No Good Deed - Recap

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The scene opens with a surfer returning to the shore. As he is nearing the shore, something hits his board from below and his board overturns, throwing him in the sea. Just then he sees a speed boat at a distance and waves at it for help. The boat speeds towards him…only to kill him. The body is washed ashore. The team examines the body. The victim is identified as Henry Duncan, aged 42. Looking at the angles of the wounds on his body, the team concludes that it is a murder. Caine infers that Duncan at first was trying to swim away from the boat. First his legs got stuck in the propeller. Then his body turned over. The boat man circled and came back, this time cleaving his neck. So, the boat is the murder weapon! Next we see the team fish out the killer boat.

Caine points out to Eric that there is human flesh stuck in the propeller. Just then a guy named Dylan Perez drives in. He got a call about his missing boat. Dylan tells Tipp that he had docked her last night and it was gone in the morning. Eric tells Caine that there is some sort of grease on the steering wheel and Dylan is positive that it wasn’t there last evening. They find out that the grease found on the wheel, is mostly used in cars and trucks; and not the oil used for boats. Next Eric and Calleigh reach Duncan’s house. There they meet his son Sean and break the news of his father’s murder. Sean is a motocross champion and he had pulled out of a big race last week. People told the investigating team that they heard the father and son arguing a lot. Eric sees grease around Sean’s nails. Sean tells the duo that his father thought that he was cheating by over sizing the engine of his bike.

Sean tells them that he had to back out because his father threatened to report him. Sean is angry and does not want to answer anymore questions. He says that he is innocent. He tells them to talk to his crazy neighbor, Connie Jaden who tried to kill his dog last week. They go to Jaden’s. Jaden tells them that she did have an argument with Henry but she wouldn’t kill him. She told them that Henry had a problem with all the men coming at her house at odd hours and that is exactly why the dog is always barking. He also doesn’t find this appropriate as it violates the housing code. Jaden tells the duo that, at the time Henry was murdered, she was with a client, Will Kingsley. He was Henry’s friend and co-worker. Ryan tells Kingsley that Jaden has been arrested for prostitution. Kingsley tells him that Henry had no idea about it, as he was very careful, not to let him know. Henry played ny the book and would never appreciate any of this.

And this made him a great accountant. Ryan asks Kingsley if he had any contact with Henry’s wife, since the time she left; but he says a no. but he tells Ryan that there was an issue with one of their client’s finances; which kept him awake at nights. He tells Ryan to talk to his boss Jane Caldicott. The police collects all the files from Henry’s desk and check for the file with the most number of prints on it; since that could be the one Henry has been handling the most and also kept him awake. They find one file which has the most prints; but the same file also had a lot of Jane’s fingerprints. But what surprises them the most is that the pages inside the file had ONLY Jane’s prints and that there was nothing fishy about the content of the file. This means she had replaced the papers! They go to Henry’s house to search for paperwork. Calleigh goes through Henry things and finds a shoe with green paint at its sole.

At the lab, they found out that the soil sample and the paint had arsenic in it. Ryan goes to a site and meets the owner Bob Scherner. He tells them that the paint is used for aesthetic purposes and is absolutely safe. Ryan tells him that he wants to check underneath the plant. The soil is tested positive for chromium, copper and arsenic. He takes him to the station. Jane Coldicott is called in. Ryan tells her that Bob buys places below market values, built houses on them and sold them for exorbitant prices. But she tells them that she has no idea about his activities. But Caine tells her that she did and also was about to get a cut from Bob for the deals. Henry found out about this and the kind of man he was, he could blow the whistle and so they got rid of Henry. But Jane denies that. She says that she would have bribed him but would never kill him. Next Frank examines Henry’s car. They hear Henry’s phone ringing under the seat.

There’s a voicemail from a blocked number. The voice leaves a message for Henry say that he is in trouble. Just then he cries for help. Caine asks the team to check every possible surveillance video to find out Henry’s connection with the boy. In the video Ben sees that Henry heads to a café, but stops outside to talk to a boy who is sick. Just then a man comes out and starts talking to Henry. He has a knife tucked in his belt. They have a small chat and the man leaves with the kid. Henry tries to follow the man but he lost him. Just then one of the videos shows Henry talking on his Bluetooth. They check that call and see that it is made to 911. He reports a kidnapping and tells 911 that a man is driving away with a 12 year old and says that he is his father. But it doesn’t look right. He also tries telling 911 the number on the plate. But just then a truck drives in front of him and he loses the car.

The remaining half of the number is found from the surveillance video. The team tracks down the car. But they find that the model of the car did not match the one told by Henry to 911. They realize that the plate has been snitched. Just then they see a tow car towing a Chevy with no number plate on it. They check the car. Caine finds a duffel bag in the car; just like the one the boy was carrying in the video. After going through the evidences found in the car, Caine deduces that the small boy is being used as a drug meal! The boy could get killed. They track down the driver of the tow truck. He says that the man who was with the boy had a tattoo and was dark haired. He also tells Eric that the man went to a closed down diner. They go to the diner and find the 12 year old. The man is arrested. Meanwhile at the office, Eric thanks the driver for his help, but just then he notices something about him. There is grease in between his nails.

He asks him to wait. Eric and Caine find out that this was the same truck because of which Henry had lost trail and also had reported to 911 that the truck nearly got him killed. The driver lost his job. He murdered Henry to avenge this loss. He murdered a man he didn’t even know!! The driver confessed his crime. He says he was upset that he lost his job because of Henry. The driver is arrested. Ryan is happy and tells Sam that this calls for a celebration. He asks her out for a drink she accepts. The episode ends.