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It's evaluation day for the staff, but Grissom's evaluations take a back seat when a severed head, sans body, is found in a car's trunk. Meanwhile, Sara and Nick investigate when a body turns up in the desert, and it happens to be missing the head. Warrick is sent to investigate things at the juvenile detention center after a teen is found murdered. The only witness to the death is the young man James, whom Warrick identified in episode 3, as guilty of a hit and run and promised to look after.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x22
Airdate: Thursday May 10th, 2001

Guest Stars
Eric SzmandaEric Szmanda
As Greg Sanders
John BeasleyJohn Beasley
As Charles Moore
Joseph Patrick KellyJoseph Patrick Kelly
As Officer Metcalf
Keri Lynn PrattKeri Lynn Pratt
As Anna Leah
Pamela GidleyPamela Gidley
As Teri Miller
Robert David HallRobert David Hall
As Dr. Al Robbins
Samuel L. JonesSamuel L. Jones
As James Moore
Shonda FarrShonda Farr
As Lori
Skip OSkip O'Brien
As Det. Ray O'Riley
Darren KennedyDarren Kennedy
As Victor DeSilva
Ingo NeuhausIngo Neuhaus
As Trent Calloway
Kareem GrimesKareem Grimes
As Ronnie Connors

Co-Guest Stars
Chet GrissomChet Grissom
As Restaurant Manager
DeJuan GuyDeJuan Guy
As Black Detainee
Fred E. EllisFred E. Ellis
As Maintenence Engineer
Lee CherryLee Cherry
As Stranger
Robb DerringerRobb Derringer
As Victor's Partner
Main Cast
George EadsGeorge Eads
As Nick Stokes
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
As Sara Sidle
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger
As Catherine Willows
William PetersenWilliam Petersen
As Gil Grissom
Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
As Warrick Brown
Paul Guilfoyle (1)Paul Guilfoyle (1)
As Captain Jim Brass
Episode Notes
This episode was originally entitled "Sleepy Hollow".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
SkinnerRatSpeak For YouDuring the roller coaster scene at the end

Episode Quotes
Grissom: Repeat after me. Silk, silk, silk.
Nick: Silk, silk, silk.
Grissom: What do cows drink?
Nick: Milk.
Grissom: Cows drink water. They produce milk.
Nick: Hey, Catherine, say, "Silk, silk, silk."
Catherine: Silk, silk, silk.
Nick: What do cows drink?
Catherine: Water. Why?
Nick (after a disappointed pause): Never mind.

Catherine: Now there's a start, "gross." Gross negligence, flying down I-15 in a stolen car. Gross anatomy, a human bowling ball in the trunk. Gross details, let's hear it.

Sara: What has gotten in to you?
Nick: Grissom.

Gil: Vitreous humor is glazed over.
Jim: What does that mean?
Gil: That means that, six to eight hours ago somebody lost their head. Then ... somebody lost their head.

Gil: I forgot.
Catherine: Well, maybe we should be evaluating you.

Sara: Yes! Road trip.

Catherine: (to Gil) I'll meet you at the autopsy. 'Head'-topsy.

Nick: If I'm not ready, be a man -- tell me I'm not ready.
Gil: You're not ready.

Gil: (to Nick) Anybody who's great at anything, Nick, does it for their own approval not someone else's.

Catherine: Definitely a crime of passion.
Gil: You think a female could do this?
Catherine: I could have.
Gil: Scared of you.

Al: What do you think?
Catherine: It sucks... Hey, I just filed for divorce. I feel a little confident.

Jim: (to Lori and Anna Leah) You know what I think? I don't think you two are murderers. I think you're just felony stupid.

James Moore: I had two things going against me: I'm the newest face and the only witness.
Warrick: So it's your life versus time.

Sara: That's one of those funny clues. Could mean nothing or could mean everything.

Gil: So bizarre, human behavior. What you can't cut out of your mind you can always cut out of your photo album.

Warrick: Nothing surprises me anymore.

Catherine: The cousin of footprints. Sock prints ... look.

Nick: Perp thought he could cover his tracks by taking off his shoes.
Catherine: He thought wrong.

Catherine: By the way, what about my evaluation?
Gil: Keep up the good work, Catherine.

Gil: So the footlocker had no headroom.

Warrick: Whatever happened to my evaluation?
Gil: You're sitting in it.

Gil: (to Warrick) Every nine years and 34 days I feel like sharing.

Episode Goofs
At the restaurant, Grissom calls Brass Tim, instead of Jim.

Cultural References
Grissom: You're a riot, Alice.

Grissom is referencing the TV show, The Honeymooners where the line was often said by Jackie Gleason's character, Ralph Kramden, to his wife, Alice, played by Audrey Meadows.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAnthony E. Zuiker
Main Title ThemeThe Who
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