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CSI on Fire - Recap

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The episode begins with two hikers witnessing an explosion on an empty land; something fell from the sky and landed on the ground and then exploded. Next, the team is on the scene. Detective Anderson introduces himself to Russell and Finn. He was the first to arrive on the scene. He then takes them to a place where the earth seems disturbed and there is only one reason someone would dig the earth in a place like this; it is likely to be a grave. Russell and Finn are asked to leave the scene as this is a federal crime scene. But Finn says that since they have found a body, their body trumps the x-files convention of the feds. It is now an LVPD crime scene.

Now, the whole team is at the scene and David reports to Robbins saying that the body smells like dirt which indicates it was buried for more than five years. Robbins says that the body looks strangely preserved and David says that there are three bodies found; all female. There are desiccated ferns found around the bodies. Russell finds number four and she seems to be mummified. It looks like she was killed more recently. The question is where were they buried and why were they moved. Finn finds a necklace on the remains and she rushes to her laptop. She matches the necklace to a picture. It is her; Janet Warren, and the CSI has managed to find Janet after two years since she disappeared. Hodges says that the dark soil indicates that the crime took place somewhere in the North.

Finn thinks that all this points to Tom Cooley’s ranch. Russell tells her that they need to first find out if it is really Janet and states that Finn is getting ahead before finding any evidence. So, now there are eight bodies. And Finn wants them to work on Janet first as this is the case that has been troubling it for two years. Hodges and Morgan sieve the soil and isolate a lot of evidence from it. nick looks at the dead insects found on the graves and one of them is a real game changer; it proves that the body was initially buried outside Seattle. So why move the bodies to Nevada? Greg confirms that the prints belong to Janet Warren. Russell tracks Finn through GPS and she is in Seattle! Russell calls Mike; her ex-husband. He is working as a traffic cop now and he stops Finn. Finn realizes that Russell spoke to Mike. Mike takes her to Cooley’s ranch which is now turned into a settlement.

Mike tells her that it is not possible to tear down the houses of these people to find out if the bodies were buried there. Janet’s mother has been informed about her daughter and she is in Vegas. Monica Warren meets Robbins and tells him that she wants to see her daughter. Robbins warns her against it as it is not the same Janet she had last seen. But she insists and Russell arrives. He hands over the necklace to her. Morgan has found a ring in the soil and it is a guy’s ring. The stamp on the ring says Hardison High and it is the class of 1987. They pull up the details and they see that Tom Cooley was the Class President. Henry arrives with IDs on two Jane Does; Stephanie and Sunshine. Stephanie went missing in 1999 and Sunshine a year later. There are high levels of date rape drugs found in their bodies.

The MO is up close and the killer likes to look in their eyes when they die. He is a sadist. Henry and Russell watch a video of Janet when she was last seen with Cooley and her hands are on his thighs; giving him permission to take her home. Finn makes a call to find out who all purchased the ring and Mike reminds her that their guy lost his ring. So Finn asks for the names of people who ordered for a replacement ring. There is one, Eric Louie. They meet Eric and he tells them that he gave the ring to his then girlfriend and now wife Marla and she lost it. He feels that she gave it to one of her quarterbacks she was dating. They talk to Marla. Marla tells them that she dated almost all the quarterbacks. She doesn’t remember when or where she lost the ring.

She tells them that she also dated Max Liston, Cooley’s best friend and once went to Cooley’s ranch for a party. Mike and Finn feel that she is hiding something. Russell feels that if Marla is hiding something, which means she doesn’t want Eric to know that thing. Finn sends him a link where he sees that Liston was hired as a contractor to redevelop Cooley’s ranch. This means that he paved the eight graves. Liston became a millionaire and died three weeks later. Brass and Russell watch on news that Cooley is ready to reward a handsome price to the person who finds Janet’s killer. He portrays himself as a victim as his whole life is destroyed. He then mentions about Finn, an overzealous cop who lost her job as she did not consider any evidence and accused him of Janet’s murder.

Nick finds out that the land where the bodies were found was a lad that cannot be redeveloped. This makes it a perfect spot to bury. This land belongs to the biggest real estate firm in Seattle and Cooley family also made money through real estate. Cooley and his lawyer arrive to meet Brass and Brass warns Cooley no to leave Vegas. The lawyer clearly states that Colley will not be giving his DNA. An angry Finn goes to meet Cooley in his hotel room and they get into an argument. Thirty minutes later, Cooley is found dead in his room. Brass and Russell are pissed with Finn. Another Jane Doe has been identified, Ashley. Brass sees that there are two glasses in the room and he hopes to not find Finn’s prints on it. Cooley has hung himself from the door knob.

Pearson, Cooley’s lawyer is at his wits end. He is the one who notified the security when Cooley wasn’t opening the door. Anyway, they finally have Cooley’s DNA. They find the drugs with Cooley’s name on it. The same ones found in the women’s bodies. Finn thinks this is a homicide. Robbins tells Russell that the sedatives were found in Cooley’s body as well along with the alcohol. The type of knot that he tied to kill himself required certain dexterity and according to Finn, Cooley looked wasted. Robbins points out to the fatty liver which indicates that he had certain level of tolerance. Finn barges in saying that Cooley’s DNA matched the semen found in Janet’s car. So it is official; Cooley murdered Janet. Finn thinks someone killed Cooley and Russell wonders the motive behind it.

Finn says that Cooley had his best friend help him; but Max is dead. There is another best friend and Finn knows somebody who might know about it. Mike and Finn go to meet Marla again. Marla tells them that she lied about the party. She was alone with three horny guys; Tom Cooley, Gavin Pearson and Max Liston. She remembers that she blacked out and when she woke up, she was being buried. She got up and ran and no one believed her. She was raped and Eric doesn’t know about this. At the hotel, Greg works the timeline and they figure out that Pearson had access to Cooley’s alcohol as he said that they were having drinks together. So he mixed the drugs in his drink, giving it time to act on Cooley. Russell then remembers that Pearson’s key got demagnetized.

He remembers that a kid was complaining about the soda machine as it took his dollar and did not give any soda. Russell goes to the soda machine and finds a block of magnet behind the machine. Pearson had used this to use the inside door to enter Cooley’s room and as Cooley was passed out, he strung him to the door knob and went out the same way. He pocketed the magnet and this de-magnetized his key. Brass interrogates Pearson and Pearson gives him names of the remaining four Jane Does. Case Closed. Monica thanks Finn for finding out the truth.

Two years, Two jobs and One marriage; the cost for trying to find Janet Warren’s killer. Finn thanks Mike for sticking by her side. She knows that he misses her and she tells him that she misses him too. They kiss and her flight to Nevada is postponed to the next day. The episode ends.