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Forget Me Not - Recap

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The episode begins with Sarah sitting alone at the restaurant. A man walks up to her table; he has also brought a small cake with a candle on it. He tells her that he took a shot in the dark and it turns out to be right; it is Sarah’s birthday. Sarah asks him to join her. Later, they go up to his hotel room. Next, Greg is at the hotel and meets Sarah who is now checking out of the hotel. He tells her that there is a dead body on the 18th floor. Sarah goes with Greg to check out the crime scene. They arrive at the crime scene; Sarah is shocked to see that the guy she spent time with last night, is now dead! Russell arrives and she tells him that she knows the victim and that she was in his room for an hour the previous night.

But nothing happened between them. Russell asks her to give a statement. The victim is Taylor Wynard. He has been stabbed but there are no defensive wounds. He has been stabbed seven times in total. They find a print on the wine glass and Nick finds that the steak knife is missing. The prints are a match to Sarah. Russell asks them to work the evidence like they always do. Sarah is giving her statement to Kevin and Kevin asks her as to why her date ended abruptly. She tells him that she got a text from her husband, Grissom, and she left and entered her room around 11.15. But Kevin then asks her why she called the victim around midnight; he states that her call lasted for eight minutes.

But Sarah has no memory of making that call. Nick finds Sarah’s necklace behind the bed. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Kevin that she was having some trouble sleeping and so she took a sleeping pill that was prescribed to her. Kevin is shocked that she took a sleeping pill on top of all that alcohol. He then tells her that the logs show that she re-entered her room around 2.49am. Her whereabouts from midnight to 3 am are unaccounted for. Greg finds hair in the drain and damp towels in the bathroom. Nick looks visibly disturbed by this whole thing. Greg then proceeds to process the bed; but the sheets are gone. Morgan draws blood to run a tox screen.

She hints that everyone around thinks that Sarah cheated on her husband. Hodges bars Sarah from entering his lab. Finn asks her to go home. Sarah arrives home and sees that the dishwasher is running. She opens it and finds a knife inside. It is the murder weapon. Later, Greg and Nick arrive and she tells them that someone is messing with her. Greg finds some photos in the bedroom. They show Sarah kissing Taylor. Sarah tells Russell that she met Taylor two weeks ago and she was completely surprised when he showed up at the table. Nick tells her that the alcohol level in her blood was high and the drug levels are also very high. Sarah tells them that she took only one pill before sleeping and there is no way that her levels could be that high.

Russell tells her that her behavior is disturbing and she tells him that Grissom is no more her husband and she has been struggling a little bit. Hodges tells Finn that the hair strands found in the shower was a match with Sarah’s. But he also states that there was a considerable amount of Zolpidem in her blood level and that the person does not remember anything he does after he takes the pill. The drug is known to have bizarre side effects like sleep walking, sleep driving etc. Sarah sees her necklace on the monitor and Sarah tells Nick that she wasn’t wearing that necklace last night; it was at home. Sarah then meets Ronald Basderic. He was the guy stalking Edie; the waitress from Frank’s restaurant.

During solving the multiple killings at Frank’s, Sarah had blamed Ronald that it was because of him that Edie did not leave the restaurant and ended up getting killed. Sarah tells Ronald that he is the one who placed the necklace in the hotel room. She knows that Ronald has been stalking her and she tells him that he is not going to get away this time. We see that Ronald knows that Sarah went up to Taylor’s room and also that’she hasn’t called Grissom and told him about the tough time she is having. Sarah is at home and she tries to get Ronald’s phone records. But just then she is taken to the precinct. At the precinct, she sees a badly beaten up Ronald telling Kevin that Sarah attacked him.

Sarah is processed and she is now wearing the red uniform and waiting in the interrogation room. Nick and Greg are upset that Kevin processed Sarah. Kevin tells them that he had to because this time Sarah got herself on the camera. Nick interrogates Ronald and Greg shows Sarah the video footage of her meeting Ronald. Later, Finn tells them that there is no transfer evidence on Sarah’s clothes and the way Ronald is beaten up, it is impossible that his DNA is not present on Sarah’s clothes. They affirm that Ronald is lying. They know that he set her up; they now need evidence. Next, Sarah is out; and that is because Frank is not pursuing charges. Russell tells her that she is on leave till the time when the department figures something out.

Sarah gets a bunch of messages from the care facility that is taking care of her mother. Laura has been drinking again and now she is in the hospital. Sarah meets Laura and Laura knows that she stabbed the guy from the hotel; just like Laura stabbed Sarah’s father. Laura tells her that her friend Ronald told her about it. At the lab, the team puts together various evidences that prove that Sarah was set up; like her spiked drugs, swapped drain covers and her hotel key with overridden access. Greg checks the hotel’s security footage and sees that Ronald was at the hotel. Later, Greg figures out Ronald’s plan. He tells Russell that Ronald is trying to kill Sarah. He has got a restraining order against her.

But he would harass Sarah to an extent that Sarah would go after him and he could shoot her in self defense. So, his motive is to kill Sarah. Russell is worried. Greg tries to call Sarah but she does not answer her phone. She is staking out Ronald’s house. Nick and Kevin confront Ronald and warn him to stay away from Sarah. Kevin checks Ronald’s gun and gives it back to him. Next, Sarah goes to Ronald’s house and Ronald admits that he stabbed Taylor seven times just like Laura stabbed her father. He tells her that he hacked her emails and paid Taylor to spend time with her at the restaurant. He tells her that he is the one who paid for the dessert. Sarah fires at him; but he has taken off the firing pin when he was at her house.

Ronald shoots her but Sarah is unharmed. His ammo has been switched with blanks. Nick and Kevin arrive. Kevin had switched the ammo when they confronted him earlier. Sarah has recorded Ronald’s confession. Case closed. Next, Sarah is back at work. Greg and Nick tell her that they will always be there for her. Sarah thanks her friends for not giving up on her. The episode ends.