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Karma to Burn - Recap

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The episode begins with Finn washing her face in the bathroom of Bar 483. She receives a message and she learns that Ecklie has been shot and she is warned to watch her back. Finn immediately calls Russell. Russell tells her that Mc Keen’s men have taken Katie. Finn is shocked. She tells Russell that she is with Crenshaw and she feels he is one of them. Finn will stick with him to see where he takes her. Russell wants her to get out of that place but Finn disconnects the call. The paramedic put Ecklie in the van and Morgan decides to go with her dad. Sara tells Greg about Katie. He tells her to go to Russell and he would take care of things here.

Russell takes out his gun that is hidden in a safe. Next, Sara examines Russell’s house as it is a crime scene now. She finds standard boot marks and a small fragment of something. She knows it came from the kidnapper and she will have it processed. She also finds a torch; it belongs to LVPD. They are looking at a cop! Russell asks her to inform Brass. Charlie arrives home. Brass meets Mc Keen. He tells him that if anything happens to that little girl, he has got people too. Meanwhile, Sara is trying to reach Nick but she is directed to his voicemail. She leaves him a message. Elsewhere, officer Hank and another cop pull over and they find that Nick is a little drunk.

At home, Sara tells Russell that he shouldn’t be processing the scene as it is a conflict of interest. But he doesn’t listen. Russell tells her that Moreno got a message from Finn and he is worried. Sara finds some fragments lying on the floor; but this time there is a bonus, hair! Morgan is at the hospital and Greg arrives with some change of clothes which he found in her locker. Russell finds a board with a message on it; a single word, KARMA. He tells Sara that it is Atley’s words and Mc Keen is sending him the same message. Nick is locked up in a cell with a bruised lip. He definitely got into a tiff with Hank and the other cop. Sara arrives to drag him back to work. Nick tells her that he has quit.

Well, not tonight, he could do it tomorrow. Next, Crenshaw takes Finn to a dingy club and there is no cell phone network in that area. They enter the club. Finn tells Crenshaw that she wants to see where this whole thing goes. He takes her to the other side which is dimly lit and has rooms for couples who want to make out. When they reach a door, Crenshaw draws his gun at her. He tells her to open the door. When Finn opens it, she is shocked to find Katie in the room with her hands tied to a chair. Next, Brass and Moreno arrive and tells Russell that they are tracking Finn’s location but the signal is lost as Crenshaw has got a jammer. Moreno tells him that Finn wanted to be alone with Crenshaw and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Just then they receive a call. It is Finn and she makes Katie talk to Russell, a proof of life. And if Russell wants to talk to her again, he will have to talk to Mc Keen. Brass tells Russell that this isn’t about Mc Keen’s dead son. His empire is burning and he is trying to take all of them down with him. At the lab, Henry tells Nick that the hair is bovine. This could be a transfer from some dairy farm. Probably, Hodges could narrow it down. The fragments that Sara found is plaster; not a game changer! Greg arrives with a gun in his hand. This was from the car that fled the scene after shooting Ecklie. The car is in the garage and he is going to process the gun. Hodges goes to the hospital to collect the pellets from the shooting.

Morgan tells Hodges that Ecklie is going to be fine. She then kisses Hodges. Russell goes to meet Mc Keen. Mc Keen wants him to get his two million dollars from Jack Gilmore. He wants his money back for his family. He gets his money and Russell will get his granddaughter in return. Russell has 12 hours. Alongside, Finn is trying to find a way to escape. Russell tells Sara about Mc Keen’s demand. But Jack dropped out of sight; probably he is hiding from Mc Keen. Sara examines the board which has the word KARMA stuck on it. She is trying to find where the paper came from. They find a print behind one of the alphabets, and it draws a match to Lt. Paul Kimball. The papers that have been used come from magazines that advertise escort services, strip joints etc.

Greg manages to trace the place where they use this kind of paper. Next, we see that Finn and Katie manage to get out of the room through a duct. Crenshaw kicks open the door and finds them gone. But actually, Finn is in the room. When Kimball goes to check the backside, Finn jumps at Crenshaw. They have a tiff and Crenshaw is about to shoot Finn. But just then Moreno arrives and shoots Crenshaw and rescues Finn. But now, Katie is gone. Maya is hysterical and tells Russell that she knows what happened in Seattle and that he lied. She slaps her father and asks him to stop lying. At the hospital, Ecklie regains consciousness and is glad to see that Morgan is fine. Nick tells Russell that they found more plaster and bovine hair in Crenshaw’s car.

They narrow down the area where the farm could be. Russell isn’t happy and loses his cool. Nick tells him that he knows where they could find Jack Gilmore. They find Jack and Jack tells them that he already returned the money to Mc Keen. Just then Jack gets shot. Moments later, Brass arrives at the scene. Russell is pissed that Brass knew where Mc Keen was and he did not tell him. He feels that Brass doesn’t care about Katie. Brass explains to Russell that all this was Mc Keen’s plot. Mc Keen knew he was going to get his money back. But he was unable to find Jack and he wanted Russell to find him and now Mc Keen got Jack killed. Finn arrives to meet Russell. Russell concludes that Katie is alive.

He says that after the “proof of alive” there was no reason for them to keep the two alive. Crenshaw had other intention for Finn. But Katie? Russell says that Kimball wouldn’t kill her as he too has a daughter of Katie’s age. He is still in town as he wants to do one last job for Mc Keen; deliver the two million to Mc Keen’s family. They need to figure out how. Just then a thought strikes Russell. He punches the wall and shows Finn the plaster with hair “in” it. He says that the animal hair is used as some binding agent or something. So, in the forty square miles of desert, there wouldn’t be too many standing houses. Probably they could find Katie. Sara tells them that there are 9 properties in that area.

Greg arrives and tells them that he found a bullet on the roof top from where Jack was shot and the print on it matches with Earl Whitson, an ex-cop who grew up with Mc Keen. And amongst those 9 properties, one is registered under Whitson’s wife’s name. Also, Whitson was in the vicinity where Ecklie was shot. They arrive at the house and find Whitson’s dead body along with two other cops. Kimball tries to escape but Brass traps him. Kimball tries to shoot himself, but Brass shoots him in his shoulder.

Russell manages to find Katie in the house; she tells him that the man told her to hide. He is relieved to see his granddaughter alive. He brings her home. Mc Keen is being transferred to the Federal Facility, Indiana and he is going to spend the rest of his life in isolation. The money was donated to the crime lab. Nick needs to talk to Russell about joining back. At home, Russell puts his gun back in the safe. The episode ends.