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Cold Blooded - Recap

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A young man is facing a predatory reptilian creature.

The sheriff is with Ray and at the body. They think maybe coyotes got
him. Body temperature puts time of death around 4-8 hours ago. The
feeding took place post-mortem. David contributes that coyotes won't
touch the flesh of crystal meth users. Ray finds a nylon bag with bits
of styrofoam on it for Hodges to examine. David can't find any wallet or
i.d. on the victim. Ray asks if there's anything written on the key
chain. David looks at it and says "If found eaten by animals, please
call ..." Ray reproves him, but is smiling when he does so. When they
turn the body over, there is a U-shaped group of large puncture wounds
on the abdomen. It looks like a bite mark from Godzilla.

Al tells Ray that the bite didn't cause the death. It was trauma to the
brain, the kind that's caused by a car crash or a significant fall.
Whatever caused the bite has been extinct for the past 65,000,000 years.
Hodges walks in with information about the bag Ray found. It's from
Walking With Dinosaurs. Ray and Hodges go check it out. Hodges is in
geek heaven.

Detective Frankie Reed is at another crime scene with Nick and Greg.
Phil Kohler appears to be a suicide, with a gunshot wound to the head.
She doesn't know why he would take his own life, but Nick does. He tells
her that the man's daughter was murdered five years ago. Greg remembers
the case as well. Whitney Kohler. She and her best friend, Rachel Beck,
went to the mall together one day and never came back. A couple of days
later they found Whitney's blood in a suspect's van. He's now serving
life, but the bodies were never found. Nick met Phil and Sharon a couple
of times. Frankie supplies the wife's name, as she is holding their
divorce papers. Greg notes that based on the evidence, the gun would
have had to be at least a foot or two from his head. Unusual for a
suicide. That and no note means they are investigating a probable
homicide made to look like a suicide.

There's a brunette hair on his back. He appears to have had a recent
visitor. If Nick's memory serves, Sharon was a brunette. The watch Phil
was wearing in every picture is not on his body. Nick decides he's going
to take a look around.

Sharon fills Catherine in on the watch. She bought it for Phil 20 years
ago. Waddled into the jewelry store, nine months pregnant, maxed out the
credit card. He was going to be a father, she wanted him to have a
keepsake in honor thereof. Sharon asks what this has to do what happened
to Phil, and Catherine informs her that it was listed among the disputed
possessions in their divorce paperwork. Sharon has no idea what happened
to Phil, or the watch.

Catherine says that Sharon listed adultery in the divorce papers. Does
she know the name or names of the women in Phil's life? Just the one.
Carly Beck. Rachel's mother. Rachel, who was Whitney's best friend and
disappeared when she did. She found them together six months ago. Phil
called it shared grief. Who knew that shared grief could tear a marriage

Greg ran ballistics tests using the Glock that killed Phil. The gun
would have had to be 36-48" away from him when fired, and his arm is
only 30" long. The gun wasn't registered. Henry arrives with more news.
The DNA of the hair in question belongs to Carly Beck.

Nick and Frankie arrive at Carly's home. She apologizes for being a
smart mouth back at the Kohler house. She didn't realize he knew the
family. Nick tells her don't worry about it and she thanks him. She says
she's been working on her sensitivity right before she kicks in the
Becks' front door. The house is in perfect order. Rachel's room appears
untouched, but it's pretty obvious a few items have been removed
recently. There's a new package of photo paper on the bed, but no
computer or printer anywhere. Something under the edge of the bedspread
catches Nick's eye. It's a picture of a young girl in a shallow grave.
Frankie thinks it's Rachel, but Nick says Whitney Kohler was the one
wearing purple.

Ray and Hodges examine the dinosaurs at the show. Kyle Adams introduces
himself as the show's manager. Ray shows him a picture of the victim in
the desert, but Kyle doesn't recognize him. They ask to examine some of
the creatures mouths. Hodges also says they'll need to see a couple of
them fight each other, but Ray says no. Hodges is disappointed. The
animals are animated so that Hodges can get the necessary shots. He
obviously enjoys interacting with them. Ray takes pictures and
measurements as well. He finds blood on the lower teeth of the T-Rex
he's working on, and the teeth are a match for the wounds on the victim.
Kyle says that makes no sense. It takes three people to operate the T-Rex.

