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Pick and Roll - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie and his team practicing basketball. The coach doesn’t like the way Charlie is playing and he asks him to leave. The coach then sees two people and asks his assistant to kick them out; one of them is Austin, the President of the University and the other is the guy whose name is on the gym. The coach says this is his gym and wants them out. Charlie is in the shower and he feels that someone is watching him. At home, Barbara is back and she tells Russell that Charlie has a girlfriend. What is the evidence? Laundry and Charlie was washing his own car! Must be serious!!

Brass calls Russell and Russell arrives at the crime scene and the victim is Tom Burns, Charlie’s coach. Russell infers that he was killed three hours earlier which puts the TOD at around 5 am. Sara and Finn examine the crime scene and it appears that Burns had an extra set of keys and after he finished his early morning workout, he came in for a shower and then he was attacked. They see that the killer tried to cover his tracks. They also find toes prints and ball prints along with some other prints made from keds heading towards the door; they infer there were two of them. Russell knocks at Charlie’s door and his girlfriend Vanessa opens the door. He tells Charlie that his coach is dead. After Vanessa leaves, he tells him that the coach was murdered.

He then tells Russell about the feeling he got that someone was watching him. And when he was leaving, he heard the Jack Oxford, the Hedge fund, arguing with the coach. Robbins tells Nick that the coach was struck nine times. There are two different wound patterns but it is too early to say if there were two weapons or one weapon used differently. Also, Robbins says that the coach was subjected to violence lately. There was some white substance found and it has been sent for DNA. Brass interrogates Jack. But he says that he had nothing to do with the murder. Greg brings in the locker room laundry and Henry finds a jersey with blood on it and the splatter shows that it could have happened only one way. They call in TJ Fair. TJ tells them that somebody tried to punch the coach in the locker room and he stepped in.

It was Charlie who threw the punch at the coach. Brass and Russell talk to Charlie and he says that he was working out at 5 in the morning and there is no alibi other than Vanessa. Russell is pissed at his son as he didn’t tell him about the punch and he had to learn about it from someone else. Hodges finds out that one set of prints at the scene was from a set of high heels; a fast woman. The sports shoe match is yet found. Looks like they have to go on a shopping spree! But also Hodges needs to raid Charlie’s locker and they need to talk to Russell first. Brass talks to Burn’s wife, Linda. She says that there was trouble in their marriage but they were going for couple’s therapy. Brass asks for her DNA and permission to search her house. The team finds some sex toys in Burns’ house.

The President wants Russell to be discreet about this. Finn tells Russell that there was a lot of semen found in the coach’s bedroom and since his wife was away for several days, guess the coach decided to play! Vanessa has dinner with the family and Charlie announces that they have decided to move in together. Henry swabs the sex toys for DNA samples and there seems to be an unknown woman. Also the bruising on the coach is from the sex toys. Nick tells Russell that the coach made three phone calls and a text to a disposable number and he got a reply from “Mistress Z” to meet her at the Iris. Nick and Russell go to the Iris and to Russell’s horror Mistress Z turns out to be Vanessa. This is awkward. Guess it is a lot more than that. They talk to Vanessa and she tells them that she is not a hooker.

She is a licensed sex therapist and she doesn’t want to say anything more. Russell goes home and takes Vanessa’s wine glass to run a DNA. Thank God that Barbara didn’t run the dishwasher. At the lab, Finn tells Russell that the Vanessa’s DNA matched with the unknown woman. So, Charlie is in a love triangle and he had a physical confrontation with the coach. Finn says that the all of Charlie’s shoes have been examined and none match the print at the scene. But Russell feels he is lying to protect Vanessa. Hodges tells Sara that the whit substance on Burns’ forehead was a tear drop, an emotional one as it contains higher levels of proteins and other substances. There is also a trace of drug used to enhance growth of eyelashes.

Hodges is still struggling with the shoes and Sara wonders if he ever thought that it could be something other than a shoe. It turns out that Linda uses the eyelash enhancing drug. Also, Linda’s call records show that there were calls made to Jack Oxford. Maybe they are having an affair. The wife was with Oxford and husband with Vanessa and ideally everyone should be happy. Then what happened? Nick calls Brass and Brass has news for him; someone took Oxford out of the game. He is dead. And the gun that was used to kill Oxford was registered to her name. She says that she didn’t kill either of them. She was at the locker room as she and her husband were supposed to have coffee to mend things but when she arrived she saw him lying dead.

Hence the teardrop! She didn’t call the cops fearing the scandal. She thought that Oxford killed Burns as they had a lot of fights about getting Oxford’s son Eli into the team and the coach refused. Russell feels that there were no prints on the gun and Burns’ murder weapon isn’t found. So they can’t incriminate Linda yet. Charlie arrives to meet his father and he tells him that Vanessa broke up with him as she got a job in some other school. Hodges is still working on the prints. Russell suggests it could be made by a ball but it turns out that it couldn’t be made by the latest balls. So Hodges suggests antique balls which had lace on it and they are usually kept on a stand.

They see a picture and Sara points out that the stand could be the murder weapon used to kill Burns as the shape compliments the wound patterns on Burns. The antique basketballs are rare and very few own them and so they call in Rob Austin, the President. He owns an $85,000 ball and he says that he was at the shower trying to convince him to take Eli into the team as Oxford donated a lot to the University and he was also ready to give the ball to Burns. But Burns was stubborn and so Austin killed him.

He says that he couldn’t afford to lose the money as then he would be blamed and it would cost him his job. He says that he saw Linda driving up and he also knew about the affair. So he stole Linda’s gun and killed Oxford, thus trying to frame Linda. Next, Russell tells Barbara about Vanessa. She makes him promise that there would be no more secrets between them. The episode ends.