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The team once more investigates a crime scene left by serial killer Paul Millander. Probing of the crime scene and the files from his past murders, the team realizes that all the victims shared the same day of birth, the day of the murder of Paul Millander's father, with the birth years descending: 1959, 1958, 1957... Grissom believes that he's the next target of Millander since common date of August 17 happens to be his birthday as well... and he was born in 1956.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x13
Airdate: Thursday January 17th, 2002

Guest Stars
Archie KaoArchie Kao
As Archie Johnson
Cheryl WhiteCheryl White
As Mrs. Mason
Eric SzmandaEric Szmanda
As Greg Sanders
Frank Novak (1)Frank Novak (1)
As Judge
Matt OMatt O'Toole
As Paul Milander
Robert David HallRobert David Hall
As Dr. Al Robbins
Devon AlanDevon Alan
As Craig Mason
Micole MercurioMicole Mercurio
As Isabelle Millander
Neil FlynnNeil Flynn
As Officer Yarnell
Ryan James (1)Ryan James (1)
As Young Paul
Steve WittingSteve Witting
As Peter Walker

Co-Guest Stars
Main Cast
George EadsGeorge Eads
As Nick Stokes
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
As Sara Sidle
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger
As Catherine Willows
William PetersenWilliam Petersen
As Gil Grissom
Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
As Warrick Brown
Paul Guilfoyle (1)Paul Guilfoyle (1)
As Captain Jim Brass
Episode Notes
Grissom's birthday is revealed in this episode as being August 17, 1956.

This is one of the very few episodes of CSI where we see Grissom sporting a firearm. This occurs in the scene late in the episode where he returns alone to Isabelle Millander's home.

Grisson rarely carries a gun with him on duty. CSIs are not required to be armed, but can elect to if properly qualified in firearms.

Episode Quotes
Warrick: Hey. Is it true? Millander?
Sara: Yeah, it's true. Gunshot, suicide script leaves the body in a bathtub.
(Grissom bags the tape recorder.)
Gil: Paul Millander. Remember the first victim? Royce Harmon? Stuart Rampler, second ... and now ... Pete Walker.
Sara: Grissom, Catherine briefed us about your birth date.
Warrick: Yeah, what's up with that?
Gil: Coincidence. Make anything more of it gives Millander more power than he deserves.
Nick: We work together; he can't outsmart all five of us.
Gil: Yes, he can.

Sara: Rain washed away everything. What I got will never hold up in court.
Warrick: Well, I got some mud prints. Check these out.
Sara: This is the point of origin. They stop at the warehouse threshold.
Warrick: He must've taken off his boots before he stepped in.
Sara: Only one set of prints ...
Warrick: Check out the depth of the impression compared to mine.
Sara: He carried the body in. The extra weight explains the deeper impression.

Gil: It's not lividity.
Catherine: He's got stippling on the side of his face.
(close up of the stippling on the skin.)
Gil: From what I can tell, he was shot once in the chest. Unburned gunpowder wouldn't plume this way.
Catherine: No entry wounds near his face.
Gil: I'll have Robbins check for leaks. Maybe he can find a hidden bullet.
(Catherine stands up and walks over to the other side of the body. She finds a strand of hair.)
Catherine: Wait ... wait a minute. I got something.
(Catherine picks it up.)
Catherine: Hello, Dolly. Dark hair, 12 inches. Female?
Gil: So another victim ... or an accomplice?

Al: There's the initial bullet hole. No other leaks. Died from a single gunshot wound to the chest just like the others.
Gil: The others didn't have stippling on the side of their faces. Unburned gunpowder doesn't change direction and stick. Unless ... he turned his face away from the gun.
Al: Not likely due to the origin of the facial burn.
(Quick flashback to: Stippling adhering to the side of the victim's face.)
Gil: Nobody misses from this distance.
Al: True.
Gil: I think this might be intentional.
(Quick flashback to inside Halloweird, Paul Milander shows a sculpture to Grissom. Half of the face is normal, the other half is deformed.)
Paul Milander: I-I-I call it "good versus evil."
(Resume to present.)
Gil: He's telling me he's going to show me both sides.

