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Malice in Wonderland - Recap

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The scene opens with the “Alice in Wonderland” themed wedding of Andrew Miller and Lisa Cravet. As the ceremony continues, two men wearing the masks of a rabbit and cat enter and fire shots. Next, our team reaches the scene. Ecklie is already at the scene and updates them about what happened. Two armed assailants with full costumes ran away with full cash, jewelry and the witnesses who called in to report the crime, did not see the getaway of the criminals. It’s a robbery homicide. They find Andrew lying on a table, shot in his head. There is a bullet wound without any exit wound, which means the bullet is still in the head. But Russell finds something amiss about the hat Andrew was wearing.

He was shot from a short range. Next, they talk to Alice, the bride. She tells them that when the rabbit came for the ring, she could not let go off it, and then there was a scuffle and Andrew was shot in his head. She also tells them that the rabbit had hit her twice with the gun and shows Finn the wound marks. Morgan shows Russell the evidences she found at the scene. Russell asks the paramedics to give something to the bride which could calm her a bit. Back at the office, Hodges is dealing with his mommy issues. He tells Mandy that his mom is going to visit him and that he had lied to her about dating a woman from works and asks Morgan to help him, by agreeing to be his fake girlfriend, but she refuses. Robbins has news for Russell.

The COD of the victim was injury to the brain caused by a button…and not a bullet. So a button fired into his head at 400m/s. that’s a first! Mandy checks the evidence given to her by Morgan and finds prints that mach with a guy named Alan. But she tells Sara that the name he gave during the interview was Charles Dodgeson, who actually doesn’t exist. But Alan is an ex convict and he was the caterpillar at the wedding. Ecklie and Sara interrogate Alan and find out that he was charged for an armed robbery. Ecklie asks him to help them out with the two criminals. Alan tells them that they were very efficient. He tells them that everything looked very intentional and much practiced. Next, at a drive through wedding chapel, there is another wedding that is about to happen, Walter and Crystal, when two masked men come in and pull out their guns.

Russell and Nick watch the video footage and realize that these guys were pros. Greg is interrogating the couple who was about to get married. Walter tells him that they took away his Rolls Royce and the ring, which was over half a million. Crystal tells him that the man on her side talked and he had a deep voice, but sounded muffled. They tore the groom’s jacket and stained the bride’s dress. Greg asks them to remove their clothes. Next, Hodges mom arrives and tells him that she is dying to see the woman Hodges is dating. Just then Morgan comes in and kisses Hodges on his cheeks, and so the mom finally meets his son’s girlfriend. He identifies the stain on Crystal’s dress, it’s a denture cleaner.

Russell tells Finn that the wounds on Lisa’s legs did correspond to the gun used during World War II and the casings found on the scene also were a match. But Morgan had also found a blue colored over powder wad; which means that the assailants were using blanks. but the force of the projectile was the same. Normally it is harmless, but the button on the Hatter’s hat was an obstruction and hence the force exerted by the gun, forced the button right into his brains. Now, the same gun showed up in the drive through video. So the twosome would be the same, with the same MO, but the pattern in choosing the weddings did not match. The first one was grand, and the second one was the spur of the moment thing.

So now the common denominator needs to be found and that seems to be the ring! They reach the store the second couple bought the ring from. The lady at the counter tells them that it was a rare ring with the finest gold and non-conflict diamond. The detectives realize that he ring is too high profile to be gotten rid of. As they were about to leave, the saleswoman also tells them that the woman, Crystal has been to the shop a couple of times before; with different men. Greg shows Crystal the pictures of few rings and she tells him that they belonged to her at some time. She tells him, one she sold, the next she lost and the third one was robbed. But she had insured it immediately after buying it. He tells her that fraud is a crime and suspects that she set up this robbery. She denies it.

She says that despite having set Walter up in buying an expensive ring, she wanted to marry him. Next Hodges thanks Morgan for helping him. But his thanks were accompanied with a bad news that his mom wanted to brunch with Morgan and her father. She agrees, but the deal is that he has to handle all her cases, front of the trace line and that too for a year. Walter’s Royce is found and Sara and Morgan are examining it. it is strange that the robbers didn’t take the sound system, which is easily a couple of grand on the streets. They find a small piece of fabric. It seems that they have taken the emblem from the hood, seats and the steering wheel and apparently they are made of gold.

They had filed it, which means they are not reselling it but melting it down. Next, Ecklie and Sara arrive at a store where a man is found dead with the mask of the smiling cat on him. The room also had a strange burning smell. It turns out, that the victim is a modern day alchemist, who turns stolen jewels into untraceable gold. They find things from the wonderland wedding that were reported stolen. The cast iron used by the alchemist was now used to kill him. Sara finds something on the handle. Robbins examines the victim’s body and tells Russell that he was alive when hot gold was poured down his throat. Russell begins to wonder why the partner was killed with the gold that they put in so much effort to steal. But then Russell realizes that the gold poured down the victim’s throat was fool’s gold and that the entire thing was set up to look like a partnership gone sour.

He infers that they are planning another job! Ecklie and Morgan are at the restaurant, waiting for Hodges and his mother to turn up and they do. Mommy orders for champagne. Nick is wondering as to how the robbers managed to get away with being noticed. Sara tells him that probably they used shortcuts that they weren’t aware of. Russell pulled up wedding robberies that happened in New York and Chicago, three robberies on three consecutive days; Friday, Saturday, Sunday. In Vegas, the two robberies took place on Friday and Saturday and the third one is about to happen on Sunday that is today and there are hundreds of them happening today.

The entire team is divided into three teams and they set out to find the robbers. The shred found on the handle of the cast iron is latex gloves and they find lots of matches. But Morgan tells Mandy to check the database for ambulance drivers, as the robbers knew the shortcuts and Mandy fins a match; Kyle Hartly who moved into Vegas 8 months ago and has no criminal record. Hodges and his mom walk into the same store to buy a ring. Hodges finds a dental cleaner at the counter and guess he found the wedding robbers; the saleswoman at the counter and her accomplice the security guard who is also her husband. They draw their guns at them. Next, Russell and Ecklie arrive at the store.

The store manager is tied and shot in the leg. The manager tells them that they took Hodges and his mother with them. Hodges realizes that Kyle knew where not to be through the messages heard on the radio. The duo plan to kills Hodges and his mother in the desert. Morgan realizes Kyle and his wife can hear all the departments talking to each other and so they would know which route they shouldn’t be taking. In the ambulance, Hodges takes control of the situation by injecting a drug into the woman, and taking away the gun from her. Thanks to the paramedics for keeping that drug handy.

Meanwhile, the cops trace this ambulance and arrest the husband and wife. Hodges and his mom are safe. As far as plans go, this was the best thought of!! Finn wants to return one of the stolen items as it has sentimental values. Hodges mom is totally proud of her son and tells him that her boyfriend had dumped her. Finn returns the ring to Lisa and Lisa is saying a goodbye to her Andrew and there are tears in Finn’s eyes. The episode ends.