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Wild Flowers - Recap

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The episode begins with two scared girls running into a rave party and away from something. As they run through the crowd, one of the girls loses her scandal and bends down to search for it. The other girl tries to pull her away but just then she looks awestruck when she sees the man (wearing a hood and face not shown) at a distance. The assailant fires shots at them. The next day, the team is at the scene. Sarah and Russell are trying to handle their long distance relationships. Detective Moreno is also at the scene. David is examining the body of one of the girls who was shot. There are four to five rounds fired and a single shot on the back and the exit wound on the chest.

There is no bracelet and that proves that they crawled into the party. There are marks indicating that someone was holding the victim’s hand really tight and also has lost some fingernails. The people present at the party were all tripping, so witness seems very sketchy; although some of them did see the victim come in with another girl. So, the girl who escape could be our witness; also our next victim!! Russell finds the pair of scandal and sees that there is a poisonous mushroom stuck in the straps. This means that the girls came from the desert; well there is a lot around where they standing. Morgan finds a burnt lighter and a punctured nitrous oxide tank at a distance.

She tells Sarah that one of the bullets would have punctured the tank which made it float in the air and then someone would have ignited the lighter; and there was fire in the sky! The team then talks to the people present at the party. An old man says something but nothing much makes sense. But he has pictures on his phone. A medical intern who burnt her hand because of the tank doesn’t know much as she was there to dance and did not see anything. At the lab, Robbins examines the body and looking at the wounds and marks, he infers that Jane Doe was a sex slave who was tied to some flat surface in shackles. So this means, she was running away from her captor. Greg and Morgan are going through the videos from the 57 smart phones they collected from the party and a dozen of clips from YouTube.

Morgan looks at those clips and she tells Greg to zoom in on the tank; especially the pink fur next to it. Morgan finds out that the medical intern was dealing nitrous. In one of the videos, they see that she also checks on our victim to confirm whether she had pulse. Next, Morgan goes to meet the intern, Amanda. Morgan knows that Amanda tried to help the girl, but she also knows that she tried to help the friend as well. Amanda tells her that she doesn’t want to lose her career. Amanda says that she hid the friend in her car, so that she could treat her injuries. She was freaked out and only stared at Amanda with wide eyes. Amanda takes Morgan to the friend. It turns out that she is photophobic.

Morgan then tries to take her DNA samples and she is shocked to find out that the tongue is missing. She informs Russell and then breaks into tears. Robbins tells Russell that the tongue was removed around six months back but there is no sexual abuse on this girl. Hodges arrives with his results on the mushroom and tells Nick that there are heavy traces of tungsten in this mushroom and there is one tungsten mine around the area where the rave took place. Next, Nick and Moreno go to the tungsten mine and find footprints there. They follow the tracks which leads them to a road. They infer that there was an accident between a car and a truck and if the truck had come to a stop, then the girls might have escaped from the truck. Morgan tries to get some information from the girl. But she doesn’t respond. Morgan then pulls out a writing pad and a pen and asks her to write down about her.

But she ends up giving her a drawing. Russell, Nick and Morgan contemplate about the sketch. Nick tells them about the truck was a cattle haler as they found a cattle tag as well. Now, Nick knows that the road came from Bull head city and the hauler was red and blue in color (as paint chips had fallen off the truck after the accident). So he asked all similar haulers to be tracked down that came from that place. So he has a list of the owners with similar hauler. Sarah arrives with the ballistics report and she has a list of all the registered users having a similar gun. Russell matches the list and there is one similar name; Oliver Ruiz from El Paso, Texas. They now have a name and a face.

Henry tells Morgan that the DNA of the girls shows that they were sisters. And it appears that they were abducted when they were children as this girl doesn’t know to read or write; which means they haven’t gone to school. Sarah looks at the missing reports from ten years back (considering their present ages) and finds the report of two missing girls, Jacinta Flores and Rosa Flores. Their father reported them missing when the mother left home with the girls and took everything. The mother has a family in Mexico. It looks like that the father has kept in touch with the PD to follow up. Hodges manages to track down the location of the hauler’s final destination and Nicks calls Moreno with the information. Adrian arrives and sees his daughter.

Russell takes him to get a cup of coffee and discuss about what his daughter has been through. Oliver Ruiz is caught and brought to the station. Nick and Stokes interrogate him. They have also found another girl in the truck. Finn interrogates the girl. She tells them that Oliver is her cousin and is a good guy. He was bringing her to the States so that he could give her a better life as she got caught up in bad company. She did not see the girls until the accident, when she heard some noises and saw the girls run. Oliver tells Nick that the guy who was driving the car was wearing a hood and once the trucked stopped, he grabbed his shirt and kept asking where the girls were and took Oliver’s gun from him and asked him to keep quiet about the incident. Oliver says he knows nothing about the girls.

Hodges runs some tests on Oliver’s shirt and finds a particular chemical on it. Russell is shocked as Adrian works in a place that handles such chemicals. He informs Morgan. Morgan arrives at the hospital and Amanda tells her that Jacinta’s father took her away; to the same hell. Next, Nick talks to Oliver and asks him the places where he had stopped the truck and Oliver says that he had made a stop at the Bull Head city. But Jacinta had drawn flowers in her sketch. Sara feels that she could have drawn what the outside looks like from where she was held. They find an area similar to the picture which does wind harvesting. So they weren’t flowers but windmills. In the truck, Adrian has put Jacinta in shackles and he pours gasoline around her.

The team arrives and asks Adrian to put down the lighter. Adrian lights the lighter and tosses it inside. Morgan and Nick run in to save Jacinta, and Adrian is arrested. It is over. Morgan learns that her mother did die and she also found out what Adrian was doing to Rosa and Jacinta was next. But no more; Morgan assures her that she is safe. The episode ends.