Sudden Death - Recap

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Scenes of a foot chase are interspersed with those from a wicked hot
club. An older gentleman, Chip, introduces a young man named Brady
Jensen to the young women working at the club. He says Brady is a
college football star and future pro legend. He's the one being chased
by the police in the other scenes. Eric and Ryan are calling for backup.
Chip wants to be Brady's agent, and he's pushing hard. He says he'll get
him a top tier spot, and endorsements from here to China. Brady says
endorsements aren't his thing, and turns down the drink offer, saying
drafts aren't until next weekend, and it's too early to celebrate.

One young lady asks for his autograph, and the beautiful blond winks at
him as she walks away. She and Brady are next seen in bed together. The
foot chase continues, and he almost escapes when he makes a jump that
Eric can't. He comes around a corner and walks into H's gun. H tells him
he can't outrun this. The blond is dead in about a foot of water.

Brady doesn't want the press seeing him being taken in. He says Kristen
was his bottle girl, he didn't kill her. She wanted to talk to him in
the cabana, so they could have some privacy. She told him she hated her
job. They started kissing. He fell asleep, and when he woke up, she was
in the pool. Dr. Mercier is there when they get the body out of the
pool, and greets Walter warmly.

While Walter is shooting the scene, he notices that there's a pool vent
jammed open. He reaches in and finds a bottle, a piece of clothing and a
cell phone. Natalia dries it under the ladies room hand dryer, and
Walter has to stay with her for chain of evidence. When it's dry,
Natalia discovers that this is Kristen's phone. she can't access
texting, but the last phone call was to Sarah Walker. H questions her,
and all she can tell him is that she advised Kristen not to go out there
with Brady. He notices scratches on her arm, and she says her son did
that because he really hates sunscreen. H tells her they'll talk again soon.

Dr. Mercier says that the bottle was jammed into Kristen's mouth until
she drowned, then someone dropped her into the pool. Ryan and Natalia
wand Brady before questioning. They're looking for alcohol runoff, and
he's clean. If he killed her, he changed clothes after. Brady asks if he
can leave, and Ryan says no. Brady is hiding something, and he's going
to sit in that cage and rot until Ryan figures out what it is.

Natalia swings through Calleigh's lab. She still can't access texting,
and needs her help. Calleigh finds a text that says "I'm not doing this
anymore, it's not right." That text was sent to her boss, and H
confronts her. She says she had nothing to do with it, and the girls do
just fine. She asks when she gets her club back, and H retorts when he
knows how she figures into Kristen's death.

Champagne is what killed Kristen. He doesn't know what kind, but he can
come up with the year by checking c-14 levels. 1957 is the year they'd
be looking for. Caine questioned the gentleman who ordered the bottle,
Richard Ellison, and he says the suit he was wearing last night is at
the cleaners.

One of the customers gets fresh with Sarah, and she tells him she's off
limits. H says he can help her, but she says she can't implicate anyone.
She leaves when Ellison starts calling for more drinks. Eric and Natalia
are wanding the cabanas for champagne runoff, with no luck. Eric says
maybe delayed drowning is the culprit. People can walk and talk for a
couple of hours before they actually drown. The champagne in Kristen's
lungs, combined with her own fluid, would cause the lungs to swell well
before the time she hooked up with Brady. So it's probable that she was
attacked in the club, not the cabana.

Frank and Walter are trying to track down the suit and being completely
stonewalled. Frank says they need something that gets them on Ellison's

Erica shows up with a lot of questions. She shows Ryan a phone with
Kristen's picture on it and asks if she's dead or sleeping. She throws
Brady's name into the mix and tries to get some answers from Ryan. He
tells her this is a hot case and he needs some time, like until the end
of the day. She informs him he has until three.

H confronts Brady and Chip with the picture of Kristen. Brady admits he
lied; Kristen wasn't gone when he woke up. She was there, and so was
Chip. He wanted to call the paramedics, but Chip convinced him not to.
Chip said he would help Brady get out of this mess if he signed with
him, and Brady agreed. Chip is under arrest, and says all he did was
move a dead body. He didn't kill her.

Dr. Mercier is doing the autopsy on Kristen. She finds confetti in her
lungs and calls Eric in. Eric calls the club and asks when they drop
confetti. It's at midnight every night. He hangs up before the owner can
ask him any further questions.

Eric and Calleigh discuss the case. She has discovered that the bottle
of champagne was delivered at 11:57. Eric tells her that the confetti
that was found in Kristen's lung drops at midnight. She tells him she'll
get the VIP seating information to him ASAP.

Ryan does some camera work in the cabana and discovers that the person
who took Kristen's picture is 5'3". This information points at Sarah. H
questions her. She did take the picture, but she didn't know Kristen was
dead. Amanda, the club manager, made her do it. She makes them take
pictures of everybody, all the time. It's like a private club paparazzi.

H confronts Amanda. Top draft pick and saving himself for marriage?
Brady was too good to let pass by. So Amanda had Sarah go out and take
the pictures, after she got the text where Kristen said she couldn't do
this anymore. They looked like they were asleep, but she took the
pictures anyway.

H tells her to turn on the confetti. She asks what's up with CSI and her
confetti. He tells her again, and she does so.

The team is going over the crime events. Brady and Chip didn't kill her,
but they did conspire to make her death look like an accident. H
discovers that each mortar shoots a different color confetti over each
table. Natalia runs down the colors, and it turns out the piece in
Kristen's lungs was gold, from Richard Ellison's table. Frank, Walter
and Emily show up with a search warrant, and the jacket he claimed went
to the cleaners was actually on the boat. Ellison says he and Kristen
were just having fun. Eric finds the other half of the missing crown in
Ellison's jacket pocket and confronts him. He says it takes 150 psi to
displace a crown, is that his idea of fun? She told him she wasn't his
girl anymore, and that's why he forced the champagne down her throat.
Ellison asks if this is about Sarah, and H tells him never to contact
her again.

When Brady gets released, Erica is there waiting to interview him. He
tells her that his name and career are insignificant compared to what
happened to Kristen. He tells his fans that they should think of Kristen
and her family before they look at any photo that Erica bought with
blood money. He then tells Erica she's not a journalist, she's a jackal.

Calleigh and Eric have a few words about friendship as the day closes. H
puts Sarah and her son on a bus home; the trip's on him.