Henry calls in. He was able to get the information from the key chain.
It's a logo for the WLVU paleontology program. A professor id'd the
victim as Brian Lister, a student specializing in herbivorous dinosaurs.
His fiancee was also in the program, and they're bringing her in. If Ray
needs anything, he should let Henry know. Hodges had to go home sick.
Ray turns and looks at Hodges taking a picture of himself with a dinosaur.

Catherine has a broadcast out on Carly Beck's vehicle. No known
employer. Greg adds that the fingerprints on the photo belong to both
Carly Beck and Phil Kohler. The paper was printed on the same paper as
the stock they found in Carly's house. Nick notes that there was no
computer, printer, or camera there. Greg hypothesizes that Carly brought
the picture to Phil. They struggled, he got shot, Carly flees. But why
bring the picture? To confront him? Extort him? What about the stolen
watch. Nick says the murderer is doing time - but where does Carly fit
in. Clearly she has information that she has not shared with the LVPD.
Nick remembers when the case broke. Carly was frantic over Rachel.
Everybody is acting like only one girl disappeared, but they both did.
They were best friends, they did everything together! Nick tries to tell
her that the reason they're only dealing with Courtney's case is because
it was Courtney's blood found in the van. He reassures her he is doing
everything he can, but Carly yells that it's not enough.

Al comes in with his information on the case, based on the photo. He
sees skeletonization and mummified tissue, consistent with a hot, dry
climate. Because of the mummification, that picture could have been
taken at any point in the time since Courtney disappeared. Nick says
Holt had to have told somebody where the body was, so they need to go
talk to him.

Brass tells Nick that Eli Holt is in a coma. Attempted suicide, ten days
ago. The guards knew nothing, but the prison sent over his
communications file. Apparently, Rachel had written him a lot of
letters, but nothing indicates he ever responded. The first letter Nick
sees, Carly says she'll do anything for Holt if he'll just tell her
where her daughter's body is buried. Brass wants to try to think this
through. Holt attempts suicide. Ten days later, the father of one of the
victims is shot after being shown a picture of his daughter by the other
victim's mother. What are they missing here?

Greg enlarged the picture of the body and found a billboard in the
background. He contacted the company. Five of those boards went up
recently, but only one was in a rural location; Highway 16 near mile
marker 20. Greg and Nick go looking, figuring how far away they'd have
to be from the sign to see it in a picture. They find Courtney's body.

Al starts giving Nick information. She appears to have been strangled.
Two of her fingers were amputated by either a hacksaw or band saw. If
it's the second, finding it should be easier as it is a heavy piece of
equipment, fixed in one place. Frankie, Greg and Nick are at Eli's Uncle
Bill's house. He died four years ago. Eli's cousins told her there would
be a band saw here. They find the band saw, and there's blood on it.
Nick thinks Eli got caught before he could clean up.

Greg remembers when the girls first went missing, it was one of his
first weeks out in the field. It wasn't even his case, but he felt like
he should be doing something more to help. Nick notes that some cases,
it never feels like you're doing enough. He comments that the tools are
ancient with the exception of one shovel which has a fiberglass handle.
It might have been used to bury Whitney. Something catches Greg's eye,
and he drops down on all four to reach under and grab a girl's purse,
with the letter R on the front of it. This is the first clue they've had
that Whitney wasn't taken alone.

Brian's fiancee is being questioned. She's crying while she tells them
that he was so excited to take her to Walking with Dinosaurs last night,
and the show was amazing. Ray asked what happened after the show. She
says Brian took her back to her dorm. That was the last time she saw
him. Ray tells her there is footage of them at the show that the crew
sent over. Why didn't she mention it? She didn't think it was relevant.
While Brian was getting something to eat, she kissed the guy in the seat
next to her. She said she didn't know who he was.

Ray borrowed a creature machine from an old friend at WLVU. He measures
the amount of pressure in the bite to match that of the one from the
show. With that amount of pressure, there wasn't enough damage to kill
Brian. So what happened? Brian brought the momentum to the monster. Doc
Robbins said that Brian's brain injury was consistent with a fall.
Because his back was scavenged, they have no way of knowing if there
were teeth marks on his other side as well. If he fell onto the teeth,
he would have had to endure a very long fall.

