Last Straw - Recap

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The scene opens with a horse running unusually mad across a farm, and after it jumps the fence, it brings passing car to a halt. The driver is taken by surprise. He calls 911, and reports there is blood on the saddle and the rider is missing. You better send someone real quick. When the cops arrive, Ryan is having a hard time cooling it down. It is neighing and violently raising its hoofs, and Ryan is helpless. However, when Calleigh arrives at the scene, she proves to be quite a horse whisperer. She notices the blood is present on the ropes strewn around the horse as well. Ryan goes across the fence, before long, he discovers a dead woman. She has been hit with something in her head as well. He calls Lt. Horatio and Calleigh to the spot. Before long, they realize she had been hanged using a lunge line. Horatio points out the woman suffered. Now they will have the killer suffer.

Horatio and Natalia visit the ranch. They meet the owner, Joan. It turns out the victim, Cassidy Weller started boarding her horse – Chestnut – a month ago. She knew her as a client, but she cannot tell if there was anyone she did not get along. Her daughter Ella handles the clients. When she talks with the detectives, she did not know Cassidy personally or well enough to say why she might have been killed. She did not see Cassidy in the morning. She arrives before Ella comes to feed the horses. Natalia tells her the lunge line came from her stable. Ella is a little nervous.

At CSI lab, it turns out the murderer first knocked her in the head to make her unconscious, and then hung her. Calleigh would like to check the rope. However, they also discover she is wearing a sorority necklace – with the symbols Phi, Gamma and Alpha molded side by side. Calleigh points out that could be a little odd for a woman in her thirties, but a young woman’s commitment could last quite long. Meanwhile, Eric and Horatio are at the stable. They can hardly find anything amidst the huge amounts of hay on the ground, but sticking out of it is a condom packet. They soon realize someone has been doing more than just feeding horses in the enclosure.

When Eric gets to CSI lab looking with suggestion that the vicitim might have had sexual intercourse, he is looking for a hit on the victim’s partner, or possibly the rapist. There are distinctive bruises on Cassidy’s leg, which the doctor says could be a result of sexual activity. He notices a little hair piece in it, and hands it over to Eric for a DNA match. Before long, Mickey Quint is brought into interrogation. He is sorry about Cassidy – she was a good one. They had a casual relationship. Both of them were busy, so they met at the stable. When asked about the bruises, and tying her up, he explains Cassidy liked it rough. And kink is not illegal. However, Natalie hopes he realizes he was the last person to have seen her before she was killed.

When Ryan and another detective get back to the ranch, they canvas the area where Cassidy was found. Calleigh finds a rock with blood on it. And Ryan discovers a half eaten and rotten sandwich. Then Ryan sees something like a snake, which is actually a horse crop. It bears the initials RP, and they should check with the stable who that might be. Later, Walter and Calleigh arrive at the residence of Rachel Patrella, where she is teaching ladies how to sip the proper way, not slurp and burp. Walter is exasperated at what he discovers about Phi Gama Alpha. It turns out she lost her crop while riding her horse, and she wasn’t there at the murder scene until late morning. Reason – she has a divorce lawsuit going on. And when asked about her husband, it turns out it is Mickey Quint.

Both husband and wife are interrogated separately. Mickey by Horatio, and Rachel, by Calleigh. It turns out Mickey was at office when the murder happened, so who did he pay to kill Cassidy? And Rachel expresses her hatred for Cassidy for sleeping with her husband. However, her alibi is that she was at court. Did she pay someone to kill her? It also turns out Rachel and Cassidy were in the same college, and friends at the same sorority group. However, she wouldn’t spit on Cassidy is she was on fire. It turns out later that one of the sorority members from class of 2002 was Ella as well. She did not look the type. May be that is the problem, Calleigh tells Natalia.

It turns out that Ella was a sorority member, who was always picked on for not being up to the standards. She used to be humiliated in front of the other girls, especially by Cassidy, who was president, and her close friend Rachel. Ella tried hard to impress them, but all she got was jeers. In her dreams, she would wish Cassidy died, in fact all of them, but she would never actually do it. Later, when Rachel arrives at a spa, and closes herself on the oxygen table, she dies of as someone sabotages the machine. The UV exposure goes through the roof, and oxygen is cut off. When the cops arrive, Detective Frank explains the blue marks on her fingernails suggests she died of oxygen deficiency. The owner of the spa never had the slightest idea that someone entered and did this. Besides, they find the entire machine duct taped so that oxygen could not enter it. Moreover, the plug has been taken off as well.

Liam Flinn, the owner of the spa turns out to have an arrest record. He was arrested for locking up the sorority girls in their chamber and switching on a false alarm in order to scare them. At interrogation he lets on he hated the sorority girls because they forced his girlfriend Ella to breakup with him. A day ago, she came to apologize for her breaking up. Why would she come now, asks Eric. Flinn lets on recently they had a 10 year reunion. May be that stirred up the whole thing. He has gotten over the sorority thing long back. Looks like Ella is the one who hasn’t. Moreover, they should check with her. When the cops get back to the ranch, Ella lets on how they forced her to break up with Liam. She loved him, but she probably loved being Phi Gama Alpha more. Before long, Walter finds something behind the stable door. It is the same duct tape that was found in the spa oxygen machine. Ella gets handcuffed, and is being taken away. On her way out, her worried mother tells her they will get her out of all this. Her dad arrives in an airport van, and panics. What the hell is happening? He promises Ella he will get her out, but as Horatio points out, that may be a promise he won’t be able to keep.

Ella’s mom attends an interview with Calleigh. The necklace on Cassidy seems to belong to someone else – because an experienced rider would hardly wear a lose necklace. It belongs to Ella doesn’t it? Ella’s mom doesn’t answer, and asks what if there were extenuating circumstances? Like what? Ella was picked on, and she was humiliated all the time – especially by sorority members Rachel and Cassidy. They humiliated her after she came back losing her job, and working at the ranch. In order to find hard evidence, when Natalia runs the DNA tests on the brush used for the horse, it turns out the samples belong to a male match.

Before long, they have Ella’s dad in the interrogation room. He pretends to think this is about him grabbing the officer who was putting Ella into the car. And for Horatio, lying is never a good idea, when Ella’s dad claims his flight landed around noon. He did arrive last night, and put up in a hotel to keep it from his family, right? And he used the morning to commit the crime. Using the airport van to come back to the ranch was just a show, right? Seeing no way out, Ella’s dad admits how angry he was on the two girls who destroyed his daughter. They would constantly jeer at her, and it made him fume. When arrested, Ella is about to take a dramatic step – she tells Horatio on the phone she is about to suicide. She fixes up a noose, and hangs herself, but Horatio gets there just on time. Later, he tells her to start over – this time on a new road.