At Risk - Recap

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The scene opens with a tennis match. Earlier the next morning, the Coach is finishing up practice. Ross, the janitor, comes up and tells him that there is a light in the locker room that is out and that it is kind of dark. He thanks him and goes to the shower. Suddenly he hears something. Something runs by with a growl. The coach realizes that he is locked in. A dog comes up and attacks him. Ross, the janitor, hears this and runs to help the coach. He takes the bar off the door and goes inside. The dog starts to attack him. Walter and Ryan arrive on the scene and tranquilize the dog. Outside, Horatio gets the details and they tell Coach Hopper that Ross is dead. Hopper is glad that it wasn’t him who died, but is sad that Ross is dead. Horatio asks him if he has anyone who knew his routine. He says that he doesn’t know.

The Press go up to Hopper and ask about the tragedy that took Ross’ life. He says that he was a good friend. Meanwhile, the CSI team investigates more and Walter shows that the dog has scars and Delko realizes that the dog is a fighter dog. They get a scan on the chip and find that the dog belongs to Mason Torres. He says that he recognizes the dog as Bruno. He says that he rescues fighter dogs and attempts to retrain them to be good. He shows that someone broke into the place and took Bruno. Walter and Delko really don’t believe him and don’t like that Mason has a cocky attitude. Ryan and Boa Vista are at the crime scene and Ryan is looking at a tennis rack. Boa Vista realizes that it was used to block the door. They take it back to the lab and Tom comes in. Ryan tells him that he doesn’t work on this floor, but Boa Vista says that she invited him because Tom was a tennis player in college.

They examine the racket and Tom says that it is a Pro racket with custom string settings. They look up the string settings and match them to Jack Brody, a famous Pro Tennis player. Tom says that he had heard that he is in town. Ryan and Horatio go up to Jack Brody. He says that he hands out rackets all the time. They question him about his injury that he has. Jack says that he went into the locker room and found Ross dead and the dog bit him. He hit the dog with the racket and called 911. He gets irate and says that the dog ruined his shirt and says that he only did what he told them. Boa Vista goes in and takes some more pictures of the crime scene and she finds a ripped up note. She takes it back and finds a name on one of the pieces. They bring in Janice Wells, a mother of a player that the Coach has on the team. She tells Horatio and Boa Vista that her son wasn’t getting better at tennis so she went to look for Hopper in the showers. Boa Vista wonders if other parents feel the same way as Janice does for Hopper.

The next day at the school, Hopper is back to work and is coaching. Horatio and Frank go up to him and ask if there were other parents who were upset. He says that there are several. He tells Horatio and Frank that he never sees the money and that it goes into a Scholarship Fund for those who can play, but just don’t have the money for it. Walter and Duquesne go up to one of the employees there, Andrew, and look at the ledger. They find that there are several people who donated including a foster parent, Brenda Livingston, which Duquesne put a kid into her care. She is confused and Andrew says that she is on a Scholarship for the boy. An anonymous donation of $100,000 pops up. They ask about it, but the employee doesn’t release any details. He says that he is going to have to talk to Hopper. Duquesne goes up to a secretary named Stacey and she sterilizes her hands after shaking hands. She asks about Austin, the kid that she placed. Stacey says that he will be in shortly. Duquesne gives her card to Stacey. She sterilizes her hands again after touching it.

Walter and Frank get the tax reports since 2002 and there is one that is addressed to them. It is a deposition where a boy said that Hopper touched him inappropriately. The name of the boy is redacted, but it is the same year in which the anonymous donation was made of $100,000. They suspect that Hopper paid for this to go away. Horatio meets with Hopper and he says that this just tarnishes the Academy. Delko tells him that they have to get into this. Delko says that the boy could be the killer. Hopper says that he can’t talk about it as per the agreement of the settlement. Delko tries to give Hopper the guilt trip, but his lawyer says that they can’t release the details. Horatio tells Delko that he needs to find the boy. Later, Duquesne goes up to Brenda, the foster mom to Austin. She tells her that there is someone who is a danger to the children at the Academy and that Austin shouldn’t be there. She says that she has to go to work and Duquesne says that she can take him for the afternoon. She agrees. Duquesne takes Austin to the CSI lab and has him play with a fingerprinting kit. She goes into Ryan’s lab and asks what he has so far. He says that he doesn’t have anything. She finds that there are chemicals on the clasp of the envelope that the deposition came in. Ryan says that is all to do with hand sanitizer. Duquesne realizes that it is Stacey who gave them the deposition.

She goes to talk to her and she says that she can’t tell her. However, after Duquesne tells her that they need to find the killer before anything else bad happens, she tells her the name. Horatio and Delko go up to Andrew and mention the deposition. He says that one of Jack’s rackets was used, but Andrew says that he made up the whole thing and that his parents saw a way to cash in. Ryan tells Duquesne that they have nothing on the deposition now and suggests that they talk to Austin about Coach Hopper. Duquesne says that she will talk to him. She sits down with him and he says that he is likes Coach Jack better. He shows that Jack gave Austin a cell phone and told him to call anytime and that he will be there. Austin says that Duquesne can’t tell Brenda because Jack told him to keep it a secret. She tells Boa Vista about the phone and she suspects that Jack has been messing around with kids and Boa Vista says that sometimes recognition trumps morality. They run some test on the evidence that they have so far and Walter finds a piece of fabric. He says that he knows who the killer is now.

They bring in Jack again and tell him that the timeline puts him as the killer. Duquesne says that Jack is also a pedophile. He erupts and says that he is not. Duquesne asks about the phone and he says that he gave Austin the phone so that he could get away from Hopper. He says that when he went to Middleton, he heard rumors of Hopper. He went up to Hopper and told him about staying away from Austin. However, Hopper told him to back off or else he will end Jack’s career. Later, Ryan and Salas are walking out with evidence and a police canine tries to attack Ryan. They realize that it was going after the janitor’s clothes. They take them back inside and test them. They are covered in Pheromones. Ryan and Horatio go to Mason Torres and tell him that they know that he changed his name. He was the boy who was molested when Jack went to Middleton. He says that Jack and he had a plan and that the Pheromones were not Jack’s idea. He tells Horatio and Ryan that Ross was guilty of not stopping it when he saw it. They arrest him.

At the station, Duquesne says that it is sad that they don’t have any way of prosecuting Hopper for the molestation that has been happening and will continue to happen. Boa Vista says that they have a victim though. They go up to Andrew and tell him that he has to come up and tell the press the truth. However, he says that he signed a non-disclosure agreement. Duquesne asks if the advances stopped after that. He says that they didn’t. She tells Andrew that anything that happened after the 2002 incident is new charges. Later, Andrew is talking to the press about what happened and Coach Hopper is being escorted by Horatio. He asks them to cover his head and Horatio tells him that he has been covered all his life. As Hopper goes through the crowd, a stranger with a gun comes up and shoots Hopper. The episode ends.