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Sheltered - Recap

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The episode begins with a man being chased and killed. The team arrives at the site and judging by the camouflage, Nick says that the man could be ex-military. A homeless couple found the body. There is extensive bruising on the face and an animal bite mark on the leg. Nick thinks it could be a wolf or a dog. He also sees that somebody took away the victim’s hands. So, with no ID, no wallet, no fingerprints, they are stumped. At the lab, Sara and Russell go through the surveillance footage and they see some guy dumping the victim. He was wearing night vision goggles.

Finn and Greg examine the dead body and find that the victim is wearing custom made knee braces. That could give them a start. They also find a paper crane in the pocket. Greg thinks that the victim was into origami and Finn thinks that the killer was trying to send a message. Robbins tells Greg that the right hand was cut off pre-mortem and the left was cut post mortem. The animal bite mark on the leg was from a bear trap. Greg says that their theory that the killer was a hunter seems to be true. Robbins also found a small synthetic piece on the body. Later, Finn finds no luck with the marks found on the paper crane. Hodgins also doesn’t find anything on the green synthetic sliver. Hodgins tells Finn that they should check the paper used to make the crane because that could be some sort a message.

Next, Nick arrives with Sam and Morgan tells him that the knee brace was ordered by Dylan Trigg. They go to the address and talk to Ed Trigg. He tells them that Dylan is his son and he is inside the house. Dylan walks up and tells Crawford and Morgan that he used to lend some of his sports gear to his friend Carl Abrams. He shows them a picture from a bike race they attended last year. Dylan also tells them that they were supposed to go camping at some Koval Ridge but he bailed out at the last minute. He says that something about that place creeped him out. He says that Carl loved the place and camped there often. He tells them to look at the areas around the old mines.

Sam, Nick and Morgan arrive at the Pile stick mine and inform Crawford. Sam smells a piece of the victim’s shirt and leads them to an underground bunker. They open the door and find blood on the stairs. They walk down the stairs and the motion sensor lights turn on. They find a lot of empty suits and night vision goggles. Morgan goes outside to inform Crawford. Nick goes in further and finds a lever. He turns it and the door opens into a beautiful lawn with some chairs and a house. He calls Morgan. At that moment, a man comes from behind and aims a shot gun at Nick. Morgan arrives from behind and tells him to put his gun down.

They take him to the precinct. Nick and Russell interrogate this guy who has been living off the grid and he does not cooperate. Sara and Finn go through the man’s house and find a lot of weapons and ammunition. They also find a “little girls’ room” stocked with clothes of different sizes and some of the clothes are really old. Morgan and Greg find a pool of blood under the green synthetic carpet. They say that Carl’s right hand was severed here. Sara finds origami paper cranes on the shelf. They process the room and Finn finds traces of sexual activity. Sara does not find any blood. At that moment, they hear a noise coming from the wall and it is moving towards the yard.

They rush to the yard and find a girl trying to escape. Finn and Sara grab the girl and assure her that she is in safe hands. Finn takes her for medical examination. She looks really scared. Nick and Russell talk to the man once again and tell him that they found the girl he was holding captive. They have also found a picture of a woman named Rebecca Barnes who was murdered in Carson City 11 years ago. The man tells them that Rebecca was his wife and the girl that they think he raped, is his daughter, Miranda. Crawford arrives with the file on Rebecca Barnes. She was murdered in Carson City 11 years ago and this man was her husband and the primary suspect in that case. His name is Tommy Barnes.

However, Carson City cleared Tommy name after the investigation, but this does not clear his name for Carl’s murder. Russell goes to talk to Tommy and apologizes to him. He says that he knows about his wife’s abduction and that Miranda witnessed it. Tommy tells Russell that he was only trying to protect Miranda from the world because she is the only thing he has left. He wanted to live off grid and that is why the underground bunker. He says that he gave Miranda everything and home schooled her. He also says that he picked up odd jobs for a living. Russell tells Tommy about the sexual activity Miranda’s room. He says that they found semen from two men and one of them is their victim, Carl Abrams.

Russell thinks that Tommy murdered Carl when he found out about his daughter’s activities. Tommy is pissed and tells Russell that he is not a murderer. He refuses to talk further. Finn tries to talk to Miranda but Miranda doesn’t tell her anything. Finn tells Russell that they need to find out the place where Miranda used to go in order to hook up with guys. At that moment, Crawford arrives with Tommy’s lawyer, who tells them that she will press charges against the department on illegal search they conducted on the bunker and any evidence collected gets thrown out of the window. She adds that if they let her clients go, they could avoid all the hassle.

Finn has another way to find out about the place Miranda visited. Hodges is still examining the crane and he finds that the paper belongs to the Koval Ridge supply store. Nick and Morgan go to the store and find Luke Holland. They think that Luke was the jealous boyfriend who killed Carl on finding out that Carl and Miranda were having an affair. Luke admits that he got rid of Carl’s body but he did not kill him. He says that Miranda and he knew Carl and his boyfriend Dylan. Whenever they all got together Dylan and Carl used to go to Miranda’s room to spend time together. He says that when they found Carl, he was already wounded and his hand was gone. They took him to the bunker and tried to save him, but it was too late.

Nick and Morgan then go to talk to Dylan. Sara and Greg check the campsite once again and find Carl’s right hand and the bear trap. There is DNA under the fingernails. They also find that Carl’s hand was shot with a shotgun. They go talk to Dylan and he says that he wants a lawyer. Next, they bring in Ed Trigg for interrogation. Russell tells Ed that Dylan confessed that his father was the one who killed Carl. Ed tells Russell that he knew that his son was gay and he tried to warn Carl to stay away from Dylan. He says that Carl laughed at him and told him that Dylan was born to love him. This enraged him and so he killed Carl. Case closed.

Next, Tommy goes to meet Miranda. She apologizes to her father. Tommy tells her that it was his mistake that he kept her away from the world. He says that they could go to Oregon. That is the place where her mother was raised. It is a small and safe community and she could have relatives. He thinks that it is the best place for his daughter to start over. The episode ends.