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When a couple celebrating their anniversary is killed in front of the restaurant they have just left and their car is stolen, the CSIs investigate. The investigation is complicated when it begins to rain and most of the crime scene evidence is destroyed. When the car is found, and its evidence is collected, the details of thee case become stranger and stranger. Meanwhile, Catherine investigates the death of three senior citizens when the ceiling of their residence collapsed. The evidence suggests possible negligence on the part of the city engineer who was responsible for inspecting the building.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x18
Airdate: Thursday March 29th, 2001

Director: Roy H. Wagner
Writer: Eli Talbert

Guest Stars
Brad Johnson (1)Brad Johnson (1)
As Paul Newsome
David BermanDavid Berman
As David Phillips
Eric StonestreetEric Stonestreet
As Ronnie Litre
Eric SzmandaEric Szmanda
As Greg Sanders
Robert David HallRobert David Hall
As Dr. Al Robbins
Shelli BerghShelli Bergh
As Jessica Hall
Skip OSkip O'Brien
As Det. Ray O'Riley
Elizabeth KeenerElizabeth Keener
As Amy Shepherd
Jonathan FraserJonathan Fraser
As Kevin Shepherd
Reynaldo RosalesReynaldo Rosales
As Justin Greene

Co-Guest Stars
Charley RossmanCharley Rossman
As Uniform Officer
Louis MustilloLouis Mustillo
As Knife Expert
Main Cast
George EadsGeorge Eads
As Nick Stokes
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
As Sara Sidle
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger
As Catherine Willows
William PetersenWilliam Petersen
As Gil Grissom
Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
As Warrick Brown
Paul Guilfoyle (1)Paul Guilfoyle (1)
As Captain Jim Brass
Episode Notes
This episode was originally entitled "Four Square".

Episode Quotes
Nick: Pulled a couple of hairs off of our male stabbing vic.
Greg: Okay. Baby. Uh-huh.
Nick: What?
Greg: Nine lives.
Nick: Cat hair?
Greg: Meow.

Grissom: You know what they say about looks.
Brass: They can be deceiving?
Grissom: They can kill.

Sgt. Ray O'Riley: One minute you're watching wheel of fortune -- next thing, game over.

Gil: We got three minutes to process this crime scene! After that, we lose it all to the gutters!

Sara: We're losing everything!
Gil: Yeah ... our killer got lucky tonight.

Sgt. Ray O'Riley: I like the hair.
Catherine: Thanks.

Catherine: And you're not calling this a crime scene?
Sgt. Ray O'Riley: Catherine, it's a building.
Catherine: O'Riley ... it's a suspect.

Sgt. Ray O'Riley: What are you doing here?
Catherine: I was assigned. This is my case.
Sgt. Ray O'Riley: Case? The building collapsed. There's nothing criminal here.
Catherine: Right. That's why you were assigned -- a homicide detective.

Catherine: (to Paul Newsome) Are you hiding something, or am I not worth your time?

Jim: You know between you and me, as long as I've been on the job I still don't like touching dead bodies.
Warrick: Well, that's why you got the badge and I got the syringe.

Gil: Well, I haven't felt that in a while.
Jim: What's that?
Gil: The element of surprise.

Jim: Maybe she's like 28% of Americans -- she doesn't buckle up.
Gil: I think it's 29%, actually.

Nick: Hope you're not allergic there, boss.
Gil: What?
Nick: Cat hair.

Paul Newsome: You're not married, are you?
Catherine: Divorced.

Sgt. Ray O'Riley: Catherine? You sure you want to do this?
Catherine: Why is everybody asking me if I want to do my job?
Sgt. Ray O'Riley: Because we care.

Gil: An anobiid powder-post beetle. Very nice specimen.
Catherine: He likes you, too. Now, tell me about him.

Gil: Forget the beetle; this damage was intentional. You're looking for a homosapien.
Catherine: I know. Gives new meaning to 'home wrecker.'

Gil: Catherine, there's a reason I assigned you this case. You're good with people, both the dead and the living.
Catherine: Translation: We're opening a political can of worms.

Gil: Can I keep it?
Catherine: Sorry. It's evidence.
Gil: Don't forget to feed him.
Catherine: I know-- wood.

Gil: It's a scientist's right to re-examine his theory with each new piece of evidence, Nick.

Catherine: How did you get in here?
Paul Newsome: Well, I flashed my city I.D. And, uh, my smile.

Nick: Why'd he end up dead?
Jim: Bad karma.

Paul Newsome: (to Catherine) Are you saying Beethoven brought down the building?

Catherine: Anything you want to say to me?
Paul Newsome: As a matter of fact, yes. Could've saved yourself a lot of trouble by not making me a suspect in the first place.
Catherine: You're welcome.

Gil: We can't speak from the evidence, Nick, and everybody else is dead.

Cultural References
Episode Title: $35K O.B.O.

The term "OBO" comes from the abbreviation "or best offer" typically used when offering an item for sale where the owner wants to indicate a desired minimum price, but is willing to be flexible, or, alternately, to accept higher offers in the event of competing interests in the sale item prior to conclusion of the sale transaction.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAnthony E. Zuiker
Main Title ThemeThe Who
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