Greg: Your planted hair is full of information. It's got a complete follicular tag.
Catherine: Well, the vic had light brown hair so we know it's not his.
Gil: Could be Millander's.
(Greg shows Catherine the results.)
Greg: Well, that's impossible. The amelogenin on the follicle came back xx-- female.
Catherine: So, back to that again. Another victim, or an accomplice?
Gil: Yeah, but what decade?
Catherine: What do you mean?
Gil: Look under 400-X. The tag cell is aged.
(Catherine looks at the scope. Scope POV shows the follicular tag.)
Catherine: So Millander planted an aged hair? But once exposed, the tag would dry up and fall off, especially in transport.
Gil: Not if he nurtured it. Kept it in a freezer.
Greg: That would work.
Catherine: Okay, so what's he trying to tell us? That he used to kill women?
Gil: Maybe just one.
Catherine: Grounds?
Gil: (shakes his head) I don't know yet.

Bailiff: All rise. Honorable Judge Douglas Mason presiding ... Municipal Court, City of Mulberry, State of Nevada.
(Behind the Bailiff, the Judge enters the room and makes his way to his chair.)
(Grissom watches as he looks up at the Judge and instantly recognizes him.)
(The Judge looks up. It's Paul Milander.)
Judge Mason/Paul Milander: You may be seated.
(Catherine and everyone sits. Grissom doesn't move. He stares at Judge Mason)
Catherine: Gil.
(Without taking his eyes off of Judge Mason, Grissom removes his ID and makes his way to the officer standing off to the side.)
(He shows his ID to the officer.)
Gil: Excuse me, Officer. I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. I need you to arrest a murder suspect.
Court Room Officer: Where's the suspect?
Gil: Judge Mason. His real name is Paul Milander.
Court Room Officer: You don't want to do this.
Judge Mason/Paul Milander: (to Grissom) Sir, please take a seat.
Gil: Officer, this man is not who he's pretending to be.
Judge Mason/Paul Milander: Take a seat now or I'll have you removed from this courtroom and charged with contempt.
Gil: He's wanted in Clark County for murder.
Judge Mason/Paul Milander: You are now in contempt of court. Bailiff?

Sara: Greg, did you look at the female hair from the crime scene tub?
Greg: When you say "jump I say "how high?" I found testosterone in female hair. Post pubescent female hair.
Sara: Well, men and women both have testosterone in their systems. No big deal, right?
Greg: Well, this is. This testosterone's endogenous.
Sara: What? What do you mean? Like outside the body?
Greg: Injections. Supplements.
(Sara looks at the results.)
Sara: So our mystery lady was trying to enhance her athletic performance?
Greg: Or increase her sex drive. (beat) You know women do that. I read. None that I've ever met.
Sara: Not yet anyway. Okay, I'm not sure what this means yet, but thanks.

Catherine: Isabelle Millander?
(The woman nods.)
Gil: We're with the Las Vegas crime lab.
Isabelle Millander: Are you here about my husband? That happened over thirty years ago.
Catherine: It's our understanding that your child witnessed your husband's murder.
(Isabelle Millander steps aside. Catherine and Grissom walk into the house. Isabelle Millander closes the door.)
Catherine: Thank you.
Isabelle Millander: My child was only ten years old. So brave to testify against those men. But it didn't matter. The Judge ruled it a suicide and those men went free.
Catherine: I hope we're not interrupting. It looks as if you're expecting someone for dinner.
Isabelle Millander: I always set an extra place for Paul.
Gil: Your son?
Isabelle Millander: My husband. My way of being together.
(Grissom turns and looks at some pictures on the table.)
Isabelle Millander: Those are from his best years. He started a company out in Hollywood in the 1930s.
Gil: Halloweird.
Isabelle Millander: Movie makeup. He used himself as a model.
Isabelle Millander: He made hand molds and masks, everything. Like a one-man company.
Catherine: May I use your bathroom?
Isabelle Millander: Last door down the hall.
Catherine: Thank you.
(Catherine leaves the room.)
Gil: Would you happen to have any of his work still?
Isabelle Millander: I kept only what's most sentimental.
Gil: Might I take a look at it?
(Catherine walks down the hallway. She opens a closed door to a bedroom. She walks out and opens the closed door at the end of the hallway to the bathroom. She closes the bathroom door and opens a third closed door to a pink little girl's room.)
(Catherine takes off her hat and looks around. She looks at the picture on the wall and a name plate for "Pauline".)

