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When a woman is kidnapped, Catherine is ordered by the kidnappers to accompany a man to deliver the million dollar ransom or else the woman will be killed. As Catherine goes with the man, the team works to try to figure out who is behind the kidnapping.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x14
Airdate: Thursday January 31st, 2002

Guest Stars
Christopher WiehlChristopher Wiehl
As Hank
Eric SzmandaEric Szmanda
As Greg Sanders
Madison McReynoldsMadison McReynolds
As Lindsey Willows
Robert David HallRobert David Hall
As Dr. Al Robbins
Ty UpshawTy Upshaw
As Police Officer
Al SapienzaAl Sapienza
As Logan's Attorney
Gigi BerminghamGigi Bermingham
As Waitress
J. Robin MillerJ. Robin Miller
As Amanda Freeman
Rachel Dara WolfeRachel Dara Wolfe
As Female Teller
Stan SellersStan Sellers
As Bank Manager
Tom IrwinTom Irwin
As Roy Logan
Main Cast
George EadsGeorge Eads
As Nick Stokes
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
As Sara Sidle
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger
As Catherine Willows
William PetersenWilliam Petersen
As Gil Grissom
Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
As Warrick Brown
Paul Guilfoyle (1)Paul Guilfoyle (1)
As Captain Jim Brass
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Greg Kihn BandOur Love's in Jeopardy 

Episode Quotes
Roy Logan: I'm not saying anything without my lawyer.
Gil: You don't have to say anything.

Catherine: Thank you, Mr. Logan. You can put your shirt down. Left arm out, please.
(Roy Logan sighs. He holds out his left arm. Catherine looks at it. She take a picture of it. Behind them, Grissom is looking through Roy Logan's clothes.)
Catherine: Right arm.
(Roy Logan drops his left arm and holds out his right arm. Catherine again looks at it then takes a picture.)
Catherine: No visible injuries.
Gil: No blood on his clothes.
Roy Logan: How long is this going to take?
(Grissom holds out Roy Logan's clothes. Roy Logan takes them from him. The clock on the back wall reads: 6:30 PM.)
Gil: Sorry for the inconvenience.
(Roy Logan puts his clothes down on the table intending to put them back on. The door opens and Paul, Roy Logan's Attorney, walks in.)
Logan's Attorney: What the hell is going on here?
Roy Logan: Paul, get me out of here, now.
Logan's Attorney: Roy, put your clothes back on. Don't say another word to these people. (to the CSIs) I'm taking my complaint directly to the District Attorney. You had no grounds to detain Mr. Logan let alone disrobe him.
(Paul hands Grissom a business card. Roy Logan hurriedly puts on his clothes. Grissom looks at the card.)
Gil: His hands were covered in blood and he had a million dollars in his briefcase.
Logan's Attorney: It's not a crime to be rich.
Roy Logan: Where's my car?
Logan's Attorney: It's right up front. My secretary drove it here.
(Roy Logan grabs his cell phone, picks up the metal briefcase and follows Paul out the door.)
Logan's Attorney: (to Grissom) You're going to be hearing from us. (The two men leave.)
Catherine: Didn't Shakespeare say 'let's kill all the lawyers'?
Gil: Yeah. Henry VI. Where is he when we need him?

Catherine: I'm due at a nursery rhyme recital. Lindsey's going to play the girl in the moon.
Gil: What happen to the man in the moon?
Catherine: He got the mumps.

Catherine: (to Roy Logan) So, let's get to know each other. You first. You were born; you came home from the hospital. Then what?

Roy Logan: I don't think I can face my wife right now.
Catherine: This town is full of hotels.

Roy Logan: You know, with all that money on my lap we could've driven to Mexico.
Catherine: That's right. You're short one mistress.

Catherine: I'm also going to need you to strip.
Roy Logan: What?
(Catherine looks down at Logan. Logan looks over at Gil. Gil shrugs.)
Gil: Vegas.

(Gil's cell phone rings.)
Gil: (to phone) Grissom. (pause) Thank god.
Catherine: There was a kidnapping.
Gil: I know -- Amanda Freeman. She's dead ... and whoever touched the money probably has glow-in-the-dark paint on their hands.
Catherine: You got my clues?
Gil: Yeah, nicely done. I know just about everything except ... where are you?

