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Last Woman Standing - Recap

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The episode begins with a man and a young woman entering the hotel, but the woman decides to leave without going up to the room. The man walks into the elevator as another guy walks out. We then see another young woman waiting for the elevator to arrive. When the door opens, she screams at the sight; the man’s throat is slit and there is blood all around in the elevator. Next, the team arrives at the scene. The victim is Peter Coe, a professional poker player. Morgan tells Russell that there is no surveillance in the hotel. The woman waiting for the elevator on the second floor saw Coe. Greg tells Russell that Coe did not suffer much because the splatter pattern suggests that an artery was severed.

They wonder how the killer got in and got out in seconds. The emergency exit doesn’t seem to be disturbed. The killer seems to be very agile and there are no scuff marks on the walls. In the morgue, Robbins tells Finn that the COD is exsanguination. He says that Coe was wearing a bracelet on his hand. It is a bracelet that denotes his victory in ’97. But he lost the same match last night. In ’97, he had won a million; but his bank records show that Coe was broke. Robbins tells Finn that Coe had gotten a plastic surgery done; it is called the ‘Poker Lift’ where all the twitches, wrinkles etc. are taken care of to create a perfect poker face. There is some powdery substance on his shirt. Next, Nick and Sarah are at another crime scene; the victim is Trent Alridge.

David tells them that he died three hours earlier. His hands and legs are tied. They infer that he was having some wild sex. But then Nick notices something in Trent’s mouth; it looks like a piece of raw meat. Next, Finn tells Russell that the mystery woman with Coe was also playing poker with him and she was the ‘last woman standing’. The powdery substance on the shirt was pollen from a lily that was given to the woman. The woman is Eva Rendell. Eva has a website, “hotpokerbabe.com”. She gives poker lessons and sells t-shirts. Eva is a Harvard graduate. We then see that Eva loses the tournament; 8 million. Morgan and Greg talk to Eva and she tells them that Coe was loved by everyone.

He had his problems; but he still didn’t deserve to die. At the office, Sarah tells Russell that the girl who was with Trent gave a $100 poker chip to the waiter. He did not see her face since she was in the bathroom; but Sarah hopes that they can get a print. Hodges is working to find the murder weapon. He tells Russell that he did not find any metal alloy in the wound. In fact he tells Russell that he found traces of plastic in the wound. Later, Hodges tells Morgan his out of the box theory. He tells her that he thinks that the murder weapon is a plastic playing card. He says that the killer waited for Coe to get into the elevator and before the door could close, he flung the card at Coe.

He says that a plastic card in the hands of a right person could travel at a speed of 80 miles/hour. And it could be fatal. Henry arrives with a playing card that he found in the elevator shaft; it has blood on it. Megan is shocked. Hodges says that they have found their murder weapon. Next, we see a woman strapped to a chair and a card is flung at her neck and she starts bleeding. But then she laughs because it is tickling her. Jimmy, the magician, is pissed and he tells her that he wants to perfect it and so she needs to be scared since he cut her throat. She takes a break. Brass and the team arrive. They tell Jimmy that he is a suspect in Coe’s murder. Jimmy tells them that he would never hurt Coe. They show him the Ace of Spades card they found at the crime scene and tell him that they want to check his cards.

He doesn’t allow and burns the search warrant. He is arrested for obstruction of justice. In the morgue, Robbins is examining Trent’s body and he tells Finn that he recovered seven chicken hearts from Trent. He also says that there are marks in his throat which indicate that there was a funnel pushed down his throat. Finn says that Trent was killed with 7 of Hearts and Coe was killed was killed with an Ace of Spades; this cannot be coincidence. Next, Nick tells Russell that the person, who shoved chicken hearts down Trent’s mouth, also threw the ace card at Coe; there is a DNA match. Russell asks Nick to check for any similar cases. He feels that if the killer is laying a full hand, then they are going to see more bodies.

They find another case of Ed Ficelli, where he was poisoned with clover and, Russell points out that clover are also known as clubs. He then checks the drag marks on Ed’s hand and it is similar to 4 of Clubs. So we have Ace of Spades, 7 of Hearts and 4 of Clubs. Nick says that these cards are lousy. Sarah arrives and tells them that the $100 poker chip that the woman gave the waiter has prints on it, which leads them to Eva Rendell. This means she was in Trent’s room. Finn feels that it is too convenient and Eva is being set up. Brass finds Eva. She is dead and her head is severed from her body. Morgan is trembling at the sight. Brass interrogates Jimmy and Jimmy denies that he killed Eva. Finn tells Robbins that this time the killer could have used a weapon from the playing cards.

She checks for the Kings and the Jacks cards; the King of Diamond uses an axe. They narrow their options down to the axe. Hodgins tells Russell that the axe used to kill Eva was a 16th century axe, which is also called the war hammer. Russell wonders why the killer left the Ace of Spades at the crime scene. He wants Hodgins to check the card and find out any significant message or characteristics. Hodgins runs some tests and finds out that this is an old deck from the ‘90s which was manufactured for the ’97 poker tournament. Greg, Russell and Finn watch the ’97 poker tournament video, where they see that Bo Mattison, who is playing along with Trent and Coe, has a death hand (Ace of Spades, 7 of Hearts and 4 of Clubs).

Coe wins the tournament with two kings. A week later, Bo killed himself. Bo was a loner and divorced. Finn thinks that if Jimmy is their prime suspect, then there has to be some connection between Jimmy and Bo. Russell then finds out that four months ago, Jimmy ordered an axe. Nick, Morgan and an officer go to arrest Jimmy. They meet his apprentice and she tells them that Jimmy was here a while ago. He asked her to lay still and then went away. They check the closet and find the axe. There is blood on it; and Jimmy has pulled the vanishing act. Next, Greg tells Russell that he watched the video over and over again and he saw that Trent and Coe cheated. They communicated throughout the match through various signals and trapped Bo.

He also points out that the dealer was dealing the seconds. This means that Trent, Coe and the dealer together cheated Bo. And Eva is the dealer’s daughter. It seems that Ed also ran the scam and he too was involved in cheating Bo and they all together drove Bo to suicide. So, the Ace of Spade, 7 of Hearts, 4 of Clubs and King of Diamonds has been used. Russell wonders who gets the King of Spades. But Greg points out that everyone from Bo’s table is dead. Russell thinks that maybe the next target is Jimmy. They have been assuming that Jimmy is their killer; but he could also be their next victim. They know that Jimmy used to help Coe a lot and this also makes him the co-conspirator in the scam. Henry tells that he got a match on the epithelial on the axe; it is a familial match with Bo.

It could be a daughter. Morgan finally figures out the killer. She tells that they thought that Bo used to kiss the St. Catherine medal in honor of his wife; but she thinks that he did it for someone else. She tells them about Katy Hill; Jimmy’s assistant. She thinks that Catherine is her real name. Russell gets a call saying that Jimmy’s car was found outside the same park where Bo killed himself. Katy is going to kill Jimmy there. They arrive at the park and Morgan finds Katy. She tells her that she killed all of them to avenge her father’s death. She says that they cheated her as well.

She tells Morgan that she killed Jimmy as well. But Morgan realizes that she is bluffing and she intentionally led them to the park. She calls Nick and tells him that Jimmy is still in the theater. Nick finds Jimmy. Katy draws a gun to shoot Morgan; but Morgan shoots her down. Case closed. Next, we see that Conrad has taken up the Sheriff’s job and he and Morgan go out to celebrate. The episode ends.