Greg: Okay. The hair you found in Pauline Millander's bedroom two x chromosomes-- female.
Gil: You didn't beep me for that.
Greg: Well, Sara had me compare it to the hair found in the tub at the crime scene. They're a perfect match. DNA identical.
Catherine: So her brother planted it?
(Greg looks at Sara)
Greg: Well ... not exactly.
Sara: Yeah, he planted it. He planted his own hair.
Catherine: Millander. It's a female hair.
Sara: With endogenous testosterone. Pauline was taking male hormone injections.
(Grissom looks at the test results.)
Gil: Why?
Sara: My theory? Sex change.
Catherine: You know, when I was back at the house I saw several photographs of Pauline and nothing of Paul. In fact, the only proof of Paul is a hidden baseball card.
Sara: There is no birth or death record for Pauline.
Gil: Paul killed Pauline. But he didn't murder her.

Episode References
The gun shot residue on the victim’s face is a reference back to the episode "Anonymous" and the mask with the two different sides that Millander shows Grissom.

Overall an excellent episode. Highlights include Catherine’s snooping in Mrs. Mason’s house and Sara’s figuring out that Mason/Millander was once a she. The best moment though is that this is one suspect who Grissom is never able to catch as Millander commits suicide at the end. The three episode story arc is not resolved in typical CSI fashion because of this.

The final installment in the three episode story arc involving Paul Millander begins with a driver picking up a hitchhiker (Millander) and then turning up dead in a tub in a warehouse out of Vegas’ jurisdiction. Grissom and Catherine are called to the scene because Grissom is addressed on the “suicide” tape. We learn that Grissom’s birthday is the same day as all the previous victims and that his birth year is next in sequence for the killer. This time the killer is purposely leaving evidence behind. He leaves an ancient hair fiber with the victim. He leaves his prints on the bars of the jail for Grissom to run. Millander is both confident in his ability to outwit Grissom and ready to reveal himself. The team slowly connects the dots, researching Millander’s past to find his mother and analyzing the DNA in the hair fiber. Unfortunately the hair fiber belongs to a woman. However, Catherine manages to lift a fiber from old clothing at Millander’s mother’s house and takes a stack of baseball cards with a print on them. This combination of evidence shows Millander/Mason/Paula Millander are the same person. However it is Sara who figures out that Paul Millander was once Paula. Millander is arrested and brought to trial. He chooses to represent himself causing his case to be the last on the docket that day. He uses this delay to escape from prison using a fake ID badge made from Grissom’s ID. Catherine catches up with Grissom as he is leaving the lab and points out an irregularity in the tapes of the victims causing Grissom to leave the lab running. He rushes to Mrs. Millander’s house only to find she has been stabbed. He then walks to the bathroom to find Millander in the tub with a suicide tape. Millander did manage to outwit him, choosing death over being convicted of his crimes.

It is an interesting episode and neatly wraps up the Millander story arc. It is revealed that Millander chose to become a man because he did not feel tough enough as a woman to have saved his father. The scene where Millander reveals his secrets is amazing. He states that he is comfortable telling Grissom about his past. When Grissom asks for his DNA Millander takes the swab and collects it himself, handing the sample back to Grissom. The whole scene has a strange sexual undertone as if Paula is actually the one controlling things instead of Paul.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAnthony E. Zuiker
Main Title ThemeThe Who
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