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Code Blue Plate Special - Recap

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The episode begins with a man standing on the pavement and looking at Frank’s diner across the road. Inside the diner, the regulars are enjoying their meal and drinks. The waitress and the chef are pleasant people and their customers like them. The waitress seems a little worried about the man standing across the road. The cops who have just finished their dinner, tell her that they will talk to that man on their way out. But the moment they are about to do so, the man is nowhere to be seen. The chef then goes to the freezer to get something. Nick, Sarah and Greg arrive at the diner; it is their favorite place.

The cops return and tell the trio that Vincent, the owner and the chef, called them as he got stuck in the fridge and his brother, Owen isn’t answering his cell. The five enter the diner and find dead bodies lying all over. They go to check the fridge and find Vincent inside; alive. Nick tries to stop him from going to the dining area. But Vincent rushes out and is devastated to see that all of them are dead. Nick and Sarah know Eddie, the waitress and Dahlia, the cross dresser. Brass arrives and is furious to learn that Officer Akers and Officer Metcalfe were at the scene. But they tell him that they had just left. They tell him about the guy Eddie was having trouble with. Brass tells them to get the guy.

Nick tells Brass that the killer must have come through the front door and the trouble started with Owen, Vincent’s brother; he was probably the first one to be shot. There is an old couple who seemed to be very much in love despite all the years and Greg used to see them every time he came to the diner. The team knows most of the faces around but there were two new faces amongst the dead. Brass looks at the carnage and refuses to take it as a case of robbery. Sarah tells Brass about the man who was terrorizing Eddie for the last six months; Ronald Basderick. There is a bloodied shoe impression which doesn’t match any of the shoes of the dead men.

Next, Finn arrives at the scene and notices the blood splatter on the ceiling and the walls and finds that one of Owen’s fingers was tossed under the table. She then asks the team to leave her alone for an hour so that she can study the blood. Greg goes to check the fridge and he too gets locked inside like Vincent and his cell phone has no service. He tries to reposition his cell to find some signal and he finds something. Just then Finn calls and he asks her to come to him; well to get him out. Nick tells Vincent that the moment he stepped into the blood, he became evidence and he needs to process his clothes. Just then Owen’s wife, Sheila arrives. Meanwhile, Russell goes to meet Ecklie at the hospital. Later he arrives at the scene.

Finn is a little confused about three bodies at the scene. One of them is Connie and the two new faces. Looking at the blood and wounds, she infers that the three bodies were moved after they were shot. Greg tells Morgan that there was a camera in the fridge and it has no time stamp. But it appears that Vincent was in the fridge for around 7 minutes. Ronald arrives in the morgue where Robbins and David are examining the bodies. He is there for Eddie and tells Robbins that they were about to get married. David goes to inform Sarah. Ronald moves towards Eddie’s body to put on the erring on her finger; but Robbins stops him. Sarah arrives and she checks his shoe.

The print is a match and she tells him: You are done, you son of a bitch! He smiles!! Later, during the interrogation, he tells Sarah and Brass that he did not kill Eddie. He knew that the officers saw him standing outside the diner and would harass him. So he went for a walk around the block. And when he returned he sensed something was wrong and so he went inside and found that Eddie was dead. He refuses to let Sarah take his DNA. also, he tells them that he wants his clothes back in the same condition they took it in.

Next, those three bodies that were moved; one of them is Connie, a regular, a man named, Robert Rios from Arizona and the third one is Alex Brenner and when they try to run his prints, the access seems to be blocked. Looks like Alex isn’t really Alex. Next, the Deputy US Marshal, Karen Taylor arrives to meet Brass. Brass figures out that she is here for Alex Brenner and he is in WITSEC and the people he was going to testify against are REALLY BAD people. Meanwhile, Greg and Sarah find out that Ronald was involved in a lawsuit where he was awarded $200,000 and also that he shot his assaulter in self defense. The point is; he has a gun. In the morgue, Robbins tells Nick that Alex suffered from talcosis, as there is talc in his body; but strangely no evidence of drug use. And his stomach contents show waffles.

This means he was sitting next to Robert Rios. But it appears that Robert had eaten pizza and Frank’s diner doesn’t serve pizza. So, why was he there? Also, there is a kind of fiber found in his trachea and Hodges deduces that Robert was wearing a ski mask. There were also traces of lead found on Robert. This proves that he had a gun. So, a mask and a gun; probably he was the shooter. Russell needs to find out who killed Robert. Nick thinks that the men who were after Alex, hired Robert to kill him and then got a cleaner to clean up the mess. Russell asks him to dig more about Robert. Next, Morgan runs the ballistics and finds out that there were two different guns used and also there were two misses. Moreover, there were two shots fired from different guns from the same place. That is weird!

But then Russell repositions Morgan’s equipment, and figures out that the second gun belonged to Alex, as the shots came from where Alex was sitting. The team then re-runs the whole thing. They finally figure out that Robert was hired to kill Alex but then he did not know Alex had a gun and Alex shoots him; but both of them are a miss. Then Robert shoots Alex. The cleaner comes in and obviously Robert knows him; but he does not know that the cleaner is going to take Alex’s gun and shoot him. Just then Nick calls and tells Russell that Sheila had deposited a lot of money in Robert’s account. He also suggests they had an affair. Brass interrogates Sheila and she tells him that she has always helped out Robert as he had a gambling problem.

Vincent tells Nick that Sheila and Owen were happy together and no way would Sheila do such a thing. Vincent also says that Sheila giving Owen so much money was a problem as they were about to start a Frank’s diner at a casino. Just then there is a page, saying that there were shots fired at the diner, it appears that the newspaper boy was removing the papers and there was a gun stashed inside the newspapers and the gun accidentally discharged. They find both the guns used for the killings. But they have been wiped clean. There are some prints found on the newspaper and it is a match with Basderick. But Russell explains that no one would hide the gun on the top copy. Basderick’s prints might have been on the papers before the cleaner hid the guns. So, Finn and Nick check the newspaper machine and they notice that the machine was jammed with a coin.

They open it and find a Chinese coin inside. Next, we see that Nick is interrogating Vincent. He tells them that he knows that he has a bowl of foreign coins next to the counter. He also figures out that Vincent had changed his apron after the killings. Nick infers that Vincent was jealous of his brother, who got married to a rich woman. Later, Vincent got his chance when the Mediterranean wanted to open a Frank’s diner in the casino and Owen was against it. That is why Vincent killed Owen. Nick also finds the bloodied apron. It appears that Vincent had hired Robert to kill Owen and he ended up killing everybody. Since there was no turning back now, Vincent killed Robert.

Vincent then tried to make Robert look like a customer and moved the bodies. And then set up the scene. Vincent is arrested. Sarah is still pissed at Basderick as she tells him that he was responsible for Eddie’s death. She was supposed to finish work early and leave; but she was so scared of him that she stayed back and got killed! Next, Finn inquires about Barbara and Russell tells her that she will be staying with Maya for a while longer. Finn leaves. Russell still looks a little worried. The episode ends.