Season 1

1 :01x01 - Afternoon of a Cowboy

Jed Colby, who abandoned his family years before, returns to Sunrise when he learns that his son has been accused of murder.
Guest Stars: Steve Cochran as Jed Colby | Dean Stockwell as Buzz Shelby | Bobby Buntrock as Jonathan | Bethel Leslie as Flo | Anne Helm as Shirley | Shirley O'Hara as Mattie
Story: Rex O'Haogain | Teleplay: Sally Benson

2 :01x02 - Success Story

A man who left Sunrise years earlier to seek his fortune returns to the town a very wealthy man. He then tries to woo away his old love from her husband.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Victor Brandt | Felicia Farr as Judy | Wendell Holmes as Drayton | Mark Miller (1) as Dick | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Drayton | Coleen Gray as Mary Ann
Director: Arthur Hiller
Story: Rex O'Haogain | Teleplay: Luther Davis

3 :01x03 - The Resurrection of Annie Ahearn

Aspiring actress Patricia Parker steps off the bus in Sunrise. She's sure that she's never been to the town before but several sites begin to look hauntingly familiar to her.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Patricia Parker | Anne Seymour as Mrs. Grimes | James Brolin as Deputy | Alice Frost as Mrs. Ahearn
Director: Don Medford

4 :01x04 - The Covering Darkness

A seemingly All-American couple are in reality a pair of con artists out to fleece a recent sweepstakes winner.
Guest Stars: Robert Redford as Art Ellison | Barbara Baxley as Millie Ellison | June Walker as Ma Cramer | Mary Gregory as Esther | Charlene Brooks as Mrs. Bartel | Paul Kent as Bartel
Director: Robert Altman

5 :01x05 - Portrait of a Hero

A handsome opportunist joins a country club and begins playing a mean game of tennis along with three gullible women.
Guest Stars: Rod Taylor as Johnny Jones | John Larch as Arthur Simms | Nina Foch as Peggy | Luana Anders as Jane | Dolores Michaels as Louise Willis | Allen Remsen as Bus Driver
Director: Robert Altman

6 :01x06 - The Glass Jungle

Both a university professor and a detective become suspects in the death of a blackmailing young woman.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Nolan as guest star | Nehemiah Persoff as Dr. Emil Kroger | Patricia Donahue as Virginia Duncan | Claudia Bryar as Miss Toland | Bob Harris (1) as Deputy | Dennis Richards (2) as Ames | Bernard Kates as Coroner | Reita Green as Carolyn Grayson
Director: Francis D. Lyon
Writer: Norman Jacob

7 :01x07 - Cherie

Stranded at the diner are a third-rate lounge singer and a lovesick cowboy who wants to marry her.
Guest Stars: Tuesday Weld as Cherie | Joseph Cotten as Wheelwright | Gary Lockwood as Bo | Buddy Ebsen as Virgil Blessing
Director: Don Siegel
Story: William Inge | Teleplay: Robert Blees

8 :01x08 - Accessory by Consent

A man accepts responsibility for killing a pedestrian in a car accident despite interference from his boss.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Joe Harrison | Nancy Gates as Helen Harrison | John Williams (1) as guest star | Ludi Claire as Peggy
Director: Robert Altman
Story: Stephen Becker | Teleplay: Gilbert Ralston

9 :01x09 - The Man from Bootstrap

New Sunrise resident Virgil Blessing is arrested by an overzealous constable on charges that he escaped from the constable's custody 25 years ago.
Guest Stars: Buddy Ebsen as Virgil Blessing | Jack Carson (1) as Veal Gowdy | Edgar Buchanan as Judge Neal | Kathleen Freeman as Dimity Sue | Jean Byron as Helen Adamson | Burt Mustin as Creepy
Director: Joseph Pevney

10 :01x10 - A Lion Walks Among Us

An arrogant young hoodlum named Luke Freeman arrives in Sunrise and begins committing acts of violence that include robbery and murder.
Guest Stars: Fabian as Luke Freeman | Dianne Foster as Sally Wagner | Philip Abbott as Oliver West | Jenny Maxwell as Linda | Dabbs Greer as Lefty | Roy Engel as Judge | Bernard Kates as Coroner | Robert Ridgely as Sweetwater | Perry Ivins as Jordan | Owen Bush as Homer King
Director: Robert Altman
Story: Tom Wicker | Teleplay: Ellis Kadison

11 :01x11 - Call Back Yesterday

A recently divorced woman returns to her hometown of Sunrise in order to renew an old romance.
Guest Stars: David Hedison as Max Hendricks | Geraldine Brooks as Katherine Barnes | Frank Overton as Jim Wylie | Katherine Squire as Mrs. Wylie | Joanne Ross as Mrs. Barnes

12 :01x12 - ...And the Pursuit of Evil

A detective follows an ex-convict to Sunrise because he thinks the man can lead him to a fortune in hidden gold.
Guest Stars: James MacArthur as Thomas Quincy Hagan | Keenan Wynn as Ted Hannibal | Crahan Denton as Clay Bostwick
Director: Robert Altman

13 :01x13 - The Runaways

A gardener and the governor's daughter elope to Sunrise only to discover that they have nothing in common.
Guest Stars: Lynn Loring as Annabel Jenkins | Fred Clark as Governor Jenkins | Joan Tompkins as Sarah Jenkins | David Winters as Omar Kelsey | Parley Baer as Bisbee | Arch Johnson as Kelsey | Dick Sargent as Wesley
Director: Arthur Hiller
Story: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. | Teleplay: Sally Benson

