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Check In and Check Out - Recap

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A man runs out of a room at the Sky View Motel. A pizza delivery boy finds the bodies and calls it in. Nick and Finn arrive on scene and ask Phillips what happened. One victim has too many stab wounds to count and there are disturbing dolls around the room. Nick remembers another crime that took place in this room. Phillips corrects them and says that this is actually the third time there has been a case in this room. Nick thinks that they are all related but Finn wants to just focus on this one right now. Finn examines the blood spatters to get a good idea of how the murders took place. Nick checks out the bathroom and finds three toothbrushes. He also found a red hair in the shower that doesn't belong to either of the victims. There must have been someone else here who had planned on staying the night.

Brass talks with the motel manager, Trent Reager. He doesn't know what happened and says giving a list of tenants may be hard. The motel is cheap so he may have a hard time getting their real names. He says no one is a killer because no one staying there is that interesting.

In the morgue, Robbins shows Russell that there are over 100 stab wounds on the victims. He suggests this was a crime of madness. The Smiths were in town for a toy convention. They seem like regular people but Russell suggests that they may have brought someone back to their room.

Greg thinks the murders are a coincidence but Morgan doesn't. They outline each murder that has happened in the hotel room. The second murder victim's husband survived the attack and is still in the hospital.

Nick leaves the motel room when he spots an old man. The man, Oscar, tries to hide in the motel room next door but Nick wants to talk to him. Oscar says it was God's plan to call the couple to him.

Russell and Andrews examine the bedspreads from the motel room from each murder. Andrews has found one DNA match that is common across all of them. The DNA belongs to Randall Wicks, who has previously been arrested for sexual battery at the same motel room.

Russell sends out a broadcast and Wicks is brought in for questioning. Greg and Brass explain the evidence to him and show him photos. He admits to using the room as a place to meet clients. Wicks claims that the sexual battery charge was only self defense. The woman went crazy and screamed at the walls. After the interview, Greg suggests they talk to Alex Garnez, the man who survived one of the previous attacks that took place in the motel room.

Morgan and Greg meet Garnez at his hospital bed. Greg asks if he saw the attacker and if he remembers the face. Garnez remembers the man murdering his wife. Morgan shows him photos of some men and he says that none of these men are the murderers.

Hodges texts Finn to call her to his lab. He says the suspect didn't have shoes when he left the motel room and was using a shampoo to treat scabies. The signs all point to the murderer being homeless. The male victim worked with the homeless and Hodges has found a shelter that recently had a scabies outbreak. The shelter handed out the same type of shampoo found in the shower at the motel.

Finn talks to the shelter and learns of a barefoot man who showed up with bloodstained clothes. Nick and Finn search under an overpass for Rudy. They find him sleeping under a blanket next to a bloody pair of scissors.

Rudy is brought in for questioning and tells Finn and Brass that he was diagnosed with many mental health issues at the state hospital. Brass shows him a photo of the most recent victims, Richard and Ann. Rudy says they rescued him after he was jumped and beaten. His shoes were stolen and they invited him back to their motel room afterwards. He can't remember at first but then recalls the dolls telling him to do things. Brass shows photos from the crime scene and asks if the dolls told him to do this. Rudy screams and says he must have done that. He doesn't know if he was responsible for the other murders as well.

Russell thanks Finn for the hard work in catching the murderer. She still feels bad about the case though. Russell says that's just because Rudy seemed like a nice guy who was dealt a bad hand.

One week later, a woman runs screaming out of the same motel room. She holds a broken, bloody bottle but refuses to drop it for the police. She screams that Ricky never follows directions and an officer tasers her. A cop asks the manager, Trent, what room she was staying in and he points to the infamous murder room. The officer finds a dead body inside.

Finn arrives on the scene with Russell following soon after. She insists that Rudy killed the Smith and says this murder is unrelated. Russell still thinks that all the murders are all related though. The arrested woman was a teacher who was here with one of her students. Greg walks in and says that he doesn't think the teacher was sleeping with the student. He found a voice mail on the woman's phone from the student where he states that he's hiding in the motel. His parents are fighting and asks her to come to the motel.

Brass and Nick question the teacher, Alison Stone, about her student, Mark Bell. She told him that nothing was going to happen between them and Brass asks why she killed him. Stone claims that she didn't commit the murders. She felt out of control like something was controlling her.

Nick explains to Morgan that the woman's toxicology report came back clean. Morgan suggests that maybe it's the room that's causing the murders. Right now the room is the only thing connecting all of the murders.

Hodges and Andrews search the room for anything strange. Andrews is in the main area while Hodges investigates the bathroom. Hodges is sprayed in the face by an air freshener. Soon after Andrews comes looking for him. Hodges acts crazy and slams Andrews into the bathroom mirror. Andrews escapes when Hodges grabs a crowbar.

Nick arrives and asks Andrews what's going on. Andrews says something must have triggered Hodges from the bathroom. He grabs a saliva swab from Hodges before he's taken to the hospital.

Outside of Hodges' hospital room, Finn tells Russell that this may change the case completely. Andrews shows up and says that Hodges was drugged with LSD. He believes other people from the motel room were also drugged but it didn't show up because the standard toxicology tests don't show those results. There was so much violence because it was cut with PCP.

Nick and Greg search the hotel room and find the source of the LSD. It looks to be coming from the air freshener. Greg notices that it's actually coming from a tube in the wall that leads to the next room. They enter Oscar's room and find the source of the drugs. Greg finds a television in the closet that shows video from next door. The signal is being transmitted somewhere else thou. Nick asks Oscar where it's being sent to and he says Trent told him not to touch it.

Nick and Brass barge into Trent's room and show him the arrest and search warrant. They find a setup with a television for each room in the motel. There are many toys and items that Nick believes are souvenirs from his favorite guests.

Brass asks Trent when he went from a voyeur to a murderer. He says it's just about watching who came through the hotel. When he was little he used to watch people through special places in the walls. It eventually came to a video camera set up. Trent became bored of people staying at the hotel and set up the rig in the bathroom that killed so many people. He loves what he has seen happen because of the drugs. Brass says he'll have 25 years to figure out what he did wrong.

Morgan visits Garnez and tells him that they arrested the man who caused his wife's death. She tells him that he was the one who actually murdered his wife. The face of the man murdering his wife was actually his own. Morgan tells him to go with the police when they arrive.

Hodges apologizes to Andrews about what happened in the motel room. Andrews accepts the apology and promises not to try and get back at him in some way.