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Backfire - Recap

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The episode begins with a little girl preparing breakfast. There is blood on the kitchen floor. The girl takes her breakfast and walks past three dead bodies lying in the hall. She picks up a book from the shelf and walks out of the house. Later, the CSI team arrives at the scene. Robbins talks to the little girl, Molly. Russell arrives and Robbins tells him that the girl’s last name is Goodwin. She lived in the house with her mother, Grace, and uncle, Steven. There are three dead bodies, one of which is Steven’s, and the other two appear to be his friends.

Molly told Robbins that she woke up in the morning, saw the dead bodies, and called 911. The mother is missing. Russell finds it surprising that Molly is calm, despite seeing three dead bodies. Russell examines the crime scene. It looks like the killer has tried to make this whole thing look like a home invasion. He notices that the electronics are missing. In the kitchen, Finn finds Grace’s purse and her wallet, but her keys are missing. There are drag marks on the floor, which suggests that the killer dragged her out of the kitchen and took her in her own car.

Agnes Goodwin, Molly’s great grandmother, arrives. Russell informs her about the recent event and she is shocked. She tells Russell that, before Molly was born, Molly’s father died in Iraq. She wants to see Molly. Nick sees that there are signs of forced entry. Finn checks the blood splatter, and says that the three men were on their knees before the brutal beatings started. Nick looks at the duct taped hands and mouths. He believes that the MO is similar to series of home invasions, which were reported in the nearby area. The only difference is that, in this case, the three men were murdered. The invaders abduct the woman, sexually assault her, and then release her.

Nick tells her that there were witnesses for all the home invasions, but this one has none. Finn says that he is wrong. She points at some blood drops on the floor. The drops indicate that this was the spot where Grace was attacked. There is another set of blood drops, which indicate that Grace ran down the hallway. There is no escape from there, and to the immediate right is Molly’s room. Finn thinks that Grace ran there to signal to her daughter to stay inside. She thinks Molly knows a lot more than she is telling them. Russell goes to talk to Molly. He tells her that they are doing their best to find her mother. He tries to get her to talk. Molly asks him to read to her. It is her mother’s favorite book. Russell gets a message saying that they found a car.

Greg and Morgan find the car, and it turns out that it belongs to Burt Markell. It is the same make and model as Grace’s. They pop open the trunk and find a charred corpse inside. There is a hole in the skull and a gasoline can next to the body, which was used to fuel the fire. It looks like they have a new case. At the precinct, Brass talks to Bruce, the father of Grace and Steven. Brass says that they have identified the other two men found dead, along with Steven, as J.D. Keysey and Duke Givens. Bruce and Agnes don’t know them. Brass also tells them that they found drugs at the scene. Agnes tells Brass that Steven had a drug problem and Bruce wasn’t aware of this. He tells Brass that he has been away for a while.

In the morgue, David tells Greg that the charred body is Burt Markell’s. He also tells him that Burt was hit on his head. He says that the trachea and stomach show that Burt inhaled fire. This means he was alive when he was tossed into the trunk and the car was set on fire. The blow to the head simply disabled him. Henry tells Finn and Nick that he has an update on the recent home invasions, and two of the home invaders are Keysey and Givens. Nick thinks that this could be payback. Nick gets a call. They go to a dumpster and Grace Goodwin’s body is found inside. The body looks badly beaten up. Finn tells Russell that they checked the reports for Allison Lis, a victim from the fourth home invasion, and the semen sample obtained from her is not a match to Steven. This means that he was not one of the home invaders.

She feels that, if this whole thing is payback, then the third invader will be their next victim. Robbins tells Nick that Grace wasn’t sexually assaulted. Greg and Morgan find an ID in Burt’s car, and it belongs to Sandy Larken. Hodges knows this girl, and he tells Morgan that he wants in on this case. They interrogate Sandy. Sandy and Burt worked together and, recently, they broke up. She says that she lost her ID a while back.

Nick and Russell examine the tarp Grace was wrapped in, and they find some fingerprints. It is a match to Connor Durman, who works at the Spearmint Rhino. Russell thinks that the whole thing could also be a payback for Allison’s sexual assault. It turns out that Allison is the niece of Spearmint Rhino’s owner, Tony Lash. Lash is also wanted for murder. Brass arrest Connor and bring him for interrogation.

Lash hired Connor to kill the guys who raped his niece, but the results show that it was Connor who raped Allison. Obviously, Connor did not tell Lash the truth. Instead, he killed his friends. He tells Brass that Dave from Detroit, a man who worked for Lash, came to him and told him what they did. He says that they did not know that it was Lash’s house and niece. He admits that he told Dave it was Keysey raped Allison. He says that he took Dave to JD and Duke, and he killed them. Dave was the one who took Grace. Hodgins is examining the crystals found in Burt’s car. He tells Morgan the chemical composition, and Morgan finds it weird because they did not find anything in the car that could create these crystals. Greg arrives and tells them his theory. Burt was a greenkeeper, and that is why he always carried an extra can of gas with him.

Burt posted a suicide note online, after the break up with Sandy, saying that he is going to kill himself with mole poison. Burt ingested the mole poison, which was high in zinc. The enzymes in his stomach reacted with the poison to create phosphine gas and made him belch. So, when his truck ran out of gas, he went to get the gas from his trunk. The gas reacted with the phosphine gas emitting from his mouth, when he belched, and ignited instantly. He lost his balance, fell into his trunk, and got locked inside. When he belched again, the gases reacted, once again, and there was a blast. Morgan wonders, if he wanted to kill himself, why would Burt get into a car and drive halfway across town.

Hodgins thinks that they need to talk to Sandy again. Brass goes to meet Lash, and tells him that it was Connor who raped Allison. Brass orders a tap on Lash’s phone calls. Russell goes through the pictures from the crime scene, and he tells Finn that the whole thing looks staged. Only one part of the house was ransacked. This means that the killer was looking for something. He also tells Finn that the 911 call shows that Grace had coached Molly what to do in case of any danger. They wonder what Grace was afraid of. Hodgins and Morgan talk to Sandy, and they show her the text she sent to Burt an hour before he died. It was a dinner invitation. Sandy tells them that the invitation was for her new boyfriend and she accidentally sent it to Burt. They are shocked. Burt’s car was found two blocks away from the hospital because he was excited about the dinner invite, and he wanted to pump out the poison he ingested. Sandy doesn’t seem too affected by it and she leaves.

Russell goes to meet Molly. Molly tells him that her mother told her that if something bad happens, she should hand over the book to a cop. Russell finds a CD in the book. It is a recording of a conversation between Bruce and Grace. It turns out that Bruce used to molest Grace and Steven, when they were young, and Grace did not want him to go near Molly. They think that Bruce was looking for this tape, and that is why he teamed up with Lash.

They interrogate Bruce. Bruce admits to what he used to do, but he also says that he is a changed man now. He says all he wanted was for his family to be together, and he claims not to know anything about the tape. Nick and Russell believe him. Finn arrives with some news. The phone tap proves that Lash and Agnes are having an affair and she got her grandchildren killed. They confront Agnes. She admits to her crime, and tells them that she did this to protect her son. She knew about the tape and also the fact that Grace would tell everybody about it. She killed for her son, and Lash killed for revenge. They arrest Agnes. Next, Molly is being sent to Virginia to her cousins. Russell assures her that she will do very well there. She leaves. The episode ends.