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Exile - Recap

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The episode begins at a club where we see a Cuban singer, Silvana and her troop performing. Alongside, we also see a murder being committed. After the performance, Silvana and her manager walk in into the changing room. They see Marta, Silvana’s sister, sitting on the chair; but she is dead. Silvana screams. The team arrives on the site. They infer that this is not the primary location of the murder. COD is blunt force trauma and TOD is six hours ago. The killer removed one of Silvana’s dresses and made Marta wear it. Russell wants to know why the killer killed Silvana’s sister, made her wear Silvana’s dress, made her sit in her vanity and stare into Silvana’s mirror.

Just then Russell notices Silvana’s photo frame and there is a bloody print on it. On the backside of the frame, there is a message written in blood:” SILVANA ERES LA PROXIMA”. And it means “Silvana you are next”. Greg and Morgan arrive at the scene. Russell talks to Silvana. Silvana tells Russell that she had lunch with Martha the previous day and she went shopping after that. Marta designed Silvana’s costumes for the show. She says that everybody loved Marta.

The manager, Antonio Ficha, tells Officer Kevin Crawford, that Silvana received threats every day. There is a community that wants Silvana to go back to Cuba. Antonio then mentions Eddie Santos, a member of a particular community. Antonio tells Kevin that Eddie has been following Silvana everywhere. After a brief conversation, Kevin realizes that Antonio is not just a manager; he is a handler who has been assigned to ensure Silvana’s safe return to Cuba. Morgan finds black residue on the floor and Greg finds some fibers at the base of the chair. There is a trail of these fibers that lead to the door which opens into the alley. This means that Marta’s body was dragged in a sack.

They find the sack dumped in a trash can. Sarah is pissed at the club owner that none of the cameras are working. The only one working is at the back of the cash register. The owner, who is a Cuban American, tells Sarah that there have been acts of vandalism from the time he has announced Silvana’s shows. Sarah asks him to fix them. Next, Robbins tells Finn that the injuries on Marta’s body aren’t new to him. It is a particular style of torture where the victim’s hands and legs are tied and he is made to lie on the stomach for a long time. Then the victim is made to sit on a chair and then beaten with a pipe.

When Robbins was in Cuba, a reporter had told him that this is the technique is used by the police. The wounds on Marta’s body are very much similar to this form of torture. There are obvious signs of sexual assault and Robbins also finds a small metal piece embedded in Marta’s foot. Hodgins arrives at his lab for testing the metal piece. Ecklie is waiting for him. He tells Hodgins that Morgan is being deposed for supporting Hodgins in the immigration investigation. He hopes that Hodgins realizes what he is doing. Later, Hodgins tells Russell that the black residue found is motor oil and the metal fragment is from a chrome plating facility and there are only three in Vegas.

One of them is two blocks away from the club and the owner is Eddie Santos, face of the Cuban exiles. Nick and Brass go to the facility and they find a bloodied chair and ropes. Brass concludes that this is their primary scene. Just then Eddie arrives. They arrest Eddie and take him for interrogation. Eddie tells them that he did not kill or rape Marta. Nick takes his DNA and Henry runs it with the samples found in Eddie’s office and on Marta; but it does not match with Eddie’s. But there is definitely a secondary match. It could either be a sibling, or nephew. Russell tells them to shake up Eddie’s family tree. Meanwhile, Robbins tells Finn that there is more to the COD.

There is poison in Marta’s lungs. He says that Marta was poisoned and simultaneously beaten up. Robbins says that he has never come across such a thing. Sarah takes a look at the calls made by Marta before her death. There were three calls made to a DC number. When they run the number, they are denied access. Sarah tells Russell that when they put together Cuba, DC and Access Denied, all they get is a CIA territory. Hodgins tells Nick that he knows how the cyanide got into Marta’s body. He tells Nick about a particular kind of leaves which when ingested, reacts with the stomach enzymes and produce cyanide. The killer stuffed the leaves down Marta’s throat. Greg is doing some research on Eddie’s family tree.

