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418/427 - Recap

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An extremely nervous, harried blond woman with a little girl in her cart
is at the supermarket. She goes through the wrong line; too many items
and she should pay cash. An older gentleman gives her a ton of grief for

A hotrod with several gangbanging types are parked out front. One of the
guys blocks her path as she leaves, but then steps aside. The older guy
yells at the bangers to turn down the music. They don't. He continues to
his car, and shots are fired. The blond is shot through the eye and
killed. The older gentleman blamed the gangbangers, but their car was
searched, and there was no gun. Brass says that the cart collector who
was killed had only been working there two weeks.

It looks like the blond is just collateral damage. She has no cell
phone, purse, wallet, keys; nothing to identify her. However, the damage
that was done to her is execution-style, making soccer mom the primary
target. Sara wonders why.

Greg runs over and tells Brass that "Jerk over here" (aka, older
gentleman) told him that the blond victim had a kid with her when she
was at the store. Since she had a child and two bags of groceries, it's
likely she had a vehicle. Carjacked. Put daughter and one bag of
groceries in the car, then bang. The perpetrator may not have known that
there was a baby in the car. Brass calls in a 418/427, Amber alert on
the little girl, Holly.

The checkout girl fills Nick in on the mental state of the victim. Her
hands were shaking, and the whole time, she seemed like she was about to
cry. She even noticed that the victim's cell phone rang, but she didn't
answer it. Nick asked if she paid cash, but no. She didn't have enough
money, the clerk let her write a check.

Nick calls in the name and driver's license number of the victim.
Christine Moore, NV. Archie takes down the information and gets to work.
He finds her vehicle info, a 2008 Dodge Caravan. Her husband's name is
given, but nothing else. Restricted Access. He relays this new to Nick.

Phillips pulls a .22 bullet out of the cart collector's body. Robbins
says it's the caliber of choice for mobsters.

A man with serious attitude issues busts into the morgue. He's with the
FBI, and he's looking for the victim, aka his wife. Christine. Robbins
is sorry for his loss, but people don't get to just wander into the
morgue. He throws a punch at the window in the lab door, shattering it.
Al shouts for David to find the first aid kit and starts treating
Moore's hand. Brass walks in and introduces himself to Agent Moore. He
apologizes in advance, but when a wife is murdered, the first thing they
do is ask the husband if he has an alibi. He can save them a lot of
time. The man who killed Christine is Rylan Gauss, "and he has my daughter."

Archie checked Christine's cell. She got a voice message from Trent
Moore, 15 minutes before she was killed. He was trying to warn her. He
saw somebody following her and Holly, and he doesn't know what to do.
"He's trying to kill us all, just like dad said."

Robbins sews up Moore but tells him to seek medical care. Get an x-ray,
and antibiotics. Brass asks to be filled in on the Gauss case. Gauss is
a serial pedophile. He takes little girls right out of their beds. Last
time, a mom intervened and he shot her in the eye. Moore has been
chasing him for ten years. Six little girls. He never found any of 'em.
He couldn't find anything to link Gauss to the little girls, but he did
get 25-life on the murder of the mother. Brass doesn't understand what
Gauss is doing out. 52 days ago, his verdict was overturned. Gauss has
contacted him and his family since his release. Moore thinks Gauss may
have taken his son Trent as well. He leaves a message on his son's
machine, and calls his place of business as well. Trent didn't show up
at work.

The team goes to Trent's. A police officer is outside the door, but
Moore kicks the door in. When they get inside, the place is a disheveled
mess. Brass points out that if Gauss had been here, he would have shot
Moore when he flew in the door. He needs to ratchet it down a notch.
Moore finds a picture of his son and daughter, and announces that Gauss
has his whole family. Brass calls in an APB on Gauss.

SWAT shows up with Nick and Catherine at Gauss. The place is all clear,
and CSI takes over. There's no obvious sign of Holly, so Catherine
announces they're going to tear the place apart to find her.

At the point of entry, Sara finds some granular trace on the sill. Moore
links it to Gauss, that's his MO. Corn starch, and cheap latex gloves.
Sara gives him all due respect, but asks Agent Moore to back off and let
her do her job. He proceeds to walk over the footprints left behind, and
drip blood as well. Brass tells him to leave before he does any more
damage. Before he leaves, he says he'll take care of Gauss himself.

Sara checks the bathroom. She finds pills around the base of the toilet,
and the containers bear Trent Moore's name. Sara thinks maybe whoever
took them kept a few to keep everybody in line. Brass says that line of
thought presumes Trent is still alive.

Hodges and Greg discuss the case. They are sickened by family members
who protect the pedophiles.

Nick and Catherine continue their search of Gauss' room. She finds a
hanger that is made into a tool. He uses it to move a wood panel, then
tears it off. There are children's books behind the wall, wrapped in
plastic and tied with heavy thread. As Hodges and Greg look further,
they discover that children's books are part of Gauss' MO. Eric calls
Catherine and tells her that Gauss doesn't keep his victims long, and
when he is done with them, he goes out hunting, in nearby parks.

Nick and Catherine arrive at the nearest park and start scoping the
area. They find Gauss almost immediately, at the same time as Moore
points a gun at him. Catherine points her gun at Moore and orders him to
stand down. Once in custody, Brass is looking at Gauss' video of a
little girl. He taunts Daniel through the two-way glass about his
daughter Holly, and his son as well. Brass plays Trent's tape to Gauss.
He claims that Daniel set him up, he's been stalking Gauss his whole
life. Gauss claims he has an alibi. Brass sings a kid song at him, and
Gauss is finally unnerved. Brass tells him they found the book stash.

