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Dune and Gloom - Recap

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The episode begins at an off road truck race. In the middle of the race, one of the contestants sees another truck in the middle of his path-ablaze. The team arrives at the crime scene. The race manager says that when the race started, the truck had a driver and a co-driver. The driver is now a crispy critter and the co-driver is dust in the wind. He seems disappeared. So, get set go! Sara and Morgan inspect the surrounding area, but no sign of the co-driver. Just then they find the helmet of the co-driver. Morgan thinks that the truck was blown due to a rupture of the fuel tank; followed by a spark and then the explosion. It was a driver named Jimmy, who reported the flaming truck.

Sara finds a broken fiber glass piece and finds tread marks on it. She finds it weird that someone drives by a blazing truck and he does not call for help. They also find pieces of the fuel tank. Meanwhile, the manager gets information about the truck and its drivers. The team name was A Pharaoh’s Motorists and it had driver-Tim White, co-driver-Paul White and team captain-Dough White. The manager takes them to the pit. But the Pharaoh’s Motorists seem to have picked up and left. So, the driver is dead and the co-driver, the team captain and the trailer are all missing. At the lab, Finn informs Morgan that the driver and the team mates were phonies; aliases. They find paint on the victim’s body. At the race ground, Cathy Vec arrives and is furious that the race has been called off. She is the CEO of Vec oils. Russell tries to get some information from her; but he gets nothing. Robbins tells Sara that the COD is a basal skull fracture. It appears that he was dead before the fire got to him. But then Robbins also adds that his fate was faded by biology.

The driver had some sort of a genetic disorder, which caused waxy growth in most parts of his body; even in the brains. Morgan and Finn examine the jacket the driver was wearing. They reconstruct the logo. It is an army logo. They check the battalion list and find out that the victim’s name is Jack Breslin. Finn informs Russell about one of the messages from Jack’s voicemail. A voice tells Jack that someone was on to them and that he must back out from the race. Russell is sure that Jack never got the voicemail. Meanwhile, Greg tells Sara that her theory of the accidental explosion is wrong. He explains. The amount of energy released during the accidental explosion suggests that explosives were used. The indentation of the fuel tank also suggests the same. So the debris that was spread all across was due to the speed the vehicle was being driven.

They also find nitroglycerine residue on the vehicle. Sara gasps at the thought that the nitro residue and all that gas could make one hell of a bomb. Greg tells her that he would go back to the desert with Morgan to dig for the bomb components. The duo finds the detonator; it appears that it was a remote one and that the person who built it had some expertise. They also find a metal fragment with some numbers on it. At the office, Sara is interrogating Mr. Webber. The truck is his. But he has no idea how it got converted into a racing truck. He then tells her that when he came out of the hospital after his wife’s death, he found that his truck was leaking oil. He could not afford to fix it. Just then these guys came up and tell him the exact problem with his truck. Those guys buy him a new truck. He identifies Jack as one of the good Samaritans. The other one who worked on the engine wore glasses. Next, Hodges finds information on the tyre treads they found on the site. They are unique. It’s the Minooka tyre model that has been commercially released. It is only given for demo to few racing teams.

It was given to Vec oils race team. They bring in Cathy for interrogation. She tells Russell that she did see the truck on fire; butt she ignores it and goes ahead. She was about to win the race. Russell asks her if she had tried to eliminate the competition and also tells her about the bomb. Cathy tells Russell that she thinks that she could have been the killer’s target as she has a lot of enemies. She shows him the hate mails she received. Henry and Finn are working on the voicemail. Henry works on the background sounds heard in the call. It appears to be the dialogs from the movie Athrok the Conqueror. They track down the name and address of the hotel that played that movie around the time of the call. The team goes to the hotel. The room is registered under the fake name, Doug White; the team captain. He paid in cash. They enter the room and there is no one in the room. They find two names; Malcolm Platt and Clive Morris. They see that on the wall there are pictures of Cathy and few other people. Lou says that these guys seem serious. Just then, Clive Morris enters the room through the window.

Clive tells them that there are other people like him. He is taken for interrogation. But Clive seems a bit off than normal and he tells them that he does not want to talk to them. Since they cant get into his head, Greg decides to get inside Clive’s laptop. They all think that it is about domestic terrorism; eliminating the big bad government. But Russell thinks otherwise. Just then Morgan tells the team that Clive was being treated for paranoid personality disorder. Malcolm Platt and Jack Breslin too were psych patients. Sara goes to the hospital. The doctor tells them that they called themselves the three musketeers. Jack was a decorated war hero. Clive was always paranoid and Malcolm was delusional about. The three of them shared one love-auto racing. Russell tells Sara that A Pharaoh’s Motorists actually stands for Athos, Portos, Aramis- the three musketeers. Russell thinks that they were dreamers, total misfits. When he is looking at Clive Morris, he is not looking at a killer. Just then Henry calls Sara and tells her that all the mails sent to Cathy were from Malcolm’s id.

He tried tracking down his location and it shows to be in the middle of the desert. The race has started again; so Cathy might be on the desert. The team rushes to the racing ground. They enter Cathy’s trailer and find the guards dead. They also find Malcolm Platt; injured and profusely bleeding. He tells Nick that someone took Cathy and that he is going to kill her. He does not live to say more; he dies. In the lab, Sara shows Finn and Morgan a photograph that Nick sent her. Its an empty box of dynamite found next to Cathy’s pit. Sara wonders who Malcolm would trust so much as to go along with. Finn points out that there was a fourth musketeer in the original story. They decide to find that out from Clive. Clive tells Russell and Sara that for them it was always about winning the race. But he knew that the way Cathy was looking at them, she wouldn’t let them win. Clive tells them about some things the fourth musketeer used to tell them Sara remembers that she has heard those words before- when she was talking to Webber.

Webber is their fourth musketeer. They find out more about him and they find out that he makes bombs. The serial number on the box of dynamite found in Cathy’s pit is that of the same company Webber owns. They also find out that Webber’s oil company is a subsidiary of Vec’s oil Company. They find a website in which Webber expresses his rage for corporate scum. Sara feels that he blames Cathy for his wife’s death and leaving him penniless. Webber knew that Cathy raced alone and was vulnerable; and that the three guys too were vulnerable in their own way. He used them. Sara thinks that this time around he might want to make a better statement. Just then we see that Webber has attached the dynamite to Cathy’s racing truck and is driving into Cathy’s oil company. Cathy is in the truck. But before Webber could drive into the office, the cops arrive.

Russell arrives with Clive. Clive talks to Webber. Clive talks Webber out of his mission. They arrest Webber. Russell feels sad for Clive. For the first time in life Clive had found true friends and he was finally beginning to fit in; and then it all goes up in flames. The episode ends.