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Seeing Red - Recap

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The scene opens with Nick and Morgan enjoying their roll, when they see a speeding car crash right into a truck parked on the side of the road. The rush to the accident spot and find the driver badly injured but alive. They call for help. They ferret out that the guy’s name is Wes Clyborn and that he was bleeding because of a gunshot and not the accident, but were surprised that neither of them heard the gun shot. Wes tries telling them about someone who is dying, but could not finish. He passes out. Next, we see that Wes is taken to the hospital. Russell too comes to the hospital. Nick informs him about what Wes tried telling them before he went unconscious. Next, we see Sara and Morgan examining the car that Wes was driving they find out that the car is registered under a woman’s name Elena Perez. They also deduce that Wes as shot before he got into the car.

Back at the hospital, Nurse Lauren hands over Wes’ clothes and his possessions to Nick. She tells him that they could extract only one bullet out of the two, from Wes’ body and that the one in his head needed more attention. Back at the office, we see Detective Vartann informing Russell that Elena has been evicted from her place a month ago, and that no one has reported her missing. So he decides to track her by her phone records. He also informs Russell that Wes’ calls have also been tracked and that none of his friends knew Elena. But the last three calls Wes made were untraceable. At the hospital, Dr. Stewart informs Nick that Wes could suffer from partial amnesia due to the bullet shot in his head and that he might not remember the person who shot him the previous night. He advices Nick to talk to Wes that very moment as he cannot assure what could happen later.

Wes tells Nick that he does not remember anything from the previous night. Nick checks Wes’ hands and figures out that he did put up with a hell of a fight the previous night. Next, Vartann and Nick are seen talking to Wes’ parents and that they don’t know anything about why things went the way they did last night. They also don’t recognize Elena. At the lab, Henry informs Russell that there are three other blood types found on the victim’s shirt, confirming what Wes told Nick about the other guys who are dying. One of them was Elena Perez and the other Juan Perez, her brother. The third was that of an unknown female. So all they have is blood and no other lead. Next we see Russell meeting Finn for help, an expert who can find leads only with blood. Next, we see Nick at the hospital as Wes wants to tell him something that he remembers. He tells Nick that he was in a room with a man who had a gun on him.

He also remembers fighting Juan Perez. Next he remembers that he was running, took Elena’s car keys. He tells Nick about the third girl present in that room, Vicky. Nick reassures Wes that they are going to figure it out together. Next at the office, Greg informs Sara that the ballistics of the bullet found in Wes’ stomach, matches with that which was used in a robbery of a liquor shop, 4 weeks ago. He tells her that the bullet had traces of Vicky’s DNA, which proves that the bullet would have passed through Vicky before it hit Wes. The robbery at the liquor store does direct them towards Juan. Next we see Finn sitting in Russell’s office. Russell hires her as a consultant. At the lab, Finn and Greg assess the blitz displayed on Wes’ shirt. She is upset that the DNA team has cut off samples from the shirt, as she feels that even the pattern of sprayed blood can tell a lot.

She tells Nick that both, Juan and Elena put up a fight with Wes. She then says that Juan fired a bullet that passed through Vicky and then hit Wes. But the final shot was in Wes’ head. Next, Vartann informs Nick about his findings on Vicky. He tells Nick that Vicky was the secretary to Jonah Clyborn and then she moved on to Wes. They presume that the father could have hired Juan, to hit his son and that Vicky could be the reason. Next we see Russell interrogating the father and Sara interrogating the mother. The father tells Russell that she was his assistant and that he was unaware of her relationship with his son. On the other hand, Wes’ mother tells Sara that Wes had a right to make his choice. But she also thought that Vicky was using her son for money and that she had asked her husband to fire her. Next, at the lab, we see Greg Informing David that he found two identical coats which belonged to Vicky and Elena; arriving at the conclusion that they worked together. Greg asks David to get some information about their employer.

Next, Morgan traces the phone calls of all the four and comes up with an address. The team takes a trip to that facility. Following a trail of blood, they enter a room and find 2 dead bodies lying on the floor, Vicky and Elena. Next we see Dr. Robbins examining the body. They find that every bone of Elena’s face was broken. Next to the body, there was a trail of boot prints walking out of the back door. But those prints had a trace of sodium bicarbonate on it. At the lab, they also find out that the paint traces found was of the one used specifically on one vehicle model; Austin Healy-100; a car that Juan cannot own but could be working on it. Next we see the team arresting Juan. Meanwhile, we see Finn recreating the murder of both the girls. She educates Russell with what could have happened. She tells him that Juan fired the gun and that the work was expedient, but she tells him that the state of Elena’s body.

The work looked messy. But also there was someone else present at the scene, who could be Elena’s killer. She tells him that the amount of Juan’s blood found at the scene shows that there was someone who put up a good fight with Juan. But it seemed improbable that Wes could take down an ex-con with a gun so easily. She concludes that Juan did not bring the gun. Next, we see Russell and Vartann interrogating Juan. Instead of Juan, Russell depicts the incident that took place. According to the phone records, Elena calls Juan to her work place because she needed him. Just then Wes arrives and aims a gun at Vicky; trying to take back a neckpiece he had gifted her. Juan arrives at the scene and fights Wes. Wes beats him to the ground. Just then, Elena attacks him.

But Wes throws her to the ground; continuously punching her face. On seeing this; Juan grabs the gun lying on the floor and tries to shoot Wes. But Vicky comes in the way and gets shot. He then shoots Wes in the head. All torn up with his sister’s death; he flees from the scene. And Russell was right. This was exactly what happened. Juan gives his statement. He is hurt about the fact that he was unable to help his sister and that he had failed her. He tells Juan that it was Finn; his smart friend, who figured out the incident. Next, at the hospital, we see that Wes knows that he is not going back home. The episode ends.