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Two female corpses are found in a new construction site, leading the CSIs to the world of Russian mail-order brides and the torture the women go through in order to earn citizenship through marriage. Meanwhile, Sara is lectured by Ecklie after she makes an inappropriate comment, leading her to confide in Grissom a family secret she’s tried to hide from the rest of the team.

Episode Info
Episode number: 5x13
Airdate: Thursday February 03rd, 2005

Director: Bill Eagles
Writer: Sarah Goldfinger

Guest Stars
David BermanDavid Berman
As David Phillips
Eric StonestreetEric Stonestreet
As Ronnie Litre
Marc VannMarc Vann
As Conrad Ecklie
Wallace LanghamWallace Langham
As David Hodges
Ben Reed (1)Ben Reed (1)
As Willis
Christina StaceyChristina Stacey
As June Melton
Lisa ThornhillLisa Thornhill
As Chloe Daniels
Louis FerreiraLouis Ferreira
As Ken Wellstone
Natasha AlamNatasha Alam
As Svetlana Melton
Sanja MatejasSanja Matejas
As Alexandra
Zeljko IvanekZeljko Ivanek
As Melton
Main Cast
George EadsGeorge Eads
As Nick Stokes
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
As Sara Sidle
Eric SzmandaEric Szmanda
As Gregory "Greg" Sanders
Robert David HallRobert David Hall
As Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger
As Catherine Willows
William PetersenWilliam Petersen
As Gil Grissom
Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
As Warrick Brown
Paul Guilfoyle (1)Paul Guilfoyle (1)
As Captain Jim Brass
Episode Quotes
Grissom: I have an idea.
Catherine: Of course you do, but last I checked, the backlog on grave was
about... mmm ... a hundred cases?
Grissom: You've been spending too much time with Ecklie. I'm off the clock. I came
in early for this.

Grissom: Oh, boy. I gotta get my shift started. Good luck with the case.
Catherine: No, no, no. You're not going to just destroy this skull and split.
Grissom: You can make a nice mold from the impression.
Catherine: I'm short-handed as it is.
Grissom: I think Sara just wrapped a case. If you need her, she's yours.

Catherine: You know ... every time we get a case with a hint of domestic violence or abuse, you go off the deep end. What is your problem?
Sara: Yeah, I probably do, and you let your sexuality cloud your judgment about
men, and I'm gonna go over your head.
Ecklie: Sidle. Get in my office. Now.
In Ecklie's office
Ecklie: You are a law enforcement officer and a representative of this city. That means I expect you to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, in and away from this lab.
Sara: You know what, if this is gonna be one of your "for the good of the lab" speeches, don't bother. I've heard them.
Ecklie: Just take a seat. Willows is a supervisor -- that means you treat her with respect. Insulting her in front of coworkers ...
Sara: She's not my supervisor.
Ecklie: All right-- your superior. Sara, you berate witnesses, you disrespect the people you work with, you luck your way out of a DUI. Take a look -- you got a half a dozen complaints in your jacket. And if Grissom really documented your performance,
there'd probably be a dozen more-- that's not the kind of person I want in my lab.
Sara: The only reason this is your lab is because Grissom doesn't kiss ass. You couldn't hack it in the field, so you fail your way up, you break up our team, and now you just hang out in the hallways waiting for one of us to screw up.
Ecklie: Sidle, you're on one-week suspension without pay, ...
Sara: Great.
Ecklie: ... and when you get back, you're apologizing to Catherine.
Sara: No, I'm not.

Grissom: Can I come in?
Sara: Wanna ask me if I'm drunk? (smiles)
Grissom: We both know that's not your problem. I spoke to Catherine.
Sara: Ecklie?
Grissom: He wants me to fire you.
Sara: I figured... can I get you anything?
Grissom: Sure, an explanation.
Sara: I, lost my temper.
Grissom: That seems to be happening quite a bit. Do you know why? (Sara moves over to the window, Grissom leans on the kitchen counter)
Sara: What difference does it make I'm still fired.
Grissom: (softly) It makes a difference to me.
Sara: I have a problem with authority, I choose men who are emotionally unavailable, (motions to Grissom), I'm self destructive, all of the above.
Grissom: Have you ever gone a week without a rationalisation? (Sara rolls her head at him) It's from the big chill. One of the characters explaining a basic fact of life, (Sara moves closer), that rationalisations are more important to us than ... sex even.
Sara: I am not rationalising anything, I crossed the line with Catherine and I was insubordinate to Ecklie.
Grissom: Why?
Sara: Leave it alone.
Grissom: No Sara. (insistent)
Sara: What do you want from me?
Grissom: I want to know why you're so angry.

[Sara and Grissom sit facing each other. The light from the setting sun filters through the darkening room]
Sara: It's funny... the things that you remember and the things that you don't, you know. There was a smell of iron in the air. Cast-off on the bedroom wall. There was this young cop puking his guts. I remember the woman who took me to foster care. I can't remember her name, which is strange, you know, 'cause I couldn't let go of her hand.
Grissom: Well... the mind has its filters.
Sara: I do remember the looks. I became the girl whose father was stabbed to death. Do you think there's a murder gene?
Grissom: I don't believe that genes are a predictor of violent behavior.
Sara: You wouldn't know that in my house. The fights, the yelling, the trips to the hospital. I thought it was the way that everybody lived. When my mother killed my father, I found out that it wasn't.
[Sara starts to cry. Grissom reaches out and holds her hand]

Grissom: She's a great criminologist, Conrad, and I need her.
Ecklie: I'm sure you do. You know what? She is a loose cannon with a gun, and she's all yours.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAnthony E. Zuiker
Main Title ThemeThe Who
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