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Fallen Angels - Recap

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The episode begins and we see that a Reverend is dead and his body is lying on a grave. The team arrives at the scene next morning and David tells Russell that the TOD is around midnight and the COD is a single GSW. Brass tells Russell that the victim is Reverend Rick Renken and he preaches in the church next to the graveyard. Russell notices a plant on the grave and he thinks that the Reverend was paying his respects. But Nick tells him that the plant was placed thereby him last week; the grave belongs to Warrick Brown, ex-CSI. So looks like Warrick could have been the Reverend’s friend. Nick finds the bullet casing of a 9 mm. but it cannot be said yet if it is from the same shooting.

This neighborhood is known for its gang wars and drug deals. Brass tells Nick that they should talk to Aaron Voss as nothing in this area goes down without a blip on his radar. Voss tells them that he does not know anything about the shooting. Brass tells him that he was shot last week in the same vicinity and feels that the reverend was a victim of mistaken identity. Warrick despised Voss and Voss thinks that a little blood on his grave has gotten Nick riled up. Nick goes to Warrick’s house and meets his son Eli. But Tina is not happy to see Nick and he tells him to stay away from her son. At the morgue, Greg finds some white powder on the clothes and blue substance from the shoe sole. Hodges tells him that the white powder is Oxycodome and the blue substance is blue chalk.

Nick tells them that when he went to Tina’s he saw that Eli had made a picture at the doorstep and it was a wide blue sky. This means that the Reverend visited Tina’s house before he was killed and the drugs are from there as the Reverend’s tox results are clean. Sara and Finn got ot Tina’s place and find it in a mess. There are cockroaches under a plate, feasting on a sandwich and Finn thinks that Eli should not be living in a place like this. Sara tells her that Warrick was fighting for Eli’s custody when he was murdered. They find a man’s jeans in the apartment and marijuana in the pockets. There is a bottle of pills with no name on it; but there is a print and Sara clicks pictures and sends it to the lab. It belongs to a local named Paul Cliff and he is on parole.

Tina is pissed with the CSI as they let her husband to be killed. She doesn’t want to talk to them about anything. A woman from child Protective Services takes Eli away. The team then goes to Paul’s house and finds him on the ground, lying in a pool of blood. He was thrown from the window. Morgan tells Russell that all the prints match to Paul’s shoes. She describes the scene to him where she says that someone arrived at his house and he tried to escape through the window, hoping to go through with a two storey jump. But what she finds weird is that Paul had a gun (she found it hidden in the couch); so why take flight when he was ready to fight? Could be that Paul killed the Reverend, tucks the gun and then something happens that leads him to jump out of the window.

Russell finds one of the CSI flashlights hidden beneath the cupboard. There is blood on it and Morgan also finds blood drops on the floor. But this blood is old; so there was a Round 1 before Round 2. Greg tells Morgan that the blood on the flash light was Paul’s but that on the floor was from a different contributor. She finds a print on the battery and it is a match to Warrick Brown!! In the morgue, Russell tells Robbins that Paul was dating Tina and the flashlight belonged to Warrick. Russell then finds a check for 1000 dollars written by the Revered to Paul so doesn’t seem likely that Paul killed the Revered. Finn checks Paul’s internet history and sees that he was home watching porn when the Reverend was killed. So whoever killed the Reverend took the gun to Paul’s place and drove him out o the window.

Sara tells Finn that the Reverend’s bank accounts are suspiciously fruitful and multiplying. Nick is talking to Eli and he tells him that Paul used to come over all the time and he was scary and Eli used to hide under the bead. Last night his mother promised him that he won’t come back. Brass and Nick talk to Tine. They know that the Reverend was pulling a sham by making people sign off their houses to the church. But then Tina opposed it and that is why the Reverend came over to her house. But she told him that she will let everyone know what he is doing. They then ask her about a fight that put Paul’s blood on Warrick’s flashlight. She tells them that after his job killed him, she handed over all of Warrick’s things to a kid in the neighborhood that Warrick would help out.

Nick goes to Warrick’s grave and finds James Newman standing over the grave. He had seen him earlier near Tina’s place. Newman tells them that he did make several calls reporting domestic violence against Paul. But there was no action taken and so he went to Eli’s place and hit him with the flash light and warned him to stay away; that is all and this was three days ago. Jolene, his aunt, tells Greg that James was a great kid. His mother killed herself due to some psychological disoreders. James tells Brass that he did not kill anyone but he wished that they were dead. Brass thinks that someone carried out his wishes! He says that this has happened to him before. He says that a bully used to always trouble him and when he got a new pair of sneakers, he took it away from him and James walked back home in his socks.

The next day, the sneakers were outside his door and no one heard about Ben. He feels that Warrick is looking over him and his family as he had promised. Finn finds the sneakers on the shelf and Russell remarks that the guardian angel is back! Russell finds a missing report for Ben Drayton and it matches with James’ story. They find blood on the sneakers and Russell wants to know if it is Ben’s. It is. Greg pulls up footage from the burger joint where Ben worked and they see that a shadowy someone arrives and takes him away. Morgan says that they found traces of metal from a junk yard under the shoes; a place where Ben could have been killed. There is an auto junk yard a mile away from Ben’s workplace.

Chances are that he might still be there. Finn notices in the video that Ben had a “find my key” mark on his key. So if the button on the device is clicked, they could find the keys. And she is right; amongst tons and tons of junk, the key beeps and they find Ben Drayton buried in the ground. They also find a strand of hair with the bundled body. It is a year old crime, so chance of finding evidence is slim. Henry tells Russell that the hair is not James’ but it is from some male member of his family. But his aunt said he is the only son. Maybe dad is in the picture now; as Jolene had told Greg that her sister was a single mother. Greg goes through Jolene’s financials. Jolene tells him that she received money from her sister’s insurance but that isn’t possible as she killed herself.

He then finds out that the check came from an account opened by Warrick Brown. And the deposits kept being made after Warrick’s death. They get a text saying Aaron Voss is shot; but not dead. Since Voss was making the neighborhood a dangerous place, guardian angel would make it dangerous for Voss. Finn calls Russell and tells him that the guy who shot Voss is arrested but he is a 19 year old who tried shooting at Voss once before as well. The deposit in Warrick’s account came from XL Industries and it owns the junk yard where Drayton was buried. And it belongs to Aaron Voss! Voss is Drayton’s father and the guardian angel.

Russell examines Voss’ car and finds the Reverend’s kerchief in it. So, he must have put it there as a sign so that Voss could get busted. Russell confronts Voss and he is arrested for murdering three people. Next, Tina tells Sara that she is ready to go through counseling and whatever else to get back on track. Sara says that Eli will be with his foster parents for a while and then CPS will talk to you and then decide. But before that, she has a minute; Eli runs into his mother’s arms. The episode ends.