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Strip Maul - Recap

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The episode begins with Nick and Sara doing rounds of the Vegas City along with two other detectives; Nick is with Detective Crawford and Sara is with Detective Weiss. They pick up a hooker, a guy using marijuana and a dealer named Adrian. Moments later, a young guy has managed to gather a huge crowd, as he is holding the head of his dead father. The cops arrive and Sara tells them that it is a fake head. A girl wearing a blue hood is shooting this whole thing. The cops chase the guy and he tells them that this was a joke and he did it for fame as he knows that this video will go viral.

Just then Nick notices a guy in sitting in a car; he is dead and this is no joke. The people who are arrested are brought to the LVPD station. Nick tells Russell that the wallet of the gunshot victim is missing and as of now there is no id established. The guy signs a statement against the drug dealer; his name is Bobby Reed and he is the son of the City attorney, Dennis Reed. A transvestite named Josh, who calls himself Joslyn, is charged for taking a swing at a cab driver. She gets pissed when she is asked if she has been drinking and she hits Greg. Morgan processes the belongings of the hooker, Chastity, Crawford and Nick picked up. Jim tells Conrad that one of the superiors is resigning and mostly Conrad will be asked be the replacement.

Finn is attending to a guy named Anthony Pak, who is here to attend a convention and there are some nasty looking hives on his hand. Actually, Anthony was clocked by the guy who was swinging the fake head around. The blood on the head was real; pig’s blood. Anthony is now having some pathogen reaction on his hand due to the blood. They need to find out how many people he came in contact with. So, he did go viral! But this one is an outbreak!! Thanks to the tainted pig blood. Sara tells Nick that his gunshot victim didn’t even turn around; the shooter seems professional. They check the bullet and infer that the killer used a sub-caliber gun. Like using a 44 to fire a 22! Jim talks to Chastity and her real name is Heather.

Jim asks Heather as to where did she get the ring from and she tells him that she bought it from a girl named Jersey who works the streets with her. Jim tells her that this ring was custom made by him for his ex-wife; it his engagement ring. He removes a picture from his wallet and shows it to Heather and she confirms that this is the girl she bought the ring from. That’s his daughter. Joslyn gets violent again and stabs herself with a pair of scissors. A pregnant transvestite! The Internal Affairs is going to be all over them. Greg talks to Marco and is trying to figure out all the places he visited with that fake head and pig blood. Finn calls Greg and tells him that the hospital said that there is no outbreak and Pak has responded to the medication. But Sara points out that the path which Marco followed did cross the John Doe homicide.

So there could be a possibility that his girlfriend must have captured something on her camera. Morgan tells Brass that the stolen debit card that was found on Chastity was last used to rent a car by the gunshot victim. The name on the debit card is Keith Dobson and he is our John Doe! Jim talks to Chastity and she tells him that she met Keith and his buddy at the Tangiers and they wanted some company. Keith seemed clueless but the friend seemed to be like a player. She showed them a good time and then when Keith was in the shower, she stole his debit card. They then wanted to go to the Strip and so she dropped them round the corner. At the morgue, Robbins performs an autopsy on Josh/Joslyn. David tells them that Josh wasn’t very delusional as his stomach x-rays do show some presence; bundles of joy. Robbins cuts open the stomach and pulls out a deflated balloon of drug.

There are around twenty balloons inside the stomach. Josh was smuggling drugs and this is what got him psychotic. Hodges has a theory for the bullet that killed Keith; according to him the killer used a plastic gun to fire the bullet. Nick dismisses the theory. Henry tells Greg that the drugs found in Josh’s stomach were identical to the ones they found that Adrian was selling to Bobby. They talk to Adrian and Adrian tells them that Bobby was the one who was moving drugs in the casino. He didn’t want to cross the drug boss of the city and so he wanted to work with the boss, Rolan. That was a better option. All they caught Adrian doing was sampling and not supplying. Sara asks Lydia, Marco’s girlfriend to surrender the camera as it might have evidence. She then tells Lydia to dump it in a newspaper dumpster.

Lydia agrees and she also dumps Marco. The next day, Sara and Morgan find the camera. But they also find Lydia’s dead body. So, the killer was also after the camera, and looks like he didn’t find the camera, but found her. Robbins hands over the bullet to Sara which killed Lydia and it is identical to the one that killed Keith. Finn goes through the tape and finds out that Bobby Reed was the friend Keith was with. They then see the scene where Bobby and Chastity walk away from the car, leaving Keith behind the wheels in the state that the cops found him! Jim is pissed at Chastity as she lied to him. She tells him that she has nothing to do with the murder. She says that she works for Rolan and that he asked her to keep an eye on Bobby. She had no clue that Keith would be with Bobby. She thinks that probably Rolan killed the wrong guy.

She then tells him that she met his daughter in Vegas and Jim did not know she was here. Hodges tells Russell that the polymer residue got him thinking and he figured out that the killer might have duplicated the gun, making it untraceable. He then tells Russell about 3D printers and feels that the killer must have used it to duplicate the gun. These printers are expensive and Russell asks him to call the manufacturers of the printers. Dennis is talking to Jim and he tells Jim that Keith is Bobby’s friend and Josh is his cousin; although he hasn’t seen Josh dressed like that. Jim then tells him about Lydia. Jim tells Dennis to ask his son to talk to them. Finn, Sara, Greg and Nick are going through Chastity’s chat.

Hodges arrives saying that Rolan had bought the 3D printer. But after Finn looks at the report she tells them that it is not necessary that it has to be Rolan as she has seen a similar residue on Anthony Pak’s hand when he was admitted in the hospital after being clocked by Marco. Looks like he had an allergic reaction to his own gun! So Pak wasn’t there by accident; he was indeed going for Lydia’s camera. Dennis convinces Bobby to come down to the station and make a statement against Rolan. Now it is Chastity’s turn. She is scared as she feels she will be killed once all this is over. Jim tells her that he will give her money and a ticket back to PA where she could go back to and never come back to the Strip.

Chastity and Rolan exchange texts. He tells her to bring Bobby to the Fashion Arcade. Nick and Crawford are at the Arcade and Greg and Sara are monitoring them. They find that Pak is texting Chastity. So all the texts were sent by Pak. Pak manages to ditch the cameras as he knows where they are. When he turns around the corner and is about to shoot Chastity, he is surprised to see Detective Weiss in the same outfit. Nick and Crawford also arrive. Pak is arrested and he is not talking nor even asking for a lawyer. Rolan got rid of the 3D printer and now the gun and texts are on Pak and Rolan’s hands are clean.

Later, Jim arrives looking for Chastity and Crawford tells him that somebody bailed for her. She has left an envelope for Jim. Inside the envelop is Jim’s ring that she bought from his daughter and a note saying that she doesn’t like bus trips and that Jim should find his daughter. Chastity is not taking Jim’s offer. The episode ends.