Rest In Pieces - Recap

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The scene opens with a man coming out of the dirt on a beach. He manages to get out and calls out for a girl named Chelsea. He wonders the beach and stumbles out in the street. Later, Horatio and Walter arrive on the scene of the crime and Walter says that Kirk Armstrong was the man and he is going to the hospital. Horatio looks around and finds the girl Kirk was calling out for. She is dead. Tom says that the body they found is Chelsea Bartlett. They realize that this is the workings of Estavan Navarro and that it is his trademark killing in which they suspect him of doing, but lack evidence. A helicopter lands and disrupts the crime scene. Vina Navarro, grandmother to Estavan, is the disturber. She says that she owns the land and has every right to land on it. Vina says that she wants this case over and done because it is hurting her business. Horatio tells her that she needs to bring in her grandson then. She says that she will see what she can do.

At the station, Frank brings in Etevan thanks to Vina to be in the line up. He is cocky and is certain that it is no big deal that he is there in the line-up at all. The detectives have Kirk look at the line-up and ask him to identify his attacker. When the lights are turned on, Kirk recognizes Estevan right away. Vina goes up to Delko. He thanks her for bringing in Estavan, but their witness identified Estavan as the killer. However, Vina says that because they didn’t have another Latino present, their ID is flawed. She says that she is taking him with her. Frank is shocked of Vina’s change of character. Delko says that they just need to get some evidence. They go back to the beach and Tom gets Chelsea’s body out of the sand and Walter sees the dog going crazy at the crabs. Tom says that the crabs come out to hunt around the dead. They find another body in the sand. They see that it is a male. Not Estavan’s kill. They find a bullet fragment in the skull which will help identify the gun.

At the lab, Duquesne runs some test on the bullet fragment that they found and she tells Horatio that the gun was registered to Diego Navarro, Estavan’s father. They have been looking at the wrong Navarro this entire time. Horatio and Frank go to the Navarro estate and Vina talks to Diego and says that he is worthless. The maid tells them that Horatio and Frank are there to see Diego. Horatio tells Diego that the gun was registered in his name. Diego laughs at the charge and Frank holds him under it. Horatio looks around and finds a heel of a shoe in a fire. Vina comes up and says that she doesn’t even live there. Horatio says that they are getting close because he likes to look at the fine detail. They test the heel of the shoe at the lab and Delko gets some help from Duquesne with finding the shoe make. He tells Duquesne that Elizabeth Clarke, a former prostitute, would be able to help. Duquesne doesn’t like it. He has her come in and Elizabeth gets in says that she owned a pair like the shoes that Delko thinks of and says that she loaned them to Chelsea. He tells her that Chelsea is dead. Delko suggests that she testify in front of the judge that she loaned them to Chelsea.

In court, Elizabeth testifies and it seems like it is going in their favor. However, Diego’s lawyer mentions that Delko spent “personal” time with Elizabeth and has photos to prove. Delko says that he was taking her to a safe house. They judges rules in favor of Diego and the shoe evidence is dropped. Duquesne goes up to Bo Vista and tells her that they need to go back to the burial sight. They widen the search for more evidence and sift through the sand. They find a lapel pin to a Yacht Club. They show it to Vina and she says that she doesn’t recognize it, but Bo Vista shows the picture of Diego and the clip. Vina goes up to Diego and tells him that she is going to turn him in. He gets upset with her and smashes a glass on the counter. Horatio gets a frantic call from Vina and she tells him to come over now and that her son is coming after her. He arrives to find Vina hunched over Diego’s body. He has been shot. Vina says that she didn’t have a choice and had to shoot him. Meanwhile, Tom is cooking the DNA to try to get something from the body of bones that they found in the sand.

Horatio comes in and asks him how the extraction is coming. He shows him that he has Diego’s blood for him and that he needs to speed it up. Delko tells Ryan that Diego got lucky because they couldn’t find a pulse on him and that he flat lined a few times as well. They go through his personal things that he had on him. They find a sucker, the same as Estavan. However, Ryan realizes that it is fake and that there is something hidden inside of it. They take it down to the tech guy and he saws through the plastic sucker and takes out the memory stick. It is encrypted. Walter doesn’t like that, but the tech guy says that they just need to wait for the software to do its job. They find that it is a location and a pin code to a storage facility that was inside the sucker.

Frank gets to the location of the locker with Horatio and his team. Ryan types in the key code that they got from the sucker. Once inside, they find a museum. They find surgical equipment and tools. They realize that they have just found Estavan’s lair where he did the killings. They sees that there are eyeballs in a jar as a sort of “trophy” for him. They bring it all back to the station and go through the evidence that they find. Bo Vista and Horatio look at the evidence and find latex from a glove. She takes it to DNA and finds that it belongs to Estavan and that now they have him. In court, Estevan waits for the prosecuting team questions the CSI team and laughs at what they have. However, when Horatio takes the stand, he tells them that they found DNA on the lip of the eyeball jar that had Estavan’s DNA on it. He is clearly guilty. He tries to defend himself and says that he doesn’t know a girl named Chelsea and questions the judge of all the gifts that he gave him. The judge has Estavan removed from the courtroom and rules that it can be able to go to trial. Vina says that she hopes that Horatio will forgive her for not congratulating him. Horatio tells her that he doesn’t blame her. He tells her that he is not going to allow Vina to see her son that she shot.

Back at the lab, the body that they found in the sand, was Diego’s father, Alfrado. Bo Vista says that she can’t believe that Diego killed his own father. However, Horatio has a second thought. He goes to Diego’s house and sees that the room in which Vina was hiding was not locked and that she had invited Diego inside and then shot him. He gets a call from Vina and she says that she is long gone and that he will not be able to catch her. She says that she killed Alfrado, but Horatio is never going to charge her with it because she is gone on her private island. The episode ends with her on a beach somewhere and Estavan in prison.