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Double Fault - Recap

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The episode begins at a tennis match between Tara Janssen and Claudia Webber; they are best friends outside the court and also doubles partner. Claudia has never defeated Tara. Her husband, Coach Ivan and her father Simon Webber are also present in the court. Claudia wins this match and this is a big match of her career. Claudia thanks her husband for his support. The next we see Claudia’s bloodied body lying in the ball machine covered with tennis balls. Justin Gimelstob is the guy who found her. He tells Finn that he came in for his regular practice and a blood covered ball was shot from the ball machine. That is when he found the dead body and he informed the cops.

Finn notices that the clay on the court was disturbed and the blood splatter indicates that Claudia was killed there. Who says tennis isn’t a blood sport? There is blunt force trauma on the head and also a stab wound on the throat. There is blood on her shoes as well. Looks like some obsessed fan was not happy to see Claudia win that match yesterday! Nick interrogates Ivan. Ivan tells him that Claudia booked a room at a hotel as his snoring kept her awake and she wanted to get a good night sleep before the finals. She did stay late on the court after a big win, hitting balls.

He also says that her father had lost his wife last year and Claudia is all he had left. Greg and Finn find more blood drops on the court and some grass and gravel; could be from the killer. Greg finds a trail of blood leading to the trash can. The bag has been changed; looks like he is going dumpster diving! At the precinct, immigration officer Smith arrives to meet Russell. He tells him that Hodges claims that an Italian named Elisabetta is his fiancée. Russell confronts Hodges and he tells Russell the story of how he met his fiancée. Russell tells him that the immigration officer has raised a red flag. Russell is happy for him and for the moment wants him to continue examining the clay from the court. But Hodges tells him that American courts used crushed basalt. Robbins tells Morgan that Claudia’s skull indicates that there has been a previous trauma to the head as there seems to be a contusion.

But he isn’t able to say when that could have happened. But it is actually the stab wound that killed her. Robbins isn’t able to determine the murder weapon. Nick and Greg talk to Earnest, the guy who changes the bags of the waste bin. He leads him to the can where he last dumped the trash. They find a broken tennis racket and there is blood on it; it is the murder weapon. Henry runs DNA on the handle and he finds that a minor DNA trace leads to Tara. It seems that she was a sore loser after all. Russell asks Henry if he know about Hodges being engaged. He tells him that Hodges stopped confiding in him after he accused him for stealing Wendy. Tara is brought in for interrogation and she denies having to do anything with the murder. Brass tells her that she did stand a chance to lose a lot of money and also that since she was getting old, a young player like Claudia could be a great threat.

Also he shows her a video where Tara breaks her racket in two when she got angry during a match. She tells him that last night she was dining with Chris Evert and then went home. Finn questions Evert. She is an ex-tennis player. She tells Finn that she did meet Tara the previous night. Tara had some anger management issues and she was helping her. But she then states that Claudia has some issues with her coach Ivan, who is also her husband. She was about to fire Ivan and make Evert her coach. Elisabetta is at the office and she is fighting with Hodges. She talks about a green card to Hodges (Henry is using his translator on his phone). She is upset that nobody knows about her and that probably there is someone else in his life. She then kisses him; now everyone knows who she is. Everyone is shocked; Morgan too is.

Henry then tells Morgan that the DNA found on the court belonged to Ivan. Nick questions Ivan. Ivan has a habit of spitting and that is how they got the DNA from the court. Ivan tells them that he had gone to talk to Claudia as she was firing him. She tells him that she cannot take orders from him at home and in the court. He also tells them that latterly she has been too secretive and she was having nightmares. She used to call out a guy’s name in her dreams; Brent. He tells them that they have been having trouble in their marriage; but he doesn’t think that she was having an affair. He would do anything to save their marriage and would never think of killing her. Russell and Greg go through Claudia’s stuff and they find LSD.

That is the secret she is keeping from Ivan. They also find a print on the bottle that belongs to a woman named Darcy Shaw who has been arrested for drug distribution. They call in Darcy for questioning. Darcy calls herself a doctor; well she has obtained an online degree. She tells Russell that she was using LSD to cure Claudia and get in touch with her subconscious mind. She tells them that Claudia was having violent dreams about a vicious attack on her mother and her in the woods when she was four. She tells them that she has recorded the sessions and they can see it. They watch the session where Darcy was hypnotizing Claudia. They then call Claudia’s father who tells them that he is not Claudia’s biological father. They found her lying on the side of the road and she was bleeding from her head.

They took her to the hospital and then adopted her. So this explains the previous blunt force trauma that Robbins was talking about. Finn has a doubt; she thinks that one month earlier Claudia talks about the man who attacked her and killed her mother and now she is dead; amazing coincidence. She thinks that the man who attacked her when she was four, has come back to finish the job. In all the sessions Claudia never mentioned a “dad”; only Brent. They then see an old photograph of Claudia in the hospital after she was attacked and she is carrying a soft toy with her. This toy was also found in the bag they found from the hotel. So, if they process the toy, they could find the DNA of the killer. Morgan tells Hodges hat she doesn’t trust Elisabetta and that she is using him for a green card.

Hodges knew that this is how people would react and that is why he did not tell anyone. He says he is going to marry her. Greg tells Nick that there was blood found on that soft toy; this means Claudia had it with her during the attack. But there is also sulfur on it. They check the area where Webber found Claudia and there is a sulfur spring nearby. They check that area and find two skeletons buried together; one male and one female. So they found mom and Brent. Greg tells Russell and Finn that the two dead bodies were Claudia’s biological parents. They also learn that Claudia had an older brother, Brent. He wasn’t to be found; so either he was the one who killed them or he was dead. Her father, Martin, had several credit card fault and assault charges.

So, the family left town. Morgan tells them that over the past month, Claudia has been calling several Brent Abbots; she believed that he r brother was alive. She asked all of them the same question. So, maybe the real Brent Abbot, who could also be their killer, got nervous and came back to kill her! Nick tells Fin that he did some checking on Martin and learned that he used several aliases; one of them is Ernest Prestwich. Now, Earnest is also the name of the janitor at the tennis center. And he has a place registered under the name of Brent Abbot. So, he used one of his father’s aliases but forgot to change his phone number. Claudia had called him a week ago. Brent tells them that he had an abusive father, who beat the crap out of him and his mother never pressed charges.

So, he decided to kill them in the woods. He did not want to hurt Claudia; but she came out of her tent and got hit by mistake. After he buried the bodies, he saw that Claudia was gone. He says that he came to town t talk to her and not to kill her. He says that Tara was on the court the night Claudia was killed. They call in Tara. We then learn that Tara was having an affair with Ivan. That day after losing the match, Tara whispers in Claudia’s ears that she was having an affair with Ivan. Ivan was supposed to go to the court and tell Claudia about ending the relationship; instead he apologized and told her that he loved her.

This enraged her and she killed Claudia. So, now instead of serving aces, she will be serving time. Next, Hodges walks up to Morgan and thanks her for putting in a good word for Elisabetta and him to the immigration. Morgan tells him that if this relationship made him happy, then it is good for her. The episode ends.