Ray and Hodges return to the dinosaur show. Ray goes up in a bucket and
finds some fibers in the lip of one of the dinos. Same color scheme as
the fibers found near the body.

Frankie Reed shows up in Catherine's office with good news. They got
Phil Kohler's watch back. It was sold to a pawn shop by a woman the
owner confirmed to be Carly Beck. He gave her $1500 for the watch. Plus
she was in a week ago with $5000 worth of stuff, some of which is junk
in the box she toted in. She sold a camera as well, but the memory card
was gone. He said she was begging him to buy a computer and printer, but
he turned her down. Frankie is contacting local used car shops to see if
she's managed to sell her car yet. Something has her running through a
lot of money, awfully fast.

Nick gives Catherine the results of the wood shop tests. Both girls'
blood was found, both on the saw and on the ground. Catherine tells him
that 15 minutes ago, Carly Beck sold her car for cash and headed off on
foot. Patrols in the area are BOLO on her behalf. They see her as she is
running to a storage locker. She runs faster with the police in hot
pursuit. She's trying to open the locker as they take her down. She
cries repeatedly "It's my last chance."

She says she didn't kill Phil Kohler. Turning to Nick, she says "You
know me!" Brass says you were there. She tells them about the letter she
got from Holt. He said $5000 for one map, $10,000 for both. If she
contacted the police, the deal was off. She pawned everything she could,
but the first map led to Courtney. She shows him the picture. He's going
to call the police. He gives her his watch, and tells her he can't do
this anymore. She went home, the phone rang. It was a friend of Eli's,
wanting to know how the map worked out. She said it wasn't her daughter.
She wants to know where her daughter is buried. He tells her to bring
the money to the place in the park she was trying to get to, and hangs
up on her.

She tells Nick and Brass to get that monster to tell her where her
daughter is. Nick asks when she got the first map. She says Holt sent it
to her three days ago. Brass tells her he's been in a coma for ten days.
If that's the case, then who has she been talking to, and who knows
where her daughter is??

Ray shows Travis Kilborn the video of him getting cozy with Jane at the
Dinosaur show. They weren't strangers, the credit card trail led to him
and from there to the fact that they are classmates in the paleontology
program. Ray tells Jane he knows she lied to him about Travis' identity.
Ray wants one of them to tell the truth, and Travis cracks. Brian wanted
a picture with one of the dinosaurs, so he was up in the bucket. Jane
was running the controls. He wanted to be closer, but when she pushed
too far, he got knocked out of the bucket by the creature. He landed on
the teeth, and he was still alive. He pushed himself off the jaw and
fell to his death. They wrapped him up and took him to the desert. They
panicked. A burger wrapper was found in the car. Jane said they were out
of veggie burgers. When Ray asks her if she's sure it was an accident,
Jane said she wanted a lawyer.

Nick and Brass are searching Holt's cell to see if they can find out who
knows where Rachel is buried. They find a notepad that he bought the
last time he went to the canteen. Nick finds the notepad, and there are
several pages missing. Why would he even bother, if he planned to die
that day. And why didn't he use the notepaper to write a suicide note?

Frankie, Nick and Greg arrive to question the guard who found Eli's
body. A piece of paper was burning in the garbage can. It's the second
map. He wasn't quick to help Eli down from his attempted suicide. He
thought the maps might be to some buried loot. Brass said the guard knew
the map led to dead children, and he still tried to make a buck off it.
He knew that Carly wouldn't talk, but he didn't know the same of Phil
Kohler; so he killed him. Brass tells the guard that the time he spent
burning the map, he should have burned his shirt. They found it in his
crawlspace, with Phil Kohler's blood on it.

Nick is looking at what's left of the map. Because of something that
Hodges found on the handle of the shovel Nick was looking at, Greg was
able to track down the site of Rachel's body by superimposing that map
on what was left of the burned map. They are very carefully working on
locating and digging her up. Nick goes to tell Carly they found her
daughter. Her grief causes her to collapse, and Nick helps her back up.
She sobs in his arms. Greg gently brushes the dirt from Rachel's face.