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Fearless - Recap

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The episode begins with the Force of Mind seminar being conducted by Alan Quinn. Hodges’ girlfriend, Elisabetta, who is also attending the seminar, tells Hodges over the phone, that she is having a great time. She tells him that she is about to enter the sacred mud bath. She hangs up the phone and enters the bath, where Santo is waiting for her. He wants to know if she has told Hodges about him. She tells him that it is not the right time. They are about to have some fun when a dead body floats to the surface of the bath. Later, the team arrives at the crime scene.

Greg tells Russell that two bathers were messing around in the bath when the body floated to the surface. They are a little surprised to learn that Elisabetta is sharing a room with Santo. David examines the dead body and tells the team that the victim died not more than 36 hours ago. There are some bruising on his chest, indicating that this isn’t and accidental drowning. Jim meets Quinn and asks him about the dead body. Quinn tells him that all his employees and guests have been accounted for. He feels that the dead man could be some hiker, who could not afford to pay for the seminar. He says that at times he looks the other side, if they don’t cause any problem. Hodgins confronts Elisabetta about Santo and she tells him hat Santo is her brother. Hodgins learns that Elisabetta was married once before, and she did not tell him about it.

She also tells him that she did not change her last name after her divorce. Morgan and Greg empty the mud bath and find some articles like coins, used condoms, a feather, and a bottle. Morgan also finds a bracelet stuck in between the rocks. In the morgue, Robbins shows Sarah some wooden splinters found in the victim’s wound. He confirms that this is a homicide. He also found a dental implant that could give them an id. Sarah talks to the victim’s wife, Mary. She tells Sarah that Justin, the victim, worked at Bixton Pharmaceuticals and he had gone to the spa with his sales team because his company believed in Quinn’s team building activities. She says that Justin was reluctant to go because he didn’t believe in it, but she had already experienced the spa and insisted that he should try it once.

Russell, Nick and Finn go through the articles found from the bath and Russell puts two things together to form a smudge feather. Finn remembers that she has read about this before. She tells Russell that she had seen it in the spa’s itinerary. Finn interrogates Heather, one of Bixton’s employees. Justin Wade and Jessica Lowell were the other two members from the company. Finn tells Heather that Justin’s feather was found in his room. She wants to know whether the feather found in the bath belongs to her or Jessica. In the other room, Jessica tells Nick that Heather wanted to have a team strategy meeting and she (Jessica) insisted that they have it in the bath.

Heather tells Finn that she was upset with Justine because he wasn’t ready to do the fire walk and this would affect the assessment report. She tells Quinn that after the meeting, Jessica and Justin stayed back in the bath. Jessica tells Nick that Justin went on and on about his wife for a long time. They then got out of the bath and went to their respective rooms. Hodges tells Russell that the discoloration on Justin’s chest that they thought was bruising, were actually burn marks and the splinters they found in the forehead wound, were from the fire walk.

Hodgins proposes his theory. He says that after Heather gave Justin a tough time on not walking on the fire walk, he went back to give it a shot. In the middle of the walk, he got nervous and he fell on the fire bed. Hodges says that only Quinn has access to the fire walk. He feels that Quinn must have disposed Justin’s body in the mud bath because it could be bad for business if a client ends up with third degree burns and then in the hospital. They interrogate Quinn. Quinn tells them that he thought that Justin was not ready to do the walk and hence he told Justin to go back to his room. After that, Quinn went home, to Santa Barbara.

Robbins examines Justin’s bronchial tissues and tells Greg that the internal burns were caused due to anaphalactic shock. Hodges examines the tissue samples and figures out that Justin was allergic to latex. Hodges tells Sarah that Justin inhaled latex. This means that there was latex on the fire walk. Sarah feels that latex allergy is a very personal thing and mostly only a spouse would know about it. Moreover, Justin’s wife, Mary, had visited the spa before and she knew about the fire walk. Sarah interrogates the wife. The wife tells Sarah that she did doubt Justin’s and Jessica’s relationship and was on her way to the spa to confirm it, but she later decided against it and went back home. Greg arrives and tells Nick that he found drug implant pellets, used for maintaining hormone levels, embedded in the fire walk. It is made by Bixton and made of latex.

Greg examines the pellets and finds a partial print which is a match to Jessica Lowell. Finn and Russell learn that Jessica was suspended from work for selling company’s secrets. Russell theorizes that Jessica was stealing from the company and Justin found out. Jessica killed him to cover her tracks. This means that Heather’s life could be in danger as well. Finn interrogates Heather. Heather tells Finn that she knows about Jessica and also feels that Jessica killed Justin to hide her secrets. Heather doesn’t look too well and she fumbles with the bottle of water. Moments later, she dies on the interrogation table. Robbins examines Heather’s body and finds magnesium sulfate underneath her finger nails. He also found goat hair on her body.

Hodges goes through Heather’s tox results and finds that she overdosed. Morgan points out that magnesium sulfate is also used to make meth. Morgan tells Hodges that Heather used to stock all sorts of nutrient supplements. She feels that she was tweaking those supplements and using them. When she was called in for interrogation, she got scared that she would get caught and killed herself. Hodges tells Morgan that there was goat milk found in Heather’s stomach. Morgan is slightly surprised and tells Hodges about the goat hair found on the body. Jessica turns herself in. She tells Russell and Brass that she had gone for some meeting. Jessica tells Brass and Nick that she is not a sales rep. She handles corporate security at Bixton and she is team Deputy FBI.

She tells them that Justin and Heather were under investigation for stealing drugs to manufacture designer meth. They believe that the duo set up a lab somewhere. She also tells them that drug distributor, Rolan Zahl, was Justin’s street connect. They think that this is a drug hit. Nick goes through Heather’s credit card purchases and finds large amounts of magnesium sulfate that was purchased. They also find the address of their secret meth lab. Sarah and Nick go to the lab. It looks like someone has trashed it. Sarah feels that the equipment used in the lab is too elaborate for a meth lab. She thinks that there is something else going on. They find a goat in the lab. Inside one of the rooms, they find Mary, Justin’s wife.

Mary tells Sarah that she is suffering from a rare disease and the drug used to cure that is very expensive and not available. So, Justin decided to make the drug himself, and this requires goat milk. They also needed the money and that is why he got into dealing in meth. This is where Heather joined him. She tells Sarah that she was at the lab to collect the last dose. Mary tells Sarah that she did not trash the lab. Nick and Morgan go back to the lab and find some blood drops. They process the blood and they find a match; Alan Quinn. Russell confronts Quinn.

It turns out that Quinn was in love with Mary and he wanted her to regain her health through his healing techniques. Mary did not love Quinn and also didn’t require his help because Justin had already found the cure. This enraged Quinn and he killed Justin. Case closed. Next, Sarah hands over Justin’s wedding ring to Mary. She thanks Sarah and leaves. The episode ends.