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Homecoming - Recap

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The episode begins with Russell and his wife getting ready to leave for a dinner. They reach the dinner, where we see that the entire team is present and Jack Gilmore is giving a speech. Barbara, Russell’s wife, sees Conrad, Morgan’s father and talk to him. Next, Sheriff Liston arrives on stage to give his speech. She tells her audience that the crime rate in the city has considerably gone down. But as she is listing the statistics, we see a young woman, getting cozy and luring an old man. He is also doing drugs. There is another guy in the house, who is sniffing as well. Next, a guy slams open the door, shoots the young guy, kills the old man and the girl. At the party, Liston asks the crowd to give her four more years, so that she could protect the city.

Russell and Barbara are about to leave, when Conrad and Morgan tell Russell that they have a situation; a triple murder, just down the alley. They arrive at the crime scene. Detective Moreno and Detective Crenshaw are already at the scene. Moreno tells Russell that Crenshaw and he were working undercover for drug ops, and the target was a dealer named Donny Price. But he is found dead with his girlfriend and loads of stash gone. Russell wants to know as to what is the situation. Conrad takes him in the house and we see the same old man we saw earlier and a young guy lying dead on the floor. But the actual problem is the lady lying dead on the bathroom floor, Veronica Gilmore, Jack Gilmore’s wife. Well, so much for statistics!! The team is at the scene, investigating. Morgan tells Nick that the young guy who is shot is the bodyguard Alonzo. Price was beaten before he was killed.

The murder looks planned. The only unplanned part was Veronica Gilmore, the unexpected witness who was present during the murder. Next, Finn and David are examining Veronica’s body. Davis is unable to find the liver and looking at the marks on her body, Finn thinks that the killer went through an awful lot of trouble for silencing her. The last call was made to her husband, jack, which lasted for four seconds. Russell breaks the news to Jack. He tells Russell that he knew that his wife had an affair with Donny Price and she left him four months ago. Finn walks in and tells them that Veronica’s last call was made to Jack and she wanted to see his phone. Liston tells Finn that she is out of line and Russell handles the situation. Liston leaves with Jack. At the lab, Robbins is examining the bodies.

He tells Greg and Sara that Veronica was hit so hard and so many times that her internal organs disintegrated. That is why David could not find the liver. But he finds a small piece of synthetic in her body and Hodges identifies as Kevlar combined with some material. Meanwhile, Finn is sure that Jack killed his wife; but Russell gets irritated and says that Jack was present at the fund raiser. Finn shows him Jack’s location on the system. It appears that Jack was in the alley, two minutes after he gave the podium to Liston. Now, all this was done in eighteen minutes. Nick and Finn try to time the act by re-enacting the whole scene. From the fund raiser to the motel it took them two odd minutes. By the time the bodyguard and Price are killed, it is three minutes eighteen seconds.

And now, after beating up veronica and savoring the moment, it is eight minutes tops. That leaves him with ten seconds to get back. So he must have changed his clothes and gotten rid of the blood stained clothes. They retrace their steps. They find over sized bloodied jersey and the murder weapon, which is a hockey stick. The logo on them was of Las Vegas Silver Strikes; Jack’s hockey team. Brass arrives at the hockey arena with a warrant. But Finn isn’t happy. She wants a search warrant for his house and office. Liston is not too keen on it and Russell tries to handle the two women. Nick and Greg are checking the locker and they find the missing blade of the hockey stick they found in the dumpster. The locker belongs to Peter Garnier. He has a rap sheet; gambling debts, assault, but he also has an alibi. He was at dinner with wife and family. And about his hockey stick; the equipment manager for the team is Dominick Bruno and he is jack’s friend since the days jack was friendlier to the mob than the sheriff.

Brass talks to Dominic. Dominic was prepared for a day like this and so he makes Brass listen to a recorded call, where jack is asking him to kill Donny Price. They take jack in custody and take his DNA. Jack tells Russell and Brass that he did reach out to Dominic but he didn’t kill anybody. Also, the alibi he is talking about, doesn’t seem convincing. Russell tells Liston that her friend is going down. Liston acknowledges that Finn was right. But Finn still wants some answers and so she sets up her dummies to re enact the murder; working on blood splatter. Finn tells Russell that Jack didn’t commit the murder, as he has ALS and he cannot lift his hands above his shoulders. He has lost forty percent of his upper body strength. He can barely lift his arms and fifty four blows is out of question.

Jack has been hiding his condition from everybody. Now, the warms up were stolen from Jack’s locker and the thread they found was nylon which does not belong to any tux. It is actually used in protective clothing worn by the killer, to preserve Jack’s DNA. Now, the question is why set up Jack? Next, Liston has brought in Luke Kimball to assist CSI on this case as he was the head of the undercover ops. Kimball tells them that Price was a mid level dealer and that they had an informant who was ready to give them information. The informant turns out to be Veronica Gilmore. She was popped for possession and so she decided to become an informant. Liston is angry that she wasn’t kept in the loop. Kimball tells her that Jack was her friend and hence they couldn’t.

But he points out to the main trouble; there is a leak in the department. Nick shows Russell the picture of the man he met in the alley; it is Kimball. Meanwhile, Greg tells the team that the bullets belonged to the Under Sheriff Mc Keen, who is now serving life. And it seems that Kimball is the one working for Mc Keen on the outside. Russell suggests keeping an eye on Kimball as they don’t know how deep it is. They bring Mc Keen in for interrogation, but he refuses to talk. Russell tells him that if he doesn’t co-operate, his entire family will leave out of a car. This rattles Mc Keen a bit. Next, Kimball meets the guy who actually calls the shots. He is Jack’s finance guy, Winnick.

Winnick draws the gun on Nick and Conrad shoots him. Greg informs the team that Winnick is Mc Keen’s son. Next, Sheriff Liston has called a press conference. She promises to clean up the department. She declares that as of the next morning, LVPD will not function as an independent body. Next, Finn and Moreno have a fight and Moreno leaves. Meanwhile, Nick quits the investigation. At the bar, Detective Crenshaw joins Finn. Just then his phone rings. Finn excuses herself to go to the bathroom and he tells the caller that everything is under control and that he has his eyes on the package.

Meanwhile, Conrad and Morgan are taking a walk, talking about her childhood memories. Just then a car pulls by them and fires a shot. Conrad gets hit. Russell is spending time with his family and his phone rings. Sara tells him about Conrad. Just then his land line rings. The caller asks Barbara to take a look upstairs. Katy, Russell’s grand-daughter is gone. They have taken her. on the bed there is a note which says “Karma”. The episode ends.