In the process, he comes up with a picture of a Cuban Army group from the '73. It was headed by Carlos Querto, Silvana’s grandfather and standing next to him was Eddie. Greg tells Morgan that Eddie and two other comrades made a crack at Carlos’ ties to the black market. They were thrown in prison and tortured for six years by Carlos himself. So, this is nothing but feud between the Querto and Santos families. Greg knows the family member who exacted revenge. He tells Morgan that Eddie’s sister, Hilda, immigrated to the US and got married to Oscar Mejia. They had a son, Estefan Mejia, the owner of the club and also Eddie’s nephew. Greg and Morgan go to the club where Silvana is rehearsing.

They confront Estefan and tell him that his DNA was found on Marta’s body and on the couch in his uncle’s facility. Just then Silvana collapses and she is rushed to the hospital. Antonio is pissed and Russell tells him that Silvana is exhibiting similar symptoms of cyanide poisoning. He also tells Antonio that they have a suspect in custody. Kevin and Nick interrogate Estefan. He tells them that he could never hurt Marta, despite the enmity between the families; they were in love. His uncle’s shop was the only safe place they could meet. Marta called him and they met there and made love. She was alive when he left. Morgan hands over Silvana’s stomach contents to Hodgins for examination.

At the hospital, Silvana is conscious and asks Russell to find who killed Marta. Hodgins tells Finn that the basic substance used for poisoning was the leaves; but the delivery method was different. The killer mixed it with Tilo that Silvana took for relaxation. Greg remembers finding a bottle of Tilo in Silvana’s belongings. Greg runs the prints found on the capsules and he gets a match; Antonio Ficha, the handler and the manager! Ecklie tells Russell that he spoke to the State Department and has found out that the sisters were seeking asylum. He states that the sisters defecting, is bad news for Antonio.

Kevin arrives and tells them that Antonio checked Silvana out of the hospital and the patrol saw them returning to their hotel. They reach the hotel and they hear noises from the room. They break open the door when they hear gun shots. They find Estefan lying dead on the floor and Antonio standing over his body with a gun in his hand. They arrest him. They also find Silvana locked inside a room. She tells them that Antonio is crazy. Greg and Morgan process the crime scene and find fibers on the floor. They then find Antonio’s bag hidden in the vent. It has the same torture materials, the sack and also the poisonous leaves.

Silvana tells Finn that Antonio and she were packing to leave and, Estefan walked in shouting that Antonio killed Marta and tried to poison Silvana. He then pulled out a gun and Silvana ran into the bathroom to protect her own self. She then heard a shot. Kevin and Brass interrogate Antonio and Antonio tells them that Estefan came into the room screaming lies. Antonio tried to calm him down and told him that his uncle Eddie has filled his head with lies. But Estefan did not listen and drew his gun. Antonio tells them that he shot Estefan in self defense. He tells them that he has nothing to do with the murder or poisoning Silvana. The Tilo was his and he gave it to Silvana. The bag they found is a set up.

Ecklie is worried and asks Russell that they more proof. Hodgins tells Russell that there was a small piece of evidence he found on Marta which belonged to an old Chevy. It is the same model that Eddie drives. But when he processed Eddie’s car, he saw that the car has not had a carpet update since the ‘50s. Russell is going through some pictures and he sees that in one of them Silvana is standing in front of an old Chevy. Russell interrogates Silvana. Russell tells her that they spoke to the auto rental and learned that they signed a two day contract on the Chevy in the picture. They had rented it out to Silvana. They also know that the kid behind the desk was so mesmerized by Silvana that he rented the car out to her for an extra day, off the books.

He also said that when the car was returned, it was cleaner than before and that is very unusual. Russell tells her that he knows that she killed her sister. Marta contacted DC because she wanted to be close to Estefan. But he also knows that Silvana loved Estefan since they were kids. And she wanted Estefan for herself. She framed Antonio and called Estefan to come and rescue her from the hotel. Russell points out that her lies got Estefan killed. Silvana tells him that Marta knew how much she loved Estefan since she was a child. Every song she wrote was for him. She admits that she killed Marta and would do it again if that could bring Estefan back. The episode ends.