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Frame by Frame - Recap

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Greg and Phillips examine a body that lies next to a scale model of a casino called The Premiere. Greg says the Premiere is the most legendary casino that was never built. It was to belong to Jack Witten, the man who's house the body was found in. Jack's dream ended when he became the prime suspect in the murder of a young girl.

Russell shows up outside Jack's house and Brass tells him about Jack's history. He thinks it's weird that 14 years ago the same crime was committed and blamed on Jack but they didn't have enough evidence to convict him. Greg walks up and asks where Sara is.

Inside Sara takes photos of the crime scene. She has a flashback to the last time they tried to arrest Witten, when she worked with Catherine. Russell walks up and Sara describes the old murder case to him. He reminds her to stay focused on the current case. She says she is and thinks that if they had put Jack in jail 14 years ago the woman downstairs would still be alive.

Finn and Greg go over the the events of the night before and how they may relate to the pieces of evidence. They believe that Jack killed the girl with a lamp and called the police. Finn says that if Jack is the murderer, why didn't he make the body disappear like he did 14 years ago. Greg suggests that he may feel invincible now.

Conrad and Russell question Jack about the night of the murder. He says he didn't even know the girl but Conrad thinks the case is similar to the last one. He says that Jack has been lying for 14 years and this time they will get him convicted.

Sara meets Conrad in the warehouse to look over the old murder case. Conrad apologizes for taking the case away from her and Catherine. They go over the details of the old murder case and outline what they believe happened. She took a fiber of carpet from Jack's bedroom and hopes that Hodges can confirm it as a match with the fiber found on the body from 14 years ago.

Morgan found a match on the recent victim's fingerprints. The victim is Gwen, a young vulnerable addict. Robbins considers this case a rematch against Jack. He finds glass in the victim's head and Morgan suspects that it could be from the murder weapon.

Hodges brings the carpet fiber results to Sara and tells her they aren't a match. Sara sees a man enter the office, it's the father of the first murdered girl, Darcy. He hopes that Jack is finally arrested after all that he has done.

Finn finds Greg in Jack's bedroom looking for more carpet to take samples from. She thinks that he should focus on last night rather than the old case. Greg finds a small gel bead and more cork. He suspects that the cork from downstairs isn't from a wine bottle. Greg says these two items are used in preservation rooms. He thinks that may be where the movie memorabilia is and where the murders took place. Greg finds a break in the baseboards and enters a hidden room with Finn. They hear yelling and need a password to get in the door. Finn calls for backup and someone to crack the code but Greg has already guessed it. They enter the vault room and find a woman tied up. The girl, Emily, asks if her friend Gwen is okay and says he tried to kill them.

Russell and Sara visit Emily in the hospital. He asks her what happened last night and she explains how they got drunk and went back to an old man's place. She was pushed into that room and tied up. She could hear Gwen screaming and asking him to stop. Russell thinks it was suspicious that Emily could hear the crime happen from so far away. If they want to catch Jack they need better evidence.

Morgan tells Finn that the glass from Gwen's head came from a flashlight head. Greg has found that Emily has been charged for burglary alongside Gwen. Finn suggests that maybe the two girls had broken into the house. Greg says they need to get their hands on the murder weapon if they want to prove anything. He searches through the vault room and eventually finds a flashlight with a piece of glass missing off the head, He tests the flashlight for fingerprints and he finds Emily's prints on it. He calls Sara to tell her to talk to Emily as soon as she can. Sara tells him that Emily has already died.

Sara visits the morgue to ask Robbins what happened to Emily. She must have ingested silver and Robbins finds a roll of film in her stomach.

The team knows that the girls were targeting Jack and the two of them got into a fight because they were dating the same guy. Finn says that Emily killed Gwen and hid when she heard Jack call the police. She knew his history so she swallowed the roll of film she wanted to steal and entered the vault room. She tied herself up and waited for the police to arrive. This clears Jack but Russell wants to know what is on the film that caused Emily to eat it.

Hodges cleans and examines the film and on it they find video of Darcy, the murdered girl from 14 years ago. The film has been in the vault the whole time. Sara thinks that Jack lied about not knowing Darcy and Greg suggests they confront Jack with the film. Someone else must know that Jack is also guilty if they sent the girls in. Hodges thinks it's one of the cameramen who shot Darcy. The only thing they don't know is why the person waited 14 years to steal the roll.

Hodges tests out different cameras with Henry as his model. He matches up the scratch pattern on the film to a camera that he got from a pawn shop. It originally belonged to Robert Gear, a cameraman for Jack. The LVPD head to Gear's house but he's already dead inside.

Finn tells Russell that Gear was murdered by a single bullet. It came from the same type of gun as the one Jack owns. Gear's bank account had $750,000 deposited into it over the years from a company owned by Jack. Finn thinks it's blackmail money and Gear tried to steal the film in order to extract more blackmail money. He hired Emily and Gwen to steal the film.

Brass and Conrad meet with Jack, who still proclaims his innocence. Conrad shows Jack the film they found and he denies ever seeing the film. He admits to meeting Darcy at Narcotics Anonymous. She loved old films and Jack thinks she had better things ahead for her. Jack explains the night that Darcy was murdered. He woke up to her dead and forgot that Gear was coming over. Gear helped to get rid of the body for a price. Jack shows Conrad and Brass proof that he wasn't the killer. It's a picture of Darcy lying dead on the bed.

Sara shows Greg the evidence that Gear recently sold all of his film and Jack had bought it unknowingly. Greg remembers back to the original case and thinks back to the date rape drug that didn't fully metabolize. He thinks that maybe they can use new technology to recover some of the lost film of Darcy. The left hand side of the film is recovered and shows that the film was shot over two months after Darcy faked her death.

Sara confronts Darcy and takes her in for questioning. There is evidence that Darcy was in Gear's apartment when he was murdered. She claims it was self defense though. Sara outlines everything that Darcy and Gear did to frame Jack. Darcy says she did a terrible thing because she was afraid. She admits to framing Jack so that she could escape from her father. She says that he raped her every night and she just did what she had to escape. Sara says that there's no excuse for what she did to Jack. She thinks that Darcy hasn't changed and never will.

Russell asks Sara if she believes what Darcy said but Sara doesn't know what to believe.

Conrad frees Jack from jail and lets him go. Jack asks about Darcy and wishes that he could have helped her better. Conrad apologizes but Jack knows they were just doing their job. He thanks Conrad for giving him his life back.

Greg helps Sara to put the scale model of The Premiere away in storage. She asks him, that with all the evidence in storage, if he ever feels like he's had enough. Greg says he's only just started.