2011 at 2:31 pm

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7x3: Down Range recap: Our episode begins with Michael Westen back in the Dominican Republic. He enters his disgusting apartment and sets ablaze an old photo an old memory he shared with Fiona Glenanne. A report on the news shows a sketch of Michael from the job he did before leaving the Dominican Republic. He shaves off his beard to avoid detection and goes to meet with Randall Burke. Westen mentions having some guys in Miami that can help with the mission. Burke is uninterested. Westen inquires about the next job, which Burke vaguely skirts around. They enter into a run-down building and meet with a new guy who Burke is considering for his next job. The man hardballs Burke, saying that his price has gone up after learning about the company Burke wants to strike. Burke coldly warns the man not to do this. The man is not intimidated, pulling a knife. Westen jumps into action and pushes the man down on the table, sticking his knife into the table. The man tells Burke he wants something extra. Burke obliges, by sticking the knife into his belly. Burke then looks at Westen, a huge smile on his face, and asks his about his guys in Miami... read more.

7x2: Forget Me Not recap: Our episode begins inside Madeline Westen’s house as Sam Axe trying to talk her out of going looking for information about her son, Michael. He tells her that Michael knows how to take care of himself. Jesse Porter is there supporting Sam, but Madeline does not want to hear what they have to say. They bring up Charlie, Madeline’s grandson whom she is trying to gain custody of after his parents died. This does not work as a deterrent though, as Madeline says she is thinking of him and has a plan in place... read more.

7x1: New Deal recap: The episode begins in the Dominican Republic. Michael Westen washes blood off his face and out of his mouth and then tapes up his fists. He does a shot and heads out into a darkly lit bar area to compete in some Fight Club-esque action. His opponent lays him out in short order... read more.

recap: The episode begins with Fi driving to Jed’s house. Sam is still not responding. Jed is having a party in his house and he does not want to treat Sam I the house. Fi fires in the air and ask the guests to clear off. Mike points a gun at Jed and tells him that he is really serious. Jed then agrees to treat Sam but he doesn’t have enough equipment. Sam will need a blood transfusion and Mike transfers his blood to Sam. Jed manages to remove the bullet but they are losing Sam as there is no pulse. Mike and Fi give Sam CPR. Sam is back and Jed tells Mike that he did a good job. Later, Sam regains consciousness and he tells Mike that things were a blur... read more.

6x17: You Can Run (1) recap: The episode begins with Mike slipping out of bed for the secret meeting in the dead of night. Mike arrives at the diner and finds Jason Bly, a CSS agent waiting for him; and he is definitely not a friend. Mike tells Bly that he told his friends that Bly wanted to meet him and they advised him against it. So now they don’t know that Mike is meeting Bly. Bly tells him that he has a deal to offer him. He says that he is in charge of Card’s murder and what he has to offer will be beneficial for Mike’s friends and family. He tells Mike that Riley is coming after him as her reputation is now at stake because of what Mike did with her... read more.
Recurring Guests

Lauren Stamile as Agent Pearce (27 eps)
Paul Tei as Barry Burkowski (24 eps)
Marc MacAulay as Agent Harris (21 eps)
Seth Peterson as Nate Westen (19 eps)
Brandon Morris as Agent Lane (19 eps)
Tricia Helfer as Carla Baxter (15 eps)
Robert Wisdom as Vaughn (13 eps)
Arturo Fernandez as Sugar (12 eps)
Jere Burns as Anson Fullerton (11 eps)
Michael Shanks as Victor Stecker-Epps (11 eps)

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Network: USA Network ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Status: Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 28, 2007
Ended: September 12, 2013
I Don't Know Why I Love You by The House of Love  
• Minden lében négy kanál (Used In Hungary)
• Queima de Arquivo (Used In Brazil)
• Tożsamość szpiega (Used In Poland)
• Viimane hoiatus (Used In Estonia)
• Vilko bilietas (Used In Lithuania)
• Извън играта (Used In Bulgaria)
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