Sara and Hodges find the Moore SVU. They find a partial egg salad
sandwich and figure whoever kidnapped Holly was eating it. Hodges goes
to work on the plastic, for prints. He gets prints, but no match for
Gauss. Sara concludes that whoever ate the sandwich took Holly. So if
those prints aren't his - whose are they?

Nick talks to Moore. Brass tells Gauss not to leave town. He says he's
not going anywhere, but he'll take out a restraining order against Moore
unless he backs the hell off. He strolls away, smirking. Before he
leaves, he takes a final shot at "Danny", saying too bad he wasted all
that time on Gauss. He hopes the kids are okay, but Moore has only
himself to blame. Moore is frantic, but Brass informs him that Rylan
Gauss' alibi checks out. He was in a bar. All night. Not only the
bartender, but several other patrons vouched for him. Moore leaves in a
snit, yet again. Nick can't help noticing that Moore doesn't seem broke
up about his wife at all. Brass says that whenever something like this
happens, it's always "the one that got away", and Rylan Gauss is one
helluva boogeyman.

Robbins gives Catherine some big news. Christine Moore's sister called
to arrange transport of the body. Normally the spouse would do that, but
not if they're in the middle of a big, ugly divorce. Her sister was more
than happy to rat out Moore. Christine was not only filing for full
custody of her daughter, but guardianship of her stepson, Trent.
Catherine doesn't understand, since Trent is over 18 and living on his
own. Robbins tells her the plan was to move both the kids to Kansas with
her when the divorce was final. Catherine makes a call, asking Jim to
verify the alibi for Daniel Moore.

Brass finds Moore standing over Gauss' dead body. He claims Gauss was
down when he got there. Jim has Moore hand over his weapons. He says he
was going to kneecap and torture him and until he told Moore where his
kids were, but unfortunately, somebody beat him to it.

Sara learns that the drugs Trent is on are sometimes used to combat
emerging schizophrenia. Henry tells her that as things get worse, the
drugs would be ramped up to deal with the symptoms. Sara says Moore
never mentioned Trent is schizophrenic. He's got a bad habit of leaving
things out. Henry says that if Trent has been without his meds for 24
hours, there's a good chance he's in the middle of a full-blown
psychotic episode. Hodges got the prints back, they belong to Trent. He
was probably in the minivan when the killing took place.

Hodges and Eric are checking the crime scene at Gauss. Same caliber
weapon was used as was used in the parking lot shooting. Eric sees a
delivery cap which probably belongs to Trent. Nick notes that it wasn't
there earlier.

Brass interrogates Moore. He finally tells Moore he doesn't appear to be
mentally balanced, and Moore makes it clear that everybody agrees with
Brass, and they're all wrong. He's not crazy, Trent's not schizophrenic.
They are both fine, neither of them need to be on meds. Brass gets down
to business. Did Trent have access to a .22? This news throws Moore. Jim
tells him that all three people were killed with a .22; Gauss,
Christine, and the bag boy at the grocery store. Moore is still in
denial, so Jim comes at him hard. Trent wasn't kidnapped. Jim thinks
that Trent killed everybody. He stopped taking his meds, and he's
having a psychotic episode.

Jim wants to know. If Trent had Holly, where would he take her. Moore
says that his first wife died when Trent was 10. Sometimes, he just
likes to go back to the old house.

Sara and Officer Mitchell arrive at the old house, but it's an empty
lot. Sara notes a shed on the far side of the lot. It would give him a
roof over his head and someplace to keep Holly safe and warm. He figures
this is it. They hear crying, it's Trent. Sara asks him if Holly is
okay, and when he doesn't answer, they go in. He tells her Rylan Gauss
has Holly, and killed Christine. Sara continues trying to calm him down.
She fears he's going to accidentally shoot himself. He says that Gauss
did everything, and then says that he, Trent, is Rylan Gauss. Sara
disarms him, and he throws himself sobbing into her arms.

Hodges finds bedbugs in the delivery cap. Sara didn't find bugs in the
shed, but she did see bug bites on Trent. Wherever Holly is probably has
an infestation.

Catherine runs ballistics tests on the gun Trent was carrying. The
bullet that killed Gauss came from Trent's .22. But his .22 doesn't
match the bullet that killed Christine Moore, or the bagger at the
market. Brass finally forces a confession from Moore. He killed
Christine. He says he just wanted to give Trent a normal life. Brass
tells him that he has to tell Trent the truth, and maybe that will shock
him into back into reality.

Trent shares his perceptions, and Moore tells him the truth, and talks
him through what happened. Trent killed Gauss, and Daniel killed
Christine. Trent saw it happen. Daniel Moore didn't want Christine to
take Trent away from him, so he killed her. He asks Trent where Holly
is, and he doesn't know. He says he lost her.

Archie tracked Trent in the minivan on traffic cameras. Where they lost
the vehicle is likely where they will find Holly. They find her in a
motel, room 7. The manager recognized Holly's picture. A Spanish woman
had been watching her. Brass takes her hand and tells her they're going
to take her home.

Sara visits Trent. He looks very drugged, but takes her hand. Daniel
Moore is in his prison garb when Brass arrives to tell him they found
his baby girl.