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Ms. Willows Regrets - Recap

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The episode begins at the office of a lawyer, with a woman waiting outside. A man carrying containers of drinking water enters the office; he shoots the receptionist, the woman in waiting is also shown wielding a gun. The man then moves on to shooting the assistant of the lawyer. The woman in waiting then enters the lawyer’s cabin, and guesses him hiding in the closet, she very calmly fires a few rounds at the closet; the lawyer drops out dead. Meanwhile, the assistant though injured is still alive, seeing the two assailants she tries to drag away, a third person enters; a man in an overcoat, and shoots her in the head. Later, Russell and his team are shown investigating three maggot infested skeletons in a forest; the CSI team was called in by a team of campers, who didn’t bother hanging around. Based on the pelvic bones, the team concludes that the skeletons are of one male and two females.

The team also concludes that it must be a body dump, as the skeletons are too near to the road, and the killer would have needed more privacy. The team finds something wrong with the decomposition of the bodies, based on the bugs found on them. Back at the lab Russell and the doctors make inferences based on evidence, about the injuries sustained on the skeletons, and the modus operandi of the killers. Dr. Robbins provides Russell with useful insight about the bodies, and also decides to send the teeth of the victims for a DNA test. Henry is shown analyzing the teeth in his lab; Russell and Willows ask him about the results. Henry tells them that the victims were all registered as missing persons, and lays down their photographs and names in front of the two; the three are the same people who were killed at the beginning of the episode. It turns out, the lawyer who is one of the victims, used to work for Willows’ father at some point. Willows walks out to call Laura, she remembers how Laura had told her earlier that she was really scared about something, was leaving mark; and was planning to tell the FBI everything she knew.

But Laura doesn’t pick up. Willows also recollects that, Laura had told her where she is going to live and had given her a spare key. Later, Willows mentions to Captain Brass how she had been to Laura’s condo but hadn’t found her, and that the doorman hadn’t seen her since Saturday night. Willows also tells Brass that she knows who is responsible. Meanwhile, Laura’s husband Gabriel is brought in for questioning. Gabriel states his ignorance regarding Laura’s whereabouts since two weeks, and refuses to discuss the dynamics of their relationship. Brass and Willows also show Gabriel the photographs of the victims, along with telling him what happened. Gabriel tells them that he is as concerned about his wife as they are, but as they are accusing him, he now only wants to speak in the presence of his attorney. Back at Russell’s office, Willows tells him how she thinks Gabriel killed Laura.

Russell wants her to be more circumspect, as the lawyer who was killed was a ‘fixer’ and had many enemies. He even proposes that Laura might have run away. Willows tells Russell that she was the one who sent Laura to the lawyer for help. She also brings up Gabriel’s past criminal history, and how Laura had confided her fears to her. She insists till the end that Laura has been murdered. Back at the lab Nick is still baffled about the hide beetles being found near the bodies of the victims. Greg informs Nick that the victims were alive eighteen hours back, as one of the victims had spoken to her relative then. Nick realizes that that the beetles had something to do with the quickening of the decomposition of the bodies. To confirm this Greg and Nick carry out an experiment, where they put a chicken leg in an empty glass tank, and let the beetles at it.

Meanwhile, Sara and Morgan arrive at the office of the lawyer who was killed, to notch up any evidence they can find. The office is so spic and span that, it leaves them in doubt if the victims were murdered there. Meanwhile, at the lab Greg and Nick discover that the beetles have devoured the chicken leg, bone included, and too in less than an hour. It leaves Nick wondering, as he has never seen such hide beetles before. Back at the lawyer’s office, Sarah and Morgan scan every nook and cranny for a clue. Morgan unearths clues about the receptionist’s death, with imprints of her body unearthed by forensic detection equipments. Sara too unearths imprints in the closet; ultimately the imprints of the assistant are also unearthed. The two conclude that, the killers were smart enough to use ethanol to wipe out any trace of DNA. The two are amazed at how meticulous the killers have been.

