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Tressed to Kill - Recap

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A couple of young girls are roaming a mall, when they become the focus point of one of a man. He follows them into the elevator, and then manages to cut off a little chunk of hair from her back, which the other girl notices after they step out of the elevator. It is alarming. At CSI HQ, another victim of the hair stalker is in dismay. She feels violated, doesn’t Sara? She does. Joyce, who was also at a public place, a movie hall, realized it only after she came home. Russell asks her if she has been stolen, robbed or attacked lately, but nothing of the sort happened. Russell tells her to take it easy – some creep took her hair, don’t let him mess with her head. On the way out, Russell hands him his card over to Joyce. After she leaves, he tells Captain Brass, he hopes this fetish doesn’t turn into something more serious.

Before long, bad news arrives. After Captain Brass gets a text, he tells Russell it is time to start playing the ponies. They reach Eva’s apartment – the girl from the mall. She has been murdered. When they take a closer look at her sitting on a chair, they find the killer took her eyes. Inside her mouth is a braid of hair. And whoever did has put a whole lot of scary make up on her. She and her sister filed a police report four days ago after the incident at the mall. When Russell and Brass get back to HQ, the sheriff is livid at the news. It turns out there are 11 women in all – those who have filed reports of their hair getting snipped in public places. Russell is running investigations with the 10 living, and suggests getting through the press will be a good idea. No, not in the sheriff’s city, she says. They do not need more panic.

Back at Eva’s place, Sara and Morgan are carrying on crime scene investigations. It appears though the door was opened in a way that suggests the victim trusted the killer. And besides, the killer dyed Eva’s hair. Although they try looking for cosmetic brand packets, it turns out they are not present anywhere in the apartment. The killer was clever enough to take them with him. Back at the police station, Eva’s sister is in distress. She cannot believe this happened. When she is shown the pictures of the clothes Eva was wearing, she says she would never wear them. Besides, she hated retro fashion, ever since she was small. So someone put those clothes on her? What else did he do to her?

At the medical lab, Eva’s body appears to bear no signs of sexual assault of physical trauma. There is just one laceration on the face, and they also find that Eva was given an overdose of morphine, telling is a syringe mark on the left of the neck. Meanwhile, the braid of hair undergoes thorough testing. When Sara arrives at the lab, she is sarcastic, but the forensic man tells her she should be good to him. Why? Because they have gotten a step closer. The braid has hair from 26 different women – including the 11 who complained about having their hair snipped. So this braid might be a lead for knowing who the next victim might be. Is there a way to do it? They will need to call the women whom they have identified, and ask if they have noticed anything strange off late.

As the women give their statements, Paula looks at Russell with hope in her eyes. He is standing with the sheriff as they look on when the testimonials turn up, but one of the women summoned has not arrived. Joyce. And then after a few minutes, she does, but already dead. At the examination room, it turns out she was blinded with ammonia, and then the killer did exactly what he did previously while she was alive. The morphine overdose is also a factor in this murder. So when the Sheriff is shown the pictures and told the findings, she wants to know when was the first snipped hair reported. Three weeks. That alarms her – it’s a long time, and from what it appears, the killer has been getting increasingly daring with his techniques. Russell brings up reporting to the media again – the panic is worth it if it helps save one life. The Sheriff finally agrees, but she will have to discuss with the Mayor first.

Later, Nick learns from the forensic expert that both victims wore clothes that were in immaculate condition. They have been picked out from a closet, and not some old pile. Besides, the clothes could hold some DNA that would help them get to the killer. Later, as Russell eats his meal, he finds the Sheriff announcing about the crimes on television. Besides, she is telling the public that if anyone notices hair snipped, she should call 911. As Morgan runs the DNA on the hair samples, she finds out that one particular sample stands out. It belongs to a woman who has been traveling a lot, but not for pleasure. She has been a cancer patient as is found from the toxicology readings on the hair, and the three places she has been for treatments include Nevada.

Sara and Morgan reach the best cancer facility in Vegas, and ask the cancer doctor if he has been treating any patient relating to the new data about travels. He may know the patient, but is not allowed to confirm as per confidentiality laws in medical practice. However, after they explain the seriousness of the situation at hand, he takes them to his chamber, and reveals a file. They should go through it while he is away, and when he comes back, he expects the file to remain there. The patient is one Lucinda Kemp. When she is brought into the interrogation cell, she lets on about her doctor, and also a wig maker. The wig maker becomes the prime suspect, because of the natural hair he uses to make her look beautiful in the wig she has to wear after chemo. In the meantime, Paula returns home, and finds her balcony door suspiciously open. And what’s more scary, someone’s knocking on her door at this odd hour. Shaken she calls up Russell, who tells her to check who is at the door. She is freaked out when she sees the stranger, and lets on nervously. Russell tells her to drop an alibi – say you will receive the package later. CSI has a hit on the wig maker, and it turns out at his store, that he has been doing a painful hair transplant – which is why his client screams when she feels the pain in her scalp.

However, there are reasons for taking him into custody. Before long, he is shown way into the interrogation room. He confirms Lucinda Kemp is her client, and the fact that he is an artist believing in the importance of image, but the morphine found in his store he knows nothing about. After all he works at a rented place. Meanwhile, Paula succumbs to the attack. When Russell gets there, he realizes their present suspect is a red herring. Later, Nick suggests the two could be working together. It turns out they have a an old photograph – of a woman who is most likely a young Lucinda Kemp. Nick gets it to the forensic lab, and finds a fingerprint on the photograph. He runs it for a match – and voila!

It is none other but the doctor who was treating Kemp as a cancer patient. Before long, cops arrive at the hospital, and taken him in. At interrogation, he turns out a complete psycho, who even killed his own mother claiming he overdosed her with morphine only to take her pain away. And he never got caught then because he was doing interns at the hospital at that time. After a stressful day, Russell calls Catherine. He wants to tell her how belittled he feels thinking he could have done just a little more to save Paula.