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Blood Moon - Recap

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Catherine and Artan are indulging in some majorly aggressive foreplay.

Catherine is called to a grisly crime scene. He tells her that the speed
limit is not a suggestion, and she asks if he's going to give her a
ticket. They stop joking when they see the body. A young man is hanging
from a barbed wire fence, and his head is on a post nearby. Langston
tells her what he knows so far. The kid was terrified, he knew he was
going to die; you can see it in his eyes. And he was still alive when he
was decapitated. They consider the possibility of a ritualistic killing,
but there are no signs. There is, however, a blood moon. Revelations
considers that to be a pre-cursor to the end of days.

CSI team members are all on the scene. The body has no ID, there are no
tracks to be found. Langston sees an insect of some kind crawl out of
the mouth, and Nick takes custody. There is also a small tuft of hair in
his mouth, which they hope means he got a piece of his attacker. There
are ligature marks on his wrists. Indications are that the victim ran
into the barbed wire fence, and then his killer(s) turned him around.

Doctor Robbins says he wants a look at the body as it is: that means the
barbed wire fence, and the pole the head is atop, is going in with the
body. They have a bit of trouble getting the head off the pole when it

Sarah tells Langston that the body has symmetrical marks across both
palms. He says that reinforces the idea that they're dealing with a
cult, since bloodletting is a common practice. The water is beading,
which suggests that oil or lotion are on his skin. Also, he has been
waxed everywhere. No hair regrowth indicates it was a recent waxing.
Residue was found in the belly button, and it's up to Hodges to get more

When Artan is inviting Catherine to move in with him, Hodges is right
behind him. He excuses himself, and Hodges tells Catherine he always
imagined he and Wendy living together. She changes the subject to the
residue from the victim, and he says it was an olive oil based wax,
which could mean the Mediterranean Hotel.

Langston and Nick arrive at the possible victim's room, a Mr. Michael
Wilson. He had a full body wax there three days ago. Front desk
recognized the picture and says he came in from San Diego three days ago
for some kind of convention.

The room shows obvious sign of a struggle. Nick will check surveillance
for what happened outside the room. Langston finds a tux in the closet,
with wedding vows in the pocket. Nick picks up a yellow contact lens.
There is also a Celtic love knot ring in a box, Langston says that's
where the expression "tying the knot" came from. Nick finds receipts for
flowers and cake. The wedding is today, and they go to the room
specified on the receipts. It appears there is a vampire wedding prepared.

Catherine and Langston question the bride, Julie. The minister is being
rather rude, and Catherine cuts him down. A young man is dead, and they
have every right to be there, questioning his fiance. Nick is
questioning Ethan, the best man. He says Michael had never been happier.
There was no bachelor party, they simply dined and then Michael went to
his room to meditate, and rehearse his vows.

Langston notices that the minister has the same slash on his palm as
Michael did; as does Julie. It's a ceremonial cut, symbolic of the life
force that flows through them.

Henry says this has Van Helsing written all over it. Sarah thought
vampires just needed a stake through the heart. Henry says no; they need
their heads removed. Test results indicate that the same tool was used
for all the wounds, most likely an axe or a hatchet.

Nick tells Langston that Michael left his room alone, according to hotel
security. When Langston turns around, he's wearing red contacts and
fangs. He says they make him feel powerful, dangerous. As they wander
the convention, they see a head on a stake, and strike up a conversation
with the vendor. He claims to be a direct descendant of Van Helsing.
Lansing asks him what type of weapon would be used in a decapitation,
and he shows them a $450 sword. They say it's too expensive so he
'slashes' the price to $450, today only. He shows them his only axe, and
they take it.

Langston runs tests on what it would take to decapitate a man with this
axe. His arm gets tired, and Nick takes over; 16 strikes to head
removal. Because Michael was struck from all sides, they come to the
conclusion that the killer may not have been alone.

Catherine is examining the hair found in Michael's mouth. She says it's
not human. Hodges ran it against an exemplar it matched; canus lupus.
Wolf hair? He suggests werewolf. She tells him that since people can't
actually shift into wolves, where did the hair come from? He says maybe
one of the attackers had a four-legged friend. He then asks if she and
Detective Artan will be moving into his or her house, and she tells him
it is really none of his business. Hodges said he had love in his grasp,
and he let it slip through his fingers. He'll never forgive himself;
it's a terrible thing to wake up to every day. Catherine says she'll
keep that in mind.

Henry and Sarah tell Catherine they've found the wolf in question. His
name is Timber. His owner is Kurt Francis, and he has a bit of a rap
sheet. He's at the convention, and is the leader of a werewolf pack.
Catherine says they are looking for multiple attackers. Sarah says
wolves hunt in packs; maybe werewolves do, as well.