Back at the CSI office Morgan shows Russell and Willows the surveillance footage of the night the incident happen, the footage shows the bogus delivery guy; with the water. The bodies were taken out of the building, by guys posing as furniture delivery men; the bogus delivery guy also comes out after having delivered the ethanol. Russell observes that the whole operation was carried out with military precision, and following military guidelines, with the guy wearing the raincoat, heading operations. He also wonders “when was the last time you saw a guy wearing a raincoat in Vegas”. Morgan answers that by showing him footage of the ‘raincoat’ guy, getting in and out of the elevator, after the murders. Meanwhile, Nick analyses a beetle under the microscope. He comes to Willows with the findings, and along with telling her about the beetle’s voracious appetite, he also informs her that the beetle’s reproductive organs have been enhanced and also rendered completely useless.

He infers that the bugs were bio-engineered. Also, Willows receives information that the ballistics reports suggest the guns used in the murders, were stolen government property. She calls the FBI. The FBI agents inform Willows, Russell and the Captain that they have been keeping an eye on Gabriel and his illegal activities, for some time now; Russell shows them the photos of the team that carried out the murder operation. He then shows them the victims. It’s shown that one of the FBI agents Macaque and Willows had a past. Just then Willows is informed that Laura had withdrawn a huge sum from her account, and that the activity on her cell phone stopped a day before the murders. Willows finds her mother sitting at her office, she hands her a greeting card that was send by Laura’s father to Willows, at Willows’ mother’s address; but strangely Laura’s father has died twenty years ago. On analysis, the card reveals nothing.

Willows assumes that the card was send to her mother’s address as Laura didn’t want Gabriel reading it, as Willows feels that Gabriel might be keeping a tab on her. Sarah realizes that the card is a musical one, but with no music; on closer inspection she finds a cell phone memory card lodged inside. The card seems to only contain photos of Laura and Gabriel’s vacation; but of the pictures has only Laura in it and with her cousin’s house in the background. Cops and the CSI team rush to the house. They find the house ransacked, and both Laura’s cousin and her husband dead. Willows remembers her childhood spent in that house, and finds a secret trapdoor, inside they find Laura hiding. Laura recounts how her cousin and her husband were brutally murdered. Laura tells Willows that she had heard Mark discuss with someone that he was planning to clear out the offices of Stanley Meryl, a defense contractor and a rival.

She tells Willows that she thinks Mark killed Meryl. She also tells Willows that she stole the memory card from Mark, so it would probably have more information. Just then it’s shown that Laura is being monitored by someone from afar. At the lab, one of the photos on the memory card reveals noise encrypted data, hidden in the Photo Shopped photograph of a fish, it turns out the encrypted data are numbers and dates of transactions. The CFO of Gabriel’s organization is brought in and questioned. He is also questioned about money being transferred to Switzerland, the very day Meryl was killed; despite a flurry of evidence the CFO feigns ignorance. He is then shown the photographs of the people who carried out the murder operation, and recognizes the man in the rain coat as a hired mercenary, who he strictly knows to be used outside the US. In the light of the new information the CFO decides to co-operate, but with cover.

Willows informs Laura at the hospital that she isn’t alone in co-operating with the police, but doesn’t divulge who. Just then Gabriel barges in, calling out for Laura; he is told off by the FBI and Willows, and sent packing. The FBI team gear up to securely escort Laura out of the hospital; but it seems like there is something fishy with one of the women on the team. Back at the lab, all the information about the guy in the raincoat is revealed, along with the operations he has carried out.

Willows sees the footage of the woman at the lawyer’s office, who they had missed earlier, she’s the one on the FBI team; Willows receives a call about an accident. With Russell and Willows arriving at the scene, it’s shown that Laura’s detail met with an accident, with everybody dead. Willows is frantic. Russell tells her to calm down and go home. Back in the office, Russell reads an e-mail from Willows, tendering her resignation. The episode ends with Willows being shot at by assailants in her own home; she somehow escapes, and is rescued by Russell driving down the road towards her. But it turns out she has caught one bullet in the stomach.