Catherine: Mr. Logan!
(His car alarm chirps and he has his car door open. He puts his case down and turns around. Catherine waves his sunglasses at him.)
Catherine: You forgot your sunglasses.
(She walks over to him and holds it out.)
Catherine: Service-oriented policing.
(Roy Logan shuts the car door closed and turns angrily to Catherine)
Roy Logan: You don't understand. Get away from me.
(Catherine doesn't say anything. She puts the sunglasses in his left breast pocket and turns to leave. His cell phone rings. Catherine lingers.)
(Roy Logan reaches into his jacket and answers it.)
Roy Logan: Hello.
(He pauses and listens. Catherine still hasn't moved. He turns to her and looks at her. He holds the phone out to her.)
Roy Logan: It's for you.
Catherine: What?
(Catherine takes the phone from Roy Logan)
Catherine: (on phone) Hello
Voice: (high-pitched and altered) Who are you?
Catherine: (to phone) CSI three Willows. Who are you?
Voice: (over phone) Are you a cop?
Catherine:(to phone) Criminalist.
Voice: (over phone) Good. Because if you had been a cop she'd already be dead.
Catherine:(to phone) Who would be dead?
Voice: (over phone) Do you have a weapon?
Catherine: (to phone) Yes.
Voice: (over phone) Then put it on the ground, along with your pager, cell phone and that case you're holding.
Catherine: (to phone) Who is this?
Voice: (over phone) Do it! We're watching you, CSI three Willows. Attempt to go back into the police station and we'll kill her.
(Catherine looks around and doesn't see anything or anyone. She slowly puts her kit down on the ground.)
Voice: (over phone) Attempt to contact any coworkers and we'll kill her. Any false moves at all, and Amanda is dead.
(Catherine reaches into her coat pocket and takes out her cell phone and puts it on the case. She looks around again.)
Voice: (over phone) Now get back in the car. You drive, anywhere but here and await my next call.
(The person on the other end hangs up. Catherine pulls the cell phone away from her ear and closes it.)
Roy Logan: What did he say? Is Amanda all right?
(Catherine grabs the keys from Roy Logan)
Catherine: Let's talk in the car.

Catherine: Give me the finger.
(Roy Logan looks at Catherine. Catherine meets his look. Roy Logan reaches into his pocket and takes out the case with the finger in it. He passes it to her under the counter. Catherine takes one of the glasses.)

Cultural References
Catherine: Didn't Shakespeare say 'let's kill all the lawyers'?
Gil: Yeah. Henry VI. Where is he when we need him?

Yes, the line is from Henvry VI by Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare's, The Second Part of King Henry IV,
Act IV, Scene 2: Dick the Butcher: The first thing we do, let's kill all the

Greg: So it was kind of like Getty's ear? They cut it off, sent it to the house?

Refers to the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in 1973. His grandfather refused to pay the ransom until John’s ear was delivered to him.

Episode References
This is the second episode in season 2 where Gil knowing allows (and encourages) Catherine to work a case where she is either personally involved or possibly compromised, the first being "Burked".

Grissom also works this case even though he was a witness to Catherine's kidnapping.

Catherine gets played.

A man walks into his bank with a briefcase and a check for $1 million from his personal account. He leaves the bank and is brought in after a cop pulls him over for reckless driving. Grissom and Catherine search the man, taking samples of the blood found on his hands. The man leaves the interrogation room and forgets his sunglasses. Catherine, trying to be nice, takes the glasses to the man outside where she receives a phone call telling her to leave her kit, her phone and her gun and get into the car. Grissom walks out in time to witness Catherine and the man driving away. He quickly dials her cell phone only to hear it ringing where she left it.

The way Roy Logan manipulates Catherine is classic. He has the story of his mistress and her severed finger (which Catherine leaves with Sara at the diner). He keeps her from calling for help by using the “what if it was your daughter” argument. He even manipulates her at the morgue after the body has been found, saying he wants to see his girlfriend to say goodbye when all he really wants is to siphon information out of the CSIs. Logan’s scheme was brilliant really. He sets it up so that his wife and his lawyer are the prime suspects. His lawyer, however, is not about to take the fall for murder and spills everything. At this point though Logan has left town and they’ve no clue where he has gone. Luck is on the side of the crime lab when a call comes in on Catherine’s cell saying he has been arrested. Catherine goes down to visit him in jail. Logan tells her they could have run away together which pisses her off even more.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAnthony E. Zuiker
Main Title ThemeThe Who
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