A waitress is grabbed and forced into a 'lap dance' by Francis. Langston
shows up and forces him to back off. Nick pulls a gun to hold off the
rest of the pack, and Langston has Francis in a hold that makes him pass
out. They take him into custody. He says he wants the chains off and his
vest back. Nick tells him he can't have it back. He had a dog when he
was a kid, and when he died they never once considered turning him into
a jacket. Never. Francis says Timber was an honored member of the clan,
and he wanted to keep him with him.

Langston informs him that some of Timber's fur was found in Michael
Wilson's mouth. Francis feigns not hearing the victim's name, and then
when he is told that Michael was a vampire at the convention, he says he
doesn't hang with parasites. Nick said he should, they're in all the
same movies. Langston tells Francis that the contact in Michael's room
has his DNA on it. Nick asks him where he was two nights ago and Francis
says he doesn't remember, because there was a full moon, and he shifted.
When he woke up, he was in his car. Langston asks where, and he gives
them the exact location.

Sarah and Henry are going over it. Henry finds an empty vodka bottle
under the passenger seat, and Sarah finds what might be a dog chain
collar, but has a similar pattern to the ligature marks on Michael's
wrists. There's spatter on the passenger door, positive for blood. The
truck may have been near the fence when they were killing Michael.
There's a lot of blood in the window well, but none in the truck. Sarah
asks what that smell is.

Nick says 'vomit', but asks if they're really going to talk about that
right now, since he's eating. Henry says somebody drank Michael Wilson's
blood, and then puked it out the window. Werewolves don't drink blood,
so whoever was in that vehicle with Francis was a vampire. They also had
what is known as the 'vampire disease', according to tests Hodges ran.
At Michael's funeral, everybody is leaving some of their blood so he may
take it with him into the next world. Langston asks if he may say a few
words. The minister says no, but he starts talking anyway. He explains
why people thought vampires existed. It was because they didn't know the
science behind what they were seeing. For instance, their acute reaction
to sunlight. Nick opens the curtains, and the light pours in but only
one of the vampires has an actual, physical reaction; the minister.

While Thomas Stewart is being questioned, he admits that he did drink
Michael's blood, but attempts to make himself look like a hero who was
trying to save Michael. In truth, he not only participated in the
slaying, but accepted a ride back to town with Francis. But why did he
do it? Nick thinks it was about Julie, but they're not going to get any
answers. He lawyers up.

They don't have a murder weapon yet, so can't proceed with the case.
Langston tells Catherine that when he and Nick were testing, they wound
up covered in blood. So if Francis and Stewart killed him, their clothes
should prove it. Sarah and Langston go to work on the clothing. There's
blood, but not enough to indicate anything except that they were at the

Hodges comes in with test results from the black cloak. The information
it provides sends them to where the chase might have begun. Nick and
Sarah find the flower that left traces on the cloak, and tire treads
consistent with Kurt's gas guzzler of a truck. They find pieces of a
torn up picture. Nick recognizes Kurt Francis, and they continue looking
for pieces. Sarah finds the murder weapon, an axe.

The photo was at last year's convention, and the werewolf standing next
to Kurt was Michael Wilson. Catherine and Nick figure that Michael
switched sides when he fell in love with a vampire. He had to hope
nobody would recognize him from the year before, but Kurt did. He
followed Michael to his room and confronted him. Kurt must have gone and
told Thomas there was a traitor in his midst. So for one night, they
joined forces to kill a common enemy.

Langston and Sarah go to work on the murder weapon. There are patterns
on the handle, and Langston says they're from the ring of whoever was
wielding the murder weapon. His wedding ring left behind a distinctive
mark from the blood in his ring getting on the handle. Kurt Francis'
ring had a wolf on it. When they put together the patterns, it's not a

Julie is in for questioning. Langston places her wedding ring on her
finger, and together with her engagement ring, "the two halves become
one". Julia says she and Michael liked the symbolism. Catherine tells
her they like symbolism too. They explain to her how her ring left an
unusual pattern on the handle of the murder weapon while she was busily
swinging it at Michael. Catherine asked her how this happened. Julia
said that Thomas told her and Michael to meet him for a pre-wedding
ritual. She saw everything happen, and when he was on the fence, they
showed her the picture of Michael at last year's convention and told her
she had to choose. If she stays with him, she's no better than he is. So
she killed Michael.

Langston tells her if she testifies against Stewart and Francis, she may
be able to avoid the death penalty. Julia tells him that she killed Michael.

Katherine tells Artan she's not willing to risk what they have now, to
move in together. He says he'll take it.