14 :01x14 - Jaws of Darkness

Karen Howard, who's driving cross-country, gives a ride to Gloria White. Karen is unaware that Gloria is a psychotic jewel thief.
Guest Stars: Coleen Gray as Karen Howard | Madlyn Rhue as Gloria White | Jennifer Gillespie as Connie | Stewart Bradley as Cliff

15 :01x15 - Summer Lightning

Alan Billings has a complicated love life. He's just proposed marriage to two women--and they've both accepted.
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Alan Billings | Phyllis Love as Clara Hoffman | Beverly Garland as Janie | Paul Langton as Bob Pearson
Director: Robert Altman
Story: John Whittier | Teleplay: Harry Kleiner

16 :01x16 - Cry to Heaven

District Attorney Wagner travels to New York after his cousin, an aspiring writer, is found murdered.
Guest Stars: Richard Conte as Oren Dunning | Simon Oakland as Sgt. Brokaw | Nina Foch as Kitty Blaine | Ellen Burstyn as Phyllis Dunning | Jason Evers as Tony Stratton | Arlene Martel as Claire Perkins | Neil Hamilton (1) as Bruce Gordon

17 :01x17 - The Stubborn Stumbos

The government tries to purchase land for a new highway from three hard-headed brothers.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Harry Stumbo | Earl Holliman as Allen Stumbo | Don Megowan as Bob Stumbo
Director: Richard L. Bare
Story: Jean Muir | Teleplay: Edmund Hartmann

18 :01x18 - Turn Home Again

Mark Gateson returns to Sunrise after spending several years in prison for killing his wife. Insisting upon his innocence, he offers a monetary reward for the real killer.
Guest Stars: Wendell Corey as Mark Gateson | Ruth Roman as Louisa | Joyce Van Patten as Betty | Grant Richards as Frank | Jack Albertson as Lawson | Oscar Beregi as Erikberg | Angela Greene as Mrs. Hendricks | Jack Grinnage as Clerk | George N. Neise as Potter | Robert Rockwell as Newscaster
Story: Howard Browne | Teleplay: Harry Kleiner

19 :01x19 - How Does Charlie Feel?

After lawyer Charlie Vansinger is unexpectedly elected governor he decides that he doesn't want the job.
Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson as Charlie Vansinger | Diana Lynn as Sharon Vansinger | Barry Kelley as Mike Higgins | J. Pat O'Malley as Walter Horne | Ray Teal as George Vansinger | John Newton as Carl Cummings
Director: Richard L. Bare
Writer: Roy Huggins

20 :01x20 - Put Your Dreams Away

A middle-aged businessman becomes infatuated with a runaway teenaged girl.
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Frank Everest | Felicia Farr as Carol Wells | Carl Benton Reid as Overton | Marilyn Harvey as June
Director: Ted Post
Story: Howard Brown (2) | Teleplay: Harry Kleiner

21 :01x21 - The Opposite Virtues

A businessman is promoted because he gave crucial testimony in a murder case.
Guest Stars: Lew Ayres as John Benson | Leora Dana as Katherine Benson | Robert F. Simon as Paul Kent | Jeanette Nolan as Cammie Blake | George Hamilton as guest star | Michael Parks as guest star
Director: Herman Hoffman

22 :01x22 - The Ordeal of Kevin Brooke

A man finds a valise containing a fortune and wonders whether or not he can get away with keeping it.
Guest Stars: Mark Stevens (1) as Kevin Brooke | Patricia Owens as Connie Brooke | William Windom as Ed Henderson | Lawrence Tierney as Swede | Joan O'Brien as Julie
Director: James B. Clark
Story: Rex O'Haogain | Teleplay: Frank Fenton

23 :01x23 - Door Without a Key

A detective poses as a salesman in order to apprehend a payroll robber.
Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Steve Martick | Pippa Scott as Betty Sloane | Robert Colbert as Hagen | Anne Loos as guest star | John Zaremba as Zimmerman | Richard X. Slattery as Marty Logan | George Kane as Arnold
Director: Robert Altman
Story: Robert Altman | Teleplay: Howard Browne

24 :01x24 - Verdict of 12

Two lovers are arrested and put on trial for the murder of the boy's aunt and uncle.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as George Whaley | Everett Sloane as Davison | John Kerr (1) as Jim Carmody | Jay C. Flippen as Mike Carmody | Steve Harris (3) as Ron Slawson | Barbara Dana as Ann Landor | Whit Bissell as Mitchell | Justice Watson as Leonard | Roy Engel as Judge
Director: Felix Feist

25 :01x25 - County General

A doctor and a social worker try to help a young lad who's become mute after undergoing a physical beating.
Guest Stars: Dianne Foster as Barbara Cullum | Donald May as Dr. Paul Larson | Sherwood Price as Freddie Blaine | Pat Rossen as Billy Cullum | Frank Lovejoy as Lt. Kincaid
Director: Robert Altman

26 :01x26 - I Kiss Your Shadow

The memory of his fiancee's death in a car crash drives a man to the brink of insanity.
Guest Stars: George Grizzard as Joe Elliott | Joanne Linville as Donna Gibson | Alfred Ryder as Doug Gibson | Bernard Kates as Ralph | Walter Brooke as Corliss | Stefan Schnabel as Dr. Barton
Director: John Newland
Story: Robert Bloch | Teleplay: Barry Trivers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 01, 1961
Ended: March 25, 1962
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