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Split Decisions - Recap

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The episode begins at a casino where a man is at a slot machine; but he seems a little distracted. He is searching for somebody. When he gets up from his seat for few seconds, a fat woman comes and takes his seat and asks him to move on. The woman hits the Giant Jackpot. But just then there are two gun shots and the man is shot; right in the middle of the casino, and the fat lady sees the killer. There is chaos and the team arrives at the scene. Captain Jim arrives and gives instructions. He knows that the security at the casino is all ex-cops. Jim has a still picture of the killer, wearing an orange t-shirt and brown hair, and he is still in the casino.

He is heading towards the video arcade. Jim and Nick head in that direction. Nick locates an orange t-shirt; but is a woman. The guy from the CSI office is confused as he just saw him in that area. He checks the surveillance again and sees that the killer is heading towards the nightclub. Sara is in the club. But she does not find him. Archie is confused. He doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening and how is he losing the killer each time. He keeps disappearing. Who disappears in a locked down casino! But the door to the stairs is open. With 65 cops and 40 security guards and the cameras; the guy still gets away! Finn is talking to the fat lady, Alice. She tells Finn that the gunman must have got into a fight, as she saw his nose was bleeding. The guy then takes his wallet and runs. Russell is examining the body. The victim is Dennis Kiel, a physician and surgeon. His cash and credit cards are missing. David tells them that he was shot once and there are no exit wounds. But Finn tells David that the fat lady says that she heard two shots. They find blood drops a little away from the body. They assume it’s the killer’s.

They re-enact the scene and see that the second shot went into the slot machine. They are taking the machine to the lab. Nick and Morgan are checking all the rooms. They knock at one and a girl wearing a bikini opens the door. Morgan shows her the killer’s picture and the hottie tells her that she has been waiting for him for a while. She tells Nick that the guy was a perfect gentleman and she met him in the casino last night. He used protection, which means they have the DNA and also prints on the condom wrapper. She tells Nick that she had made a video while they were in the act; and Nick says that he needs to watch it…for a lead. Meanwhile, Jim and Sara go to Kiel’s room and calls out for his wife. But there is no one in the room. But they find the son, Avery. He tells Jim that his mom died last year and wants to know where his father is. He also tells them that his father had won 800 bucks at the slot machines, and Avery had asked him to be careful. Jim reassures Avery that he is going to be okay. They take Kiel’s computer with them. At the lab, Robinson tells Russell that he is puzzled looking at the body.

Kiel’s liver looks chopped and does not show any signs of a single gunshot. He finds some fragments and also a bullet but only the jacket; not the core. The core seems to have gotten separated. All he finds is an hour glass shaped object. Meanwhile, Finn is working on the slot machine; and she too finds just the jacket, without the core. She also finds the little red hour glass thing. Russell tells her to find out about it. at the casino, Nick and Morgan enter another room. A guy opens the door but doesn’t want to let them in; but has to as he has no options. He says that there is a roommate with him. This guy who opens the door is Lee Jacobs and they find out that his roommate is Jordan Brenston! They find him hiding in the closet. They take him for interrogation. He tells Nick that the guy in the picture is not him. Nick asks Jordan about Shelly and shows him the video. But Jordan tells him that the guy in the video is not him and he does not know this girl. He tells that he did not shoot Kiel and last night he was with Lee. And he is confident that they guy in the photo is not him.

Archie is checking the surveillance footage from last night and he spots him with Shelly. But at the same time he is also spotted elsewhere with Lee. Same guy at two places. He shows it to Morgan. Henry tells Russell that the semen in the condom from Shelly’s room and the blood from the casino is a match to Jordan’s. But the fingerprints on the condom wrapper aren’t a match, but the same DNA. So its possible that they are identical twins. But Morgan has checked and she tells the team that Jordan is a single birth. Morgan also shows Russell a picture where our guy is with Shelly and is collecting the money from the casino, and the bank records show a Xavier Marx. Sara goes to Xavier’s room. According to the room belle, the only thing he has been doing since he checked in, is watching porn. They enter his room, and find him in bed with twin sisters! They take him. Xavier tells Sara that he is the only child and is a Gemini born in May and he did not shoot Kiel. He says that he was busy all morning with the twins and stepped out just once for a smoke. Sara feels that these guys are identical twins and the birth records could be fakes. And also Finn adds that they both claim that they won a free trip to Vegas on the internet. It’s a scam. She says that there is a way to find out who pulled the trigger; antibody profiling. But to their surprise both the blood samples don’t match.

Someone with their DNA pulled the trigger into the doctor’s body. The kids are born in different families, at different times. But Morgan tells them that Kiel was a pediatrician, not an IVF guy. Russell and Finn feel that these guys are hiding behind their DNA and think that they have pulled a perfect crime. Just then Jordan’s lawyer walked in; she is also his mother. She tells Sara that the doctors told her that there were multiples; but she had told them that she could care for only one child. She knows that the guy with Lee is Jordan but the one with Shelly, she doesn’t know. They also find out that Kiel had done an internship at an IVF clinic. Jim has a doubt that the mother could also be the mastermind behind the crime and probably wanted to kill the doctor to giving away what was hers. Finn finds out the mystery behind the tiny red object. She says that the killer used a No-Rico bullet. That explains the fragments and the macerated liver. So they are looking for an Air Marshall’s gun. Morgan checks on the trip the two suspects were talking about and tracks down the third guy; Kevin Chance, and he is the youngest. Moreover he has a criminal record and Air Marshall training. And according to the casino he is still checked in. and when they enter the room, they find him dead and it looks like an over dose.

They find the doctor’s credit cards and also the gun. They find a computer in which they see that Kevin has recorded his confession of killing the doctor for playing God and giving him this miserable life. Also he is seen taking those pills. So it’s like a suicide video-note. But Robbins tells Russell that there was a blow to the head. And also a bottle of scotch was shoved down his throat. He also says that he did not find any solid remains of the pills, so somebody dissolved the pills in the drink and spiked it. But the TOD is twelve hours ago an hour after the doctor’s shooting. Russell thinks it’s the twins at work. So they must have left some touch DNA and antibodies. Morgan finds out that the doctor has been keeping track of the triplets and he booked the free trip for them. The doctor was supposed to destroy the embryos but he didn’t, and the children’s lives didn’t go to well. He also withdrew a large sum of money from his bank. Meanwhile Henry finds out that there is a fourth child as well! The DNA on the bottle proves that. Sara tells Finn that if Kiel arranged the reunion, then Avery must have seen them.

Avery tells Sara that he saw two of them. Archie got a hit on their suspect and he is with Sara-its Avery! They interrogate him. They tell him that his DNA matched with the other three and so they are brothers. And it was Avery who had arranged for the reunion and sent the trips to his brothers! There are two payments scheduled for Jordon and Xavier and Kevin was murdered since he was the one who pulled the trigger and wanted a bigger cut. The bottle jammed down Kevin’s throat was in Avery’s hands. He tells them that it wasn’t for the money. At his mother’s funeral, he had heard about the way he was born. He confronted his dad and he finds out that he was his final miracle. His father was always cold towards him and only his mother loved him; well she wasn’t even his mother.

And that day she was taken away from him, and he blames his father. He is sure that since he is only 12 they wouldn’t put him away for life; but Jim tells him about another 11 year old who was put away without parole. The only physical evidence they have is Kevin killing his father and He killing Kevin. Jim asks him to give in the twins. But he doesn’t, they are his brothers…he will take his